'Real Housewives' Star Brandi Glanville Rocks Sexy Blue Monokini (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Summer Beach Body!

It's hard to believe Brandi Glanville is nearly 40 based on these new exclusive Celebuzz photos, in which the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty shows off her incredible body in a royal blue monokini.

The photos of Glanville were taken recently at a Los Angeles area beach, where the cowgirl-hat-clad Glanville, 39, enjoyed a little R&R on the sand and in the water.

She even had time to enjoy a book -- Molly Ringwald's Getting the Pretty Back -- while she had some fun under the sun.

Glanville first became famous when she married hunky actor Eddie Cibrian, 38, in 2001.

The couple subsequently split, in 2009, amid reports that Cibrian had cheated on Glanville with his Northern Lights co-star, LeAnn Rimes. (Cibrian and Rimes have since married.)

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Glanville joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011, a year after her divorce was finalized.


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  • SmartyPants

    That bathing suit is hideous

  • gross

    Hi Leann. So what's the matter? Did you catch Eddie looking at these photos of Brandi? Of course you agree with that the photos look bad, you hubby can't take his eyes of them, now can he? So how long before we see you wearing the very same thing that Brandi is wearing?

  • gross

    Hi Leann!!! So you are upset because you caught Eddie looking at these photos of Brandi? Instead of coming here and posting as "crystal" just to hate on your husband's ex because he is looking at her photos, why don't you grow up.

  • crystal

    Grow up and you're gross! Even Brandi said she hated these photos so why would you think they look good? She does look like a sausage like she posted on twitter. A well used old sausage. LOL

  • crystal

    Those can not be professionial photos because they're awful in every way! I agree with the one that said these are bad and she usually looks okay. What is she thinking? Buy a suit to fit you will ya!

  • nomorerimes

    Forgot to add- SleazeAnn is "supposedly' a singer--(actually more of a yodeler) but what was she doing cavorting around on the rocks wearing her favorite outfit --the bikini and bright red lipstick? Just another day at the beach--NOT! Definitely a staged pose for her but has nothing to do with her career. At least Brandi is a model and a beautiful one at that.

  • nomorerimes

    I disagree--I think these pics are good and why shouldn't she show her bod--Models always have a portfolio of pics to show! May lead to even more jobs--Sleaze's moral character and career are both in the toilet so she should be jealous!

  • nomorerimes

    Yup--I can see it now--SleazeAnn will be wearing a monokini although I'm sure she will pick a different color. Can't be TOO obvious! But she will not look near as good as Brandi (after two kids no less!) Wonder which outlet will have her on first--ROL probably!

  • gross

    Wait, what? No negative stories about Brandi? Too bad Radaronline won't follow your lead. The only bad thing about Brandi's bikini photoshoots is knowing that 3-6 months later, Leann Rimes is going to copy it. So how long before we see Leann Rimes prancing around on a beach or at a grocery store in Malibu in a royal blue monokini? I'm surprised that Leann Rimes hasn't made any tweets about Molly Ringwald or the book that Brandi is reading after seeing these photos of Brandi. Countdown: how long before Leann makes some type of reference to Molly Ringwald because Leann does keep up with what Brandi is doing at all?

  • oh poop!
    oh poop!

    I just wish she would stop with these because I picture LeAnn laughing her ass off when she sees them. Brandi is so much more beautiful than LeAnn, but the photo shoots are just horrid. Sorry.

  • oh poop!
    oh poop!

    OMG I luv Brandi, but she has to stop it with these posed photo shoots. They make her look ridiculous, especially the one where she has her head flipped back. They are not flattering at all and she has bad tan lines from a bad spray tan. It just brings her down to LeAnn's desperate level and I hate to see that. Please Brandi, no more of these horrible photo shoots!! Publish your book instead, I can't wait to read it!!

  • Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick
    Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

    sorry too skinny, I like her, just needs a cheeseburger or 2

  • luis

    brandi looks amazing as usual!!!! cant wait for the next season . the other girls are gonna do what they do best, HATE on brandi~~~~

  • brandifans

    love herrrrrrrrrr

  • HOT!

    i wish i had that kinda body by the time i'm 40 heck i'm 22 and don't have that kinda body. @ Simo you say shes wrinkly but I hardly see any??? how about when you turn 40 send us a pic of you in a bikini!

  • Spec9

    i'd bite that in the ass and let her drag me around the parking lot for awhile...

  • simo

    ewww shes 40 and wrinkly, she should be wearing less revealing stuff that makes us wanna puke.


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