Coco Flaunts Curves, Spills Out of Skimpy Zebra Bikini (PHOTOS)

Bootlicious model Coco Austin could barely contain her assets, flaunting her infamous curves as she jogged along the sands in a tiny zebra print bikini. Bouncing with her infamous curves, the Ice Loves Coco reality star, 33, nearly spilled out of her bra as she ran alongside her pet English bull dogs, Maximus and Spartacus.

Rapper Ice T, 54, also joined his wife on the sands to walk their pets, as well as stealing several tender kisses.

Click through the gallery to see Coco's Baywatch romp.

The glamour model undoubtedly knows a thing or two about rocking the season’s hottest swimsuits. From barely-there G-strings to white hot two-pieces, Coco has slipped into quite a few head-turning — and very tiny — bikinis over the past year. See her hottest bikini moments below:

Coco’s not just flaunting her curves at the beach. The blonde bombshell, whose Thong Thursdays garner millions of views online, told Celebuzz that she started posting sexy Twitpics as a way to dispel critics who suggested she was being photoshopped.

“Instead of hearing everyone talk about how I’m photoshopped, I decided I was going to start a weekly photo day and post pictures on the assets people want to see,” she said. “I started taking pictures of myself candidly, with my own camera or phone.”

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  • a8869151

    I’ve said that least 8869151 times. SKC was here...

  • dxLk7uyolNJf

    825572 190588There is an ending. Just remember that I meant for this to be an art game. I do feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on the much more traditional gameplay elements, which might make the meaning of the game a bit unclear. In the event you mess around with it though, you

  • DKK

    I agree!

  • DKK

    Beautiful butt. Perfect!

  • DKK

    I agree with you & she is gorgeous!

  • DKK

    Don't disrespect Coco like that. She is awesome!

  • DKK

    Friggin' jealous poeple man. Coco, you are a gorgeous Goddess. You go girl!

  • DKK

    Wow, Coco looks amazing!

  • DKK

    What lipo scar? What are you talking about? Coco is a goddess! You are just jealous!

  • DKK

    Nothing is hanging out. Come on. She look great. I love Coco. You are just jealous!

  • Friinge Iméèn
    Friinge Iméèn

    She shouldn't be Starting not a reality exotic Porno movie Suit her better ! --'

  • Damn!

    I guess now we know where that book came from...

  • Richie J
    Richie J

    is she a wrestler?

  • mimi

    Does she not realize that her scars are faint but still visible from her butt implants. Peek-a-booboo!

  • big_dick

    i wouild fuck that ass soo hard

  • Ashley

    She's fabulous, you're not. End of story.

  • MJ

    why his skin is so pale. is he turning into a white guy?

  • Melinda Hill
    Melinda Hill

    Both are disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Especially with him pimping his wife. And No, she is not attractive at ALL. Know ur limit and cover up lady!

  • nv

    She can be a great porn star with her booties !

  • diva16

    Cover it up coco .......children vist the beach too!!!!

  • killercupcake23

    You can use correct grammar too?

  • Mrs. Beers
    Mrs. Beers

    When did he get so white??

  • KIM

    A Happy family is always a delightfull picture :) ICE, COCO, SPARTACUS, & MAXIMUS TIGHT HUGS

  • David

    she's obviously had lipo on her stomach

  • jaylenekay

    yes there is, she is upfront honest and even more beautiful than most every day person... I hope you will watch, and understand, all shows, of the beauty within... if now you are an ........., really I hope you see, like us, she is more than most on tv..... give her credit, she is a wonderful NATURAL person, or as close to be! Seriously give her KUDOS!

  • jaylenekay

    how can anyone put down ice or coco? We love them, they are as honest as honest can be.... thk u 2 them! Really, honest if you ever watch there short lived season show... both of them ( we r not ice t fans but...) my hubby even loves ice's supportive nature for coco! Coco is SMART business wise, and Ice is so totally supportive of her... Don't judge them from one viewing..... plz take the time to know them! We love them because of their honesty including, she is beautiful no matter what! We are fans no matter what! ( we weren't reality tv fans before nor were we Ice T or Coco's fans)

  • jaylenekay

    i love her, she is actually very smart business wise... she is a tribute to all women...for real, she may be rich but she is so business minded to reality.....come on girls...reality is she is like us, and she doesn't pretend to be anything different... we love her!!!! family included in that opinion!

  • stilljustaguy

    There is absolutely nothing attractive about her

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    her ass weighs that much by itself

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    Mila Chérie

    ewwwwwwwwwww she's disgusting

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    kinda rude, dontcha think!!!???

  • Lace

    I love Ice and Coco, they have an amazing relationship <3 And I love their pups, best dogs ever!

  • alex

    I guess her ass swallowed her "bikini"

  • Constance Payne
    Constance Payne

    At least she has a book in her hand....

  • JessMN

    no way in hell she only weighs 130 lbs like she claims

  • danielleakame

    gahhh. wow. hmmm not a good look. at least cover the lipo scar above your crotch...meh

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson

    I would have to say that wearing a bikini like that in public is a little much!! If she wants to dress like that in the privacy of her own home- great- go for it but cover it up in public!

  • PJ

    and she can read to!!

  • hihu

    eeeeeeeeeeeeew :'(

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  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Her vagina is totally swallowing up that bikini bottom. Geezus.

  • Michelle Holt
    Michelle Holt

    Ice she is such a BEAUTIFUL person,u are a LUCKY guy,go Coco!!!!

  • Lynn Deese
    Lynn Deese

    I'm sure it depends on who is looking as to whether its too much or not.

  • Lindy Galvan
    Lindy Galvan

    Come on... I love Coco and all but damn her p*$$y lip is hanging out!! lmao

  • Randee Renee Butcher
    Randee Renee Butcher

    I LOVE Coco, but seriously.....that is WAYYYYYYYY too much ass. And NOT in a good way

  • matt

    I just threw up in my mouth a bit!