Robert Pattinson Defends Kristen Stewart in 'Vanity Fair': She's Not Awkward, She's Confident

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere

Snow White and the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart stuns on the cover of July's issue of Vanity Fair, and inside the magazine her Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson heaped nothing but praise on his girlfriend.

“The perception of her is that she’s ‘awkward" says Rob. "But it’s funny knowing her. It’s the absolute opposite of what people think. She’s insanely confident.”

However Pattinson, 26, was surprised about one of Kristen's recent hobbies:


“I never saw that coming," jokes Rob.

“People have decided how they are going to perceive her,” Pattinson tells VF about her misconceived public persona. “No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.”

Clearly, Rob and Kristen have each other's backs both onscreen and off. Not surprising, then, that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke recalled in the magazine how insane their chemistry was from the moment the two met.

"Honestly I was nervous," Hardwicke said. "I saw they were so attracted and Kristen was under-age. I said, 'Rob, we have a law in this country under 18. Don't get in trouble here.' I felt I was in the presence of something strong and powerful."

Also in the article, Kristen's reveals how she was bullied at a young age. Read the rest of the interview in Vanity Fair.

Watch Kristen talk about what a good team she and Rob are in the video below.

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  • Saman

    Ah!.It is amazing how an 'A' list star like Anne would acwgkoledned that Robert and Kristen are the hottest couple in Hollywood..and I'm sure a lot of people agree with her!..hi to my favs!!

  • Marilene

    umm im not triyng umm im not triyng to be mean but those picture that were sent to nick were personal so who realy cares if she knew they were gonna get out and everyone would see them i bet she wouldnt of done it it is her life she wants to that kinda stuff then let her and plus she was were a bra and underware and thats just like weaaring a bikeni

  • tiaraluv

    are you normal? lol, they've been dating for ages! speculation has always surrounded them about dating and they never really denied it. since the twilight saga has calmed down for a bit, they can finally be more of a couple without lots of attention pinned on them. if your trying to say they are only pretending to date or flaunting their relationship so they stay in the media, your dead wrong cause no matter what, they will ALWAYS be in the media cause of their acting, and obviously because they are celebrities. so shamee on ya face, xxxxx

  • L

    They seem legit to me. The way I've always seen it, they were very secretive about their relationship at first because the tabloids wouldn't just write Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are was always linked back to Twilight. I think those two are grateful to Twilight, but that they wanted to try and not be pigeon holed into being "Edward" and "Bella" at the same time. I always figured they would start to be more open when the Twi hype started to die down or when they got more established in non-Twilight movies...not to get PR, but instead because when the tabloid printed a photo of them it wouldn't be "Twilight twosome" and instead "Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart."

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    their relationship is legit they just don't like advertising it for the world to know everything about it,which is what more celebs should do

  • pite

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  • missaly

    It's funny how they suddenly start dating once the whole Twilight phenomenon has died down since the Hunger Games has taken over. I really hope their relationship is legit.

  • WHAT!

    It appears Nina that you are jealous! Grab a hold...he's just not into you!!

  • FanGirl

    why is he lame? because he LOVES her? They are fucking CUTE :D

  • veronica.

    he is so sweet :) Every boyfriend should be able to protect of his girlfriend :) Just like him !

  • nina

    oh shut it Mr Stewart! #LAME