‘Magic Mike’ Monday: Matthew McConaughey Vs. Matt Bomer Shirtless Showdown (PHOTOS)

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Celebuzz‘s Magic Mike Monday countdown continues. Last week we ogled over Alex Pettyfer, but this time around it’s a battle of the Matts!

NewlywedMatthew McConaughey and White Collar’sMatt Bomer, costarsin Warner Brothers’ sexy ensemble cast, face off in a Celebuzz shirtless showdown.

The film, loosely based on Channing Tatum‘s past as a male stripper, features 42-year-old McConaughey as the strip club’s owner Dallas. Though McConaughey’s character isn’t bumping and grinding onstage like his costars, he’s still shirtless in plenty enough scenes to satisfy the moviegoing masses.

Alternately, it’s hard to decide whether Bomer, 34, looks hotter with or without clothes on. Thoughts?

In the film’s second trailer, we got a peek at Bomer’s character as a living Ken doll, which makes sense considering he’s named Ken in the film. Bomer is also disguised as an officer and anything but a gentleman in a sexy Navy uniform.

As Celebuzz reported, McConaughey got hitched to his longtime girlfriend Camila Alves this weekend in Austin. But doesn’t mean the actor is toned down in the film, McConaughey boasts some of the trailers sexiest one-liners.

Who is the hotter Matt of Magic Mike? Click through the gallery, then cast your vote in the Celebuzz poll.

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