Angelina Jolie in Talks to Direct '50 Shades of Grey': Fact or Fiction?

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Will Angelina Jolie helm the big screen adaptation of erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey?

Well, it depends on who or what report you believe.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the 37-year-old Oscar-winning actress may be in talks to helm the highly-anticipated silver screen adaptation of EL James' New York Times best seller which has captivated millions of readers. 50 Shades centers on recent college grad Anastasia Steele and her steamy relationship with mysterious millionaire Christian Grey, which originated as Twilight Saga fan fiction.

The mother of six made her directorial debut this past year with In the Land of Blood and Honey so how likely is it that she'll take on this highly anticipated project?

According to the trade, they've heard rumors Brad Pitt's fiancee has only had "a conversation or two about directing it."

However, Vanity Fair shot down those claims saying Jolie's rep confirmed that there haven't been any "formal discussions" between the Oscar-winner and the studio.

Though the director for the flick may still be up in the air, Celebuzz has already sparked speculation over which hot actors and actress in Hollywood should star in the movie. Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale recently told Celebuzz who she thought would be perfect to play Anastacia Steele and Christian Grey in the film.

Watch the video interview for more.

Celebuzz has assembled some of its casting picks for the 50 Shades of Grey dream cast such as Ana's BFF, Kate. Kate is described as a gorgeous blonde with green eyes.

Celebuzz also spoke with Snow White and the Huntsman star Chris Hemsworth about the possibility of playing the title character, Christian Grey. The 28-year-old hunk may certainly look the part but Hemsworth didn't seem fond of the idea, telling Celebuzz the book was "trashy" and "sexual."

Watch below for more.

Do you think Angelina is the right woman for the job? Or is there some one else in mind? Sound off in the comments.



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    very classy

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    a little too high of a cut there ugh??? we don't want to see what brad sees ok???

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    Debbie Freie

    very beautiful but lay off the bony legs !! they're not that great girlie!!!

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