Bethenny Frankel Spanks Holly Robinson Peete, Discusses ’50 Shades of Grey’ Obsession (PHOTO)

Bethenny & Brynn
Bethenny Frankel and her daughter in NYC.
The pop culture obsession with the S&M-themed novel Fifty Shades of Grey has already taken over daytime’s newest talk show.

On Bethenny, which debuted this week, Bethenny Frankel and guest Holly Robinson Peete discuss the best-selling book, while getting into the theme of things — complete blindfolds, ball gags and a whip. The 47-year-old TV personality then let Frankel, 41, spank her in front of the live studio audience.

Robinson Pete says she’s scared to bring the practice into her bedroom.

“I have to say I am scared,” she revealed. “I am scared that he is going to spank me too hard and I might punch him in the face.”

The former The Talk host adds that she feels the book has value to couples.

“Seriously,” she says, “this really brought it back for you in the bedroom because I’ve been married 17 years. We just celebrated our 17th anniversary a couple days ago. And I will say we do need a little spark, so I’m hoarding this book to myself right now and pretending it’s fifty beautiful ways to make love to your wife.

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Robin Peete also explained her sudden departure from The Talk, saying, “Every opportunity in life is a chance to learn. I was thrilled to get this gig on paper. It was the dream job.  I have four kids I can get out of here… go to car pool, pick up the kids.  I delivered. I did everything they needed me to do. But, in the end there are certain things that you have no control over. I ain’t the first girl to lose a job. I mean in this country, everyone is losing jobs.”