'50 Shades of Grey' Author E.L James on Potential Rewrite of Trilogy: 'Never Say Never'

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Is Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L James releasing more books from character Christian Grey's perspective?

The British author may possibly rewrite the best-selling trilogy — Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed — to reflect Christian's point of view, according to a report in the NY Daily News. All three books were originally published from female lead Anastasia Steele's perspective.

A source close James told Celebuzz that "nothing is official yet" but did reveal...

EL James is not opposed to the idea.

During a book signing back in May, Celebuzz learned that James was asked by a fan if she would consider rewriting the best selling novels from the billionaire's perspective. Her response:

Never say never.
For those of you who are not familiar with the entire trilogy, in the final book Fifty Shades Freed, the epilogue is from Christian's point of view as he recounts first meeting Ana. It definitely wet fans appetite for more.

Would you all like to see three more books from Christian's perspective? Tell us in the comments.

Also, who would you like to play Anastasia Steele? Pretty Little Liars stars Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson both want in! Learn more about it here:

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  • Ruby

    yes yes yes defenetly want one from Chrsitian's pespective

  • Carol

    Oh yes plllleeeeaaaassseeee... She should really consider writing it from Christian's POV. That would be so awesome... He's hilarious in his POV

  • Skye Young
    Skye Young

    I would love to see things from his perspective. Get to know all the thoughts that went through his head that he never spoke about or shared with Ana. Im also interested in reading about the days he endured after she had left him. So much that Ana worried and wondered about that never quite got explained into details.

  • Josie

    Would love the story to pick up where it left off with Ana being pregnant with the second blip.

  • Paulette Romano
    Paulette Romano

    I have read these books 4 times. more more. I cry every time I read them.

  • Maria

    To ALL the negative jealous comments it’s your opinion and you’re entitle to it, errors or not it wasn’t a best seller for nothing it was a great trilogy so if you didn’t like it that’s your prerogative it’s wasn't compulsory to read it or like it… To E L James PLEEEEASE write “more” lots lots “more” we all want “more” whether it be from Christian Grey’s point of view or whether it is you continuing the story on which we all know you can, there are so many possibilities to keep going… Thank You For A Great Story…

  • michelle

    Would love to see the books in Christians point of view!! love 50 shades!

  • Sandy

    I would LOVE to hear the story from Mr Grey's side...the more personal side of his pain and inner fight.

  • SYeo

    Yes Please - I would love to read the books from Christian's perspective. It would make watching the movies all the more interesting.

  • De

    I really hope she does make all three books in Christian's point of view! Please!! I have reread all the books and the whole time I was thinking, I hope she writes these in Christian's POV!!

  • EmaB

    i hope she does i loveeee 50 shades i am achually reading them again so would be nice to have these out after i finished them again lol. And for the movie pleaseeeeeeee dont pick any from twilight pleaseeeee i hate twilight and will spoil it. Also need un knowns so its more like the book than an movie

  • carlis

    please please please im still left wanting more i feel so depressed now i have finished all 3 books not because of the story but because its over i just want to keep on reading this story so from the other side would be good please please please.

  • Amy

    I would love too read these books from his point of view. Love the 50 shades trilogy looks forward to more :)

  • Lucy Lou
    Lucy Lou

    i think she should write the books from christians point of view it would be nice to know what he was thinking through out the books....but i also agree she does need to change up the words a little i dont know how many times i can read about anas "inner godess"... dont get me wrong i LOVE the books they were very addicting!!!!!!! and as for the people who should play ana and christian. i DO NOT think robert patterson and kristin stewart are a good pick. dont get me wrong i love them but they will always be known for twilight... they are bella and edward! also when i was reading the book they are no where near what i pictured the characters to look like. i do love them though just not for this role!!!

  • crystal

    I would love for her to write them from christians point of view and just to keep the books going i loved all three books. Just keep the story line going from the end of the last book either from the last page of the last chapter or the epilouge. Although id really like to know what happened in the "playroom".

  • Tee

    She should absolutely rewrite the trilogy's in Christians perspective!! They were absolutely fantastic - Whoever says otherwise are kidding themselves! Please release it soon - Maybe another idea would be to continue the story with the children!

  • Kathy Estes
    Kathy Estes

    I would love to read more from Christian's point of view. I would also like to see Astrid Berges-Frisbey play Ana. She is young and innocent looking and is just really starting her career in America. As for Christian, they are going to have to search to find someone gorgeous enough to pull that role off.

  • Debs

    why does everything always turn into good vrs bad when books or movies are published? so what if she wants to do it with Grey's point of view? im sure poor stephanie myers isnt the first person to think about it or do it!!! i for one also want to see them from grey's pont of view! you are right the teaser we got was really good. all this harry potter vrs twilight or twilight vrs The shade trilogiy has to stop. Its just nonsense! I'll tell yo something though if they choose Robert Pattinson and Kirsten stewert to play the parts of ana and christian i will not be watching the movie. Dont get me wrong i love twilight but Kirsten cannot act at least she doesnt seem to be in twilight I wouldnt want such a movie to be destroyed because of it. I agree with alot of others famous actor for christian but a new actress for Ana

  • SM&I*

    Definitely yes!! I read all 3 books in 3 days and now that I'm finished I don't know what to do with myself! LOVED reading from Christian's perspective! I will be brokenhearted if she doesn't finish the trilogy from his POV. *i imagine Tyler Hoechlin as Christian and Natalie Portman as Ana*:)

  • MsGreywannabe

    yes yes yes, I need more! I feel like a crack addict going cold turkey! I was astounded how brilliant it was to read from Christians perspective....Read all 3 in 5 days, starting again now! I'm so in love with this man!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not choose Robert Pattinson we need a ripped man who probably looks a little older than Grays actual age!!!

