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At her Istanbul concert this week, the 53-year-old singer exposed her bare breast in front of a packed house of concertgoers. During a performance of “Human Nature,” the “Material Girl — er- Mom” purposefully pulled down the right panel of her bra, revealing her nipple and flashing a sly grin to the crowd.

The singer was unapologetic for her risque actions and even revealed a temporary back tattoo reading “No Fear” at the end of the song.

What do you think of Madge’s nip slip? Flip through the screenshots from a fan’s concert footage then tell us in the comments if you think this is appropriate behavior for the mother-of-four.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Madonna has made headlines for pushing the envelope when it comes to her sexuality.

In 1992, the pop diva released a coffee table book titled Sex which heavily featured adult photographs depicting simulations of sexual acts.

Madonna has also gotten flack for her skimpy onstage outfits throughout most of her career. Most recently, execs over at the Disney-owned ABC network have allegedly ordered Madge’s perfume commercial — featuring the singer dressed in skimpy lingerie — to be stripped of its sexual images by digitally covering up her cleavage.

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However, Madonna seems to be contradicting herself with this latest controversy. While on a press tour this January, Madonna said, “You don’t have to show nipples to be interesting. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting edge if you do, right?”

Check out her interview below.

Madonna is not the only celeb to have exposed a little bit too much to the public though. From Lady Gaga to Lisa Rinna, check out who has revealed their naughty bits to photographers — below.

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