Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Is a 'Hopeless Romantic'


Singer-actress Selena Gomez opens up about Justin Bieber in the latest issue of Elle, in which the 19-year-old singer describes her uber-famous boyfriend as a "hopeless romantic."

Recalling the night that Bieber, 18, rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles or a private screening of Titanic, Gomez reveals:

"If I'll share anything with you, it's that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car -- all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again, and then ..."
Also in the issue, Gomez shares more details about her movie career, why she'll never follow in Megan Fox's footsteps and why she won't just take any role that's offered to her.

"I get offered the teenybopper movies, and I've done that," she said.

"I haven't done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that's not what I want to do either," she continued.

Read the rest of her interview on ELLE's website. You can also watch behind-the-scenes look at Gomez's photo shoot for the magazine, in the video below.



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  • Eric Tornow
    Eric Tornow

    whoa whoa look at selena gomez in elle looks like the mexican candice swanepoel the photos are so hot thats the to kick off her 20 years in the big way

  • z

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  • missaly

    it only was a sarcastic comment. not sure what point you're trying to make when you're adding even more to this pointless conversation.

  • zip

    ew mate, i think shes hot and i still wouldnt go to those lengths.

  • zon

    lol, its not like they copied the way you wrote it and everything, they said differently. maybe they thought that, then wrote it and didnt realise you had written something similar above? lol, use your head first mate.

  • missaly

    lol but why comment when someones already said the exact same thing? makes total sense.

  • stilljustaguy

    I want to make her boobs sticky

  • Lanua

    I don't like that she gets so much fame, just because she is dating Justin Bieber... I mean look at Demi Lovato, she is very successful, and she has not used a famous boyfriend to be successful, she has done it herself with her talent.

  • zon

    lol are you being a smartass? ^ people can have the same opinons you know. sick of idiots ruining peoples comments with their shit comments.

  • missaly

    lol, like i said.

  • mileyismylife

    Selena is beyond stunning! such a natural beauty.

  • missaly

    She is just naturally stunning.

  • journalschism

    Funny how romantic you can be when you want to ensure your hands always have access to that exquisite body.