Justin Bieber Pulls a Madonna, Uses British Accent During Interview (VIDEO)

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How well does Justin Bieber pull off blending in with the Brits? Pretty well, actually.

The Canadian-born singer did a spot on impression of an English accent during an interview with Capital Radio Station this past Saturday, never once breaking stride.

During his chat, Bieber gushed over his discovery Carly Rae Jepsen, “I signed her … she’s done very well,” while humorously adding “I’m trying to figure out my accent” when he got a little tongue tied.

It is quite reminsicent of Madonna, who famously took on a English-sounding accent during an extended stay in the U.K.

Bieb’s similarities to the material mom don’t end there.

Like Madonna, the 18-year-old pop prince is courting controversy by showing a little skin. He recently went shirtless for a photo shoot with GQ. The singer shared behind-the-scenes footage on the video-sharing site Viddy, teasing fans with a 15-second clip in which he flexed his biceps and abs for the magazine.

Watch the video below:

Is Bieb following in Madonna’s footsteps? This past weekend, she made headlines with an intentional nip slip during a concert Istanbul, Turkey.