Miss USA Olivia Culpo's Best Bikini Looks (PHOTOS)

Does this look like a woman who loves cheeseburgers?

Newly-minted Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, pulled a Hilary Swank the night she took the crown, ordering a cheeseburger feast to her Las Vegas room -- complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles and fries.

While Culpro continues to celebrate her victory, Celebuzz is doing a little celebrating of our own by presenting 25 -- yes, 25 -- photos of the beauty queen in a bikini.

Culpro, from Rhode Island, became the 61st woman to win the coveted title of Miss USA, amid controversy that the whole pageant was actually rigged.

Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, alleged that the pageant's top five finalists had been selected prior to the show's airing -- a claim the show's owner Donald Trump disputed, as he revealed hisĀ  plans to sue Monnin over her claims.

In our gallery above, check out photos of the Boston University student -- who will represent the USA at the Miss Universe pageant later this year.

She's wearing an assortment of bikinis from the Australia brand Kooey, the pageant's official sponsor, along with shoes from Chinese Laundry.

Then tell us: Did Culpro deserve to win the competition?



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  • Gentleman

    @vane: Because a hint of a cameltoe is perfectly fine when wearing a bikini...

  • Anon

    Bikini is supposed to show a hint of cameltoe!

  • Trina Jones Gongaware
    Trina Jones Gongaware

    i would give anything to look like that!

  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim


  • Constance Payne
    Constance Payne

    And there is a man walking his shrub dinosaur in the background...Where the hell are these people?

  • Constance Payne
    Constance Payne

    She appears to be suffering from scoliosis in this photo....

  • sasha

    this is miss usa 2012? wtf...

  • davenport

    What I wouldnt give to eat her asshole

  • zon

    crap shes hot!