Miley Cyrus Engaged to Liam Hemsworth

Liam, Josh & Gary!
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After months of speculation, Miley Cyrus confirmed that she is indeed engaged to Hunger Games hottie Liam Hemsworth.

"I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam," Cyrus, 19, told PEOPLE.

Liam, who first met Miley on the set of their 2009 romantic movie Last Song, proposed on May 31 with a 3.5-carat diamond ring from jeweler Neil Lane, the actor's rep confirmed with Celebuzz. Miley also tweeted following the magazine's announcement, writing: "thank you for all the love today :) I'm happy to share this news with you all. I feel like all my dreams are coming true. ❤ have a great day."

This may come as a shock for some as both Liam, 22, and the "Party in the USA" singer both denied engagement rumors back in April.

“Marriage and kids are way in the future for me,” Liam told Britian’s OK! Magazine. “I’m young. It’s not really on my mind at the moment—marriage, kids or anything.”

Miley added to engagement speculations when she tweeted a photo of the ring in late March. Could this be the ring she's wearing now?

Do you think this is the right time for these two to get engaged, or are they too young? Let us know, below.

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  • Crystal Tillett
    Crystal Tillett

    they are really gud together hope they live happy forever and congradulations to miley and liam

  • Jam

    They're young but they should go on with what they will make them happy...Congratulations!!....:)))))

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    if they are meant to spend the rest of their lives together,why get engaged now if they don't plan on getting married for a good few years,why not wait until they are older to become engaged

  • Jamie

    You can tell who are the young people on this forum by their comments. You can't tell just by looking at a couple how happy they are! There can be worlds of trouble going on behind closed doors, with a couple all smiles and giggles in public. It also worries me that they have been "off and on" for the past several years. Honestly, if you find the perfect man, then great! You're going to spend the rest of your lifes together, there's no harm in waiting for the wedding until you're just a little older. Immature relationships rush into marriage young. I love miley and always have, but this is just a mistake too soon, with all of the trouble she has had with making good decisions in the past year..

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  • Hailey Clemons
    Hailey Clemons

    I really hope this works out for them! They do look deeply in love. But it's such a shame that most marriages in the acting/singing careers dont work. But I am for one rooting for them!

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    how to treat gout naturally

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  • asdf

    Oh theyre gonna go far in life, i'm sure. not.

  • AEert

    Super happy for them! Plus, just because they are engaged doesn't mean they are getting married right this second, maybe they'll have a long engagement

  • trent

    first of all i think she's too young unless the wedding is next year when she's 20 or 21 . second i hope they are serious and last more than 72 days. and unless she's pregnant i hope they take it seriously.

  • Joanna

    They are just engaged....they never said they were getting married tomorrow, let them live!

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    not sure what to make of this but for their sake I hope it lasts but liam's own brother(chris) said himself that they are too young to get married

  • aslaslaslqq

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  • Benjamin

    Getting married at such a young age, I doubt it willl last long...

  • Lucy

    They're such a cute couple. Congrats to them!

  • Erza

    I give it six months.

  • Dia

    What the! Hope they're not rushing into it, they're both so young. Anyway congrats to the two of them!

  • Katie

    They're such a strong couple and no matter what people say, you can tell just by looking at photos of them, that they are so in love. Miley is my idol and I have never been happier for her. She's found the perfect guy for her, no matter what age they are. Congratulations Miley and Liam <3

  • Joanna

    Aww...they are a beautiful couple and their love seems genuine, so congrats to them!!!!

  • aslaslaslqq
  • anon

    woah. way to young IMO regardless congrats to them both!

  • aslaslaslqq
  • mileyismylife

    Miley is seriously beyond perfection.

  • tiara.

    yay woohoo yeah (=

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo


  • yeahello

    oh my God o.o

  • mileyismylife

    CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BEAUTIFUL IDOL! i wish her and Liam all the happiness in the world! i'm beyond happy for them :) <3