Dita Von Teese Puts Stripping Tour On Hold, Reveals Her Beauty Secrets (EXCLUSIVE)

Dita: Vintage Vixen
The burlesque beauty stuns at her perfume launch!
Burlesque babe Dita Von Teese loves to take it all off, but she’s temporarily putting her variety show, Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray! on hold to focus on her other projects.

The model, 39, told Celebuzz that she’s taking a break to work on her new beauty book — and gave us a sneak peek at her style tips.

Want to know how Dita stays confident in her barley-there ensembles?

Her secret to flawless skin: “I diligently use sunscreen, I don’t smoke, get as much beauty sleep as I can, and I see a dermatologist for any skincare concerns that arise.

The one beauty product she can’t live without: “I can’t imagine having to choose just one, but it would have to be my red lipstick.

Her first indulgent beauty purchase: “I fell in love with an expensive perfume when I was 14, so I saved up for it for many months until I could afford it.”

Advice for women to feel confident and sexy in their own skin: “I usually try to express the importance of finding what feels right for the individual woman, and to place less importance on what others think. Confidence has to come from within, it can’t be based in seeking acceptance. Beauty is subjective, so once one understands that, it gives the power to accept oneself. I believe in making the most of what one has and believing that what makes each of us different is what makes us interesting.”

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