‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Talk Season 3 Premiere: ‘Wrenches’ Will Be Thrown

Pretty Little Liars returns tonight, and in the season three premiere, a summer has passed and the girls are still reeling from the big reveal that “A” was Mona.

Of course that doesn’t actually mean “A” is gone — this is Rosewood people — so when Celebuzz visited the cast of PLL on set in Los Angeles, we had the stars fill us in on where some of our favorite relationships pick up.

“We are having adult problems now,” Ian Harding, who plays Ezra said of his character’s relationship with Aria (Lucy Hale).

Here is the breakdown of what trouble lays ahead for the cast:

Aria and Ezra
Ian Harding: “If were happy that’s boring. We’re never going to eat popcorn and watch a movie and that’s a scene. I think there is going to be complications with other people my life. Not necessarily another woman, but there will be other complications– other wrenches in the spokes.”

Hanna and Caleb
Ashley Benson: “They still have their relationship. They are going to have problems, but I think they will always be somewhat of an item.”

Spencer and Toby
Keegan Allen: “We come right back into it and they are going really strong. Although, obviously, nothing is perfect in Rosewood. Wrenches are being thrown left and right. But they are going to be really happy.”

Troian Bellisario: “I think the coolest part about Toby and Spencer’s relationship is that now that it’s out in the open, and they don’t have the world, ‘A’, or Spencer’s parents trying to tear them apart, they can actually finally be with each other. But what that reveals is how are they going to tear themselves apart from the inside. Spencer is still hyper-controlling, Toby still has a heart of gold that can be hurt really easily, so now it’s all about whether they can survive each other. I think they love each other a lot, but as I’m sure most of you know from relationships in your life, you can love somebody to death and it still cannot work out.”

Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on ABC Family. Check out more from star Lucy Hale in the video below:

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