Cher Takes Her 86-Year-Old Mother to Meet President Barack Obama (PHOTO)

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Good genes definitely run in Cher's family!

The 66-year-old "I Got You Babe" singer recently tweeted out a photo of herself posing with her 86-year-old mother, Georgia Holt, en route to meet President Barack Obama. Dressed in monochromatic outfits, the mother-daughter duo appears to share the same uncanny youthful appearance.

In fact, even the President himself could not believe his eyes when he met ladies.

"Told him mom's 86," Cher recalled the meeting in a tweet. "He said 'Georgia, tell me what u eat' & smiled!"

"Mom was all 'OMG!'" the Oscar winner added.

But Cher and her equally gorgeous mother aren't the only celebs who get better with age. Check out more stars who have seemingly stopped aging below!

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  • Cindy Hagan Fox
    Cindy Hagan Fox

    it's easy to look good in Cher's case, money can buy the look! Obviously, taste can't, otherwise she wouldn't be visiting BO, but then again it's Hollyweird! They don't exactly thing straight and don't realize they are being played!