Miley Cyrus Flashes Huge Engagement Ring at LAX (PHOTOS)

Miley's Engagement Ring
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Miley Cyrus may be taking flight, but she's already on cloud nine thanks to her new engagement ring from longtime beau Liam Hemsworth.

On Thursday, the "Can't Be Tamed" singer was seen flashing her 3.5 carat Neil Lane creation from her Hunger Games fiance at Los Angeles International Airport. Sporting a casual tee and blue jeans, Miley, 19, was all smiles as she made her way through the terminal with her new bling in tow.

How much did Miley's sparkler cost Liam?

“If you were to purchase the ring at retail, it is probably in the vicinity of $80,000 and could range all the way to $100,000, depending on the quality of the center stone and the certificate,” jeweler Zaven Ghanimian, of Simon G., told Celebuzz after inspecting a photo of the dazzler.

Liam, 22, reportedly popped the question on May 31 with a handcrafted 18-karat gold ring featuring an intricately carved diamond floral motif. The couple broke the news of their engagement on June 6.

According to a relative of the Australian actor, the pair were destined to marry.

"The thing Liam and Miley have in common is that both have very strong parental role models," the relative spilled in a recent interview. "They are madly in love, why wouldn’t they want to get engaged and move in together?"

What do you think of Miley's new bling? Take a closer look in the gallery above then sound off in the comments, below.

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  • christen

    her body is great and that outfit is cute

  • vane

    she stole her grandma's pants

  • zip

    are you kidding me? go away! just because she got engaged now doesnt mean she will get married right this instant, she'll probably wed when shes 20 or 21. even if she did wed now, who are you to say that they wont last? theyre very much in love and im sure they will last. their relationship is soild, no one trying to break them up, Liam & Miley wouldnt cheat on one another because you can tell they love each other so much, they'll last, and when they do, people like you will be eating their words. :)

  • g1g1626

    Like this will last, are you kidding me?

  • mop

    excuse me? stfu mate she is not pregnant. do you see a bump? nope? didnt think so mate. she and Liam are in love, thats why they got engaged! shes only 19, shes not going to have kids now. as for her engagement, she might even wait til shes 21 or so before they actually tie the knot. so shar ya face beb, you dnt know nothing :) ciao xxx

  • maryamcullen

    I'm so happy for her..

  • Amanda

    I still think the main reason she got engaged is that she's pregnant. Trying to quickly cover it up. Tsk.

  • z

    omg -.- she is not showing it off! what so she is going to have her hand in her pocket the whole time? shes moving her hands around clearly because she has to. sure she is proud of her ring and what is represents but she isnt gushing about it and flashing it in peoples faces like i stated before. she is merely trying to board her flight while countless numbers of paps are snapping her and her ring. call her a female dog more one time man..

  • caz

    if you look on other pictures she is wearing a bra idiot

  • kamipj786

    atleast what she could do was stop showing her hand in front of the camera all the time.. Look, come on . if you got an expensive ring then good for you just put it on your fingers stop showing it off to everyone. SHOW OFF BITCH!

  • missaly

    I cannot staaand these high-waisted pants! Unless you're over 40 and trying to hide your muffin top then this is a no-no.

  • frivschool

    I think this is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read on this subject. You have made your points interesting, unique and I agree with most. I am glad I found your article today.

  • z

    babe, if you were in love and just got in engagéd you'd show off your rock too. and lol cause shes actually not showing it off, it's on her finger, not like shes shoving it in peoples faces. if your gonna be a little sh*t b***h, please feel free to buzz off ayy (=

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    She was probably sitting down causing her pants to leave a mark.

  • idk jw
    idk jw

    why is her stomach stripey?

  • yes

    *sigh* miley please wear a bra, it can actually cause your boobs to become more saggy if you constantly leave them out

  • tin2x


  • kamipj786

    Show off bitch!

  • mileyismylife

    aww my beautiful babe, her ring is seriously one the most beautiful things ever created.

  • miss.rouso

    beautiful :)