Selena Gomez Flashes Lots of Leg and Midriff at Fragrance Launch (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez may not be at the beach, but she was certainly showing plenty of midriff and leg at her fragrance launch this Saturday.

Sporting a seaside-themed bandeau top match high-waisted shorts, the "Who Says" singer debuted her new perfume -- aptly named Selena Gomez -- in front of hundreds of fans at Macy's in New York City.

Selena, 19, was shocked at how many people turned up at the event, tweeting:

As for her boyfriend, Justin Bieber? Though he wasn't present to help his gal unveil her first perfume, Selena recently revealed that her singing beau is a "hopeless romantic" nonetheless.

Recalling the night that Bieber, 18, rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles or a private screening of Titanic, Gomez said in the latest issue of Elle:

“If I’ll share anything with you, it’s that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car — all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again...”

For more of Selena's candid interview, check out the video -- below.



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  • dave1001

    I'd love to jerk off with a pair of Selena's shoes so much....I bet they'd smell so good.

  • dave1001

    She really is. Her legs and thighs are pretty amazing. Justin is so lucky that he gets to fuck her.

  • Júlia e Duda
    Júlia e Duda

    eu gostei!!!

  • gigi

    OMG GO YOU!! you stole the words right out of my mouth. <3

  • vavina

    actually i think you should shh, when did she ever say you had to be skinny to be on the cover of Vogue? she doesnt choose who is on the cover, Vogue does.. duh! she dresses the way she does because she's young, it's in fashion and she has the bod for it! blaming Selena for our effed up society is bullcrap, i think you should step aside a buzz off k :)

  • Ooi

    Responding to Kristy...people should dress however they want to with fashion. Those young girl's parents need to raise their children...not the media. She looks great!

  • Kristy

    I think Selena Gomez is inspiring and an amazing person but I think by the way she dresses so immodestly sends a bad statement to young girls: you have to be skinny to be on the cover of teen vogue, loved by JBieber, etc. This is why young girls become anorexic. What a shame! People should dress modestly with fashion!

  • mileyismylife

    Selena is the biggest babe.

  • mileyismylife

    Selena is just perfect! her figure is simply amazing.

  • kamiluccha

    what can I say , this girl has amazing body.