Suri Cruise Joined Tom Cruise During His ‘Rock of Ages’ Vocal Training Sessions, Reveals Actor’s Coach (EXCLUSIVE)

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Tom Cruise had a secret partner-in-crime along for the ride during vocal preparation for his role in Rock of Ages: His daughter Suri Cruise.

According to the 49-year-old actor’s vocal coach Ron Anderson, the father-daughter duo spent a lot of time together during the training, as the adorable 6-year-old fashionista intently watched her dad rock out.

“Suri is so cute and sweet,” Anderson told Celebuzz. “She would sit down and listen to the lessons and be in there with us.”

Could Suri be the next big pop star?

Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter seemed “very interested” in her father’s work, but didn’t try to steal the spotlight from her doting dad, Anderson recalled.

“Suri never really tried to sing… [but] it’s a possibility that she’ll be knocking on my door someday,” said Anderson.

The former Axl Rose vocal coach has worked with many actors, including Mark Wahlberg in Rockstar, but he said Cruise was unlike anyone he’s ever done business with.

“He is very diligent [and] has tunnel vision,” he said of Cruise’s focus during training.

“The concentration, the dedication to the technical skill, all of it was pretty amazing. I’ve not been around anyone like that before.”

Rock of Ages also stars Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand.

Catch Cruise in Rock of Ages, which hits theaters June 15. Watch the movie trailer below.