Joey Lawrence Says ‘No’ to ‘Blossom’ Reunion (EXCLUSIVE)

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Despite filming a commercial for Old Navy with his former co-star, Mayim Bialik, in March, actor Joey Lawrence tells Celebuzz he has no desire to do a full-on Blossom reunion, should the opportunity arise in the future.

“It was a moment in time; it was a great moment,” he said, of the show. “[But] whenever I see these reunions like that, I always go, ‘Oh, God. These people. What happened?'”

“I think that, for us, [the commercial] was kind of neat,” he continued. “Old Navy approached us with that, and they begged us to do it. Mayim sent me an email and said, ‘Are you gonna do this? I’ll do it if you do it.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, f*** it. Let’s do it.'”

“That was pretty much what Mayim and I talked about, like, this would be kind of the coolest way to do it. Because you can never re-create it. It always pales in comparison.”

While a Blossom reunion may not be in the cards, Lawrence, 36, still has plenty on his plate. In addition to filming the hit ABC Family series Melissa & Joey, which just premiere its second season, he’s also landed a gig at the famous male revue Chippendales, in Vegas.

“They just called and begged me to do it, man, month, after month after month,” he said, on how he got the gig. “I kept saying no. And then it was like, ‘Dude, you know what? It’ll be the summer, you’ll go there for a weekend, they’ll treat you like a king.”

“I’m just gonna go have some fun. What the hell? It has nothing to do with work, or career or anything. You literally go and you have fun.”

As for what fans can expect from Lawrence’s three-week gig, the actor revealed: “I’m gonna do a little MC-ing. I sing one little number. I do a little dance, a couple little surprises here and there. I’m not taking off my pants. I don’t want to make those guys feel bad, so I’m gonna leave them on.”

His song of choice? Frank Sinatra’s ‘Chicago.’

Lawrence — who will follow in the footsteps of other celeb MCs, including Jeff Timmons and Jake Pavelka — begins his limited engagement run on Thursday, June 6.