‘The Pauly D Project’ Sneak Peek: DJ Pauly D Gets Lap Dance From Britney Spears (VIDEO)

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Buff Hollywood bods on full display.
DJ Pauly Ds dreams finally come true.

On Thursday’s episode of MTV’s The Pauly D Project, viewers see Pauly D meet Britney Spears during his opening gig for her Femme Fatale tour!  The fun doesn’t stop there as the Jersey Shore star gets a lap dance from the Princess of Pop herself.

Britney’s fiancé and manager Jason Trawick has been joking with the reality star via Twitter, writing: “Hey Kissing bandit @DJPaulyD Hate c-ing all the promos this week of ur lap dance from my gf. She still has ur hair product on her legs!”

Britney joked back: “Pauly he is lying. I got the product off last week. Thanks to sandpaper!”

Watch the clip –above–for a preview of Pauly on stage with Britney.

Before the 31-year-old MTV hottie packed his hair gel and hit the sandy New Jersey beaches for season 6 filming of Jersey Shore, he sat down exclusively with Celebuzz. Pauly, along with his publicist Amanda Ruisi of AKR Public Relations who’s featured in his series, talked about some of the show’s most memorable moments.

CB: Pauly, tell us a little bit how important the role of a publicist has been in your growing career?

PD: It’s got to be one of the most important positions I have in my life. She controls how I look out there and my brand and everything like that and she’s awesome with it, she’s been top notch, she goes above and beyond.

CB: As Pauly’s publicist I’m sure there have been some problems that arise or interesting things that have happened over the years – so what can you tell us about that?

AKR: I think with Pauly, it’s constantly exciting. There is always something new going on, his brand is consistently growing and to see where he’s come from, starting out with the Jersey Shore until now, it’s just amazing to be apart of that. There’s definitely exciting things, I would say for me one of my most memorable moments is when he called me up late at night because he was trapped at a dorm room at the University of Rhode Island causing the college campus to close down.

CB: Speaking of mob scenes, something similar happened in NYC Times Square where you did the Planet Hollywood hand printing ceremony, which was huge.

AKR: It was very exciting because as a DJ I know he can say his hands are crucial in what he does. He caused quite the mob scene in Times Square, we actually had to reroute him for almost 45 minutes.

PD: (laughs) Yeah, there was no way I would have be able to go in through the front door.

CB: This season there was an emotional moment with Pauly giving back for the A Wish Come True organization in RI for a high school student with cancer—what was that like for you?

PD: It was so cool just to see the look on his face, he was so happy to see me and he’s just a regular kid, he reminds me of me when I was his age. He had like a G-Unit t-shirt on, I got him some headphones. Just a real cool kid – he kept asking me tons of questions about music and everything. Great great kid and I still keep in touch with him.

AKR: For me, having lost my mom to cancer, obviously that rang very deep to me.  So it was important for me to find a way to be able to figure out how to give back and try and do different things and help anybody that is in those situations because I know first hand what that’s like and Pauly was great to do that.

PD: I knew this one was close to home for her so it meant that much more to me to do that.

CB: So what has been the best part of working together?

PD: She knows everything about me, my family everything, she talks to my mother all the time too!

Well that’s a very important role anyone talking to Pauly’s mother–not many girls get to talk to your mother I would assume?

PD: (Laughs) Yeah!

AKR: Now we just need to find him a nice girlfriend and we’ll be all set.

Tune into the all new episode of The Pauly D Project on MTV at 10:30 PM ET, and check out the video below of Pauly meeting the legendary Britney Spears.