New Jersey Devils Invite Charlie Sheen to Game 5 In Wake of Staples Center Fiasco

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The rivalry between Stanley Cup rivals, the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings, has taken a twist.

In an email sent to Charlie Sheen on Friday, a representative for the NHL franchise invited the ex-Two and a Half Men star to Game 5 in Newark, N.J. — taking a dig at the Kings home digs in the process.

“In response to the poor treatment Charlie got at the Staples Center, we wanted to invite him to Saturday’s Devils game,” a Devils staffer told Sheen, 46, in the missive seen by Celebuzz.

“We have seats, a cigar and a smoking balcony already set aside for him.”

Update: A source close to Sheen — whose new FX sitcom Anger Management premiers June 28 — said he decided he would not take the Devils up on their offer.

Sheen was barred from the Los Angeles-based Staples Center during Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday when he launched a profanity-laden tirade at a security guard.

The actor had stepped out of the arena to smoke a cigarette yet when he tried to re-enter, a female security guard told him he couldn’t.

The Staples Center does not allow patrons who leave to re-enter.

As Sheen left the arena, he told paparazzi: “Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her, you know. That’s all. Let a guy back in a door he just walked out of. I mean, come on, you know.”

Sheen’s spokesperson, Larry Solters, told Celebuzz in a statement:

“Perhaps it is not just coincidental that the Devils scored their first goal against the Kings shortly after Charlie left Staples. Kings – perhaps you want to have a smoking section for Charlie if the series comes back for game 6?”