  • KMM

    Oh and I think that Jessie Pavelka and his gorgeous self should play Christian when the movie is made!

  • KMM

    Written in Christians perspective....I would absolutely buy them immediately! Loved these books and can't wait for anything else to come out about them...either movie or additional stories.

  • sara

    plz plz plz do write from christians point of view i would love to read them. plz plz plz

  • Michele

    Love these books...would love to see the story continue...and...Ryan Gosling...yes please!!

  • WandaW

    Yes, please..... more books! These were the best books I have ever read!

  • shellie

    all i can say is plz plz plz do write more u have done an amazing job and defo wud be happy plz hurry and do them cant wait ignore all the critics they dont know what they on about

  • Toni Rochester
    Toni Rochester

    i loved the epilogue!!! I would love to know more about his whole view....and i want to know more about there little family....

  • kel

    i love 3 more books from christens point off view loved the storyline

  • Suzanne

    Oh pleeeeease write it from his perspective! Im sure everyone would love to read exactly what he is thinking. From book one, i was reading desperately into his every expression for more depth and understanding. I still want to know the real HIM!!!!! I dont think E.L. has anything to lose :)

  • trvlwomn

    I have re-read them already and still can't get enough!

  • trvlwomn

    I know how you feel... I normally fall asleep pretty quick when I read at night... Well, my kids were gone one night and I read from the moment I got off work until I happened to look at the time and it was 5:30 am! I had to MAKE myself put the book down to get about an hour and a half of sleep before work again!! :)

  • trvlwomn

    I would so love to read more.... anything that would continue the story or re-tell it from another perspective. These books have been such a joy to read. I don't think I have ever been so involved in a book(s). They truly engage and overwhelm you as you read. If you can get past the haters that think it is all about and only about naughty sex, you will be completely satisfied with the intense love that these two feel for each other and what obstacles they have to overcome to reach happiness. I cannot wait for the movie or movies to come out, just hope they are able to give the books the justice they deserve. In additon, I will be first in line to purchase additional books that pertain to Ana and Christian Grey (whether a continuance of their life or from his perspective..) Continue on EL James! You Rock!

  • Tricia Bannister
    Tricia Bannister

    I would be great to see from christian view. @ Melissa lambert I had the same problem putting down the books at night good thing I was on vacation. I am just waiting for the next book and I hope she does not take long:)

  • Melissa Lambert
    Melissa Lambert

    Just got through with all 3 books. I have to say they are the best I've ever read. I had a hard time putting them down at night to go to sleep. Would read anything she writes. Thank you E L James.Awesome writing.

  • A

    I would Die for it. Hope she will

  • tfw

    I'm so glad she is thinking about rewriting it from Christian's point of view. I read all three books within 7 days!! I COULD NOT put it down. I was hooked on the first paragraph. Now that I've finished I'm missing Christian. Couldn't get enough of him!!

  • olm

    Can't wait.... Im having Christian withdrawls!!!!!

  • Elyse

    I would love to read it in his point of view. As for her writing, it was a little hard for me to get into it for awhile, due to her writing and wording, but I quickly got over it and it sucked me in!! The books got better as she progressed in the series. Seriously people, give the woman credit--IT WAS HER FIRST BOOKS!! lol!! I read all of them in 3 days and am now twiddling my thumbs and pouting with no other book calling my attention after reading that. I hope she rewrites it, but if she doesn't, I'll get over it and have to just re-read the originals over and over because they are that good!!

  • Shaquala Dalambakis
    Shaquala Dalambakis

    I would LOVE to read the books from Christian's point of view. The sample at the end of the third book was amazing and left me wanting more. I think this would give us fans more of an insight to Christian as a character and just from Ana's point of view and what she thought of him. I would love to know what was going through his mind when Christian found out Ana was pregnant. Please re-write the trilogy.

  • Lexi Gipson
    Lexi Gipson

    The fans would love these books in christian's pov!!!!! If you don't like the books why even comment?

  • Ash

    Umm, that would be "whet fans appetites". You're not splashing them with water.

  • Mims

    I would love it if she writes a trilogy from Christian's point of view, that bit at the end was a tease , wanted more, but I think for Christian should be 4 books first one should be about his life, Mrs.Robinson, and his subs leading up to meeting Ana, and then the trilogy from his point of view. I would definitely buy them as well as so many others, as far as movie I think it should be a series on HBO instead that way not a lot would be taking out

  • Trang

    AMEN!!! :-)

  • Paula

    From Grey to Vanilla and Vanilla lol

  • Cathy

    I would LOVE to have another trilogy from Christian's perspective!

  • Karen Keeler Ritchie
    Karen Keeler Ritchie

    Well, I loved the books and have read them all 4 times. I am 60 years old and do not consider myself weird. Women of all ages have loved these books! My only comment is I thought I read a lot of situations similar to the movie Pretty Woman.

  • Kacbutler

    I would love to see a trilogy from Christian's point of view. The last section of the thrid book made me want more. I would also like to see a trilogy of Christian and Ana's life after the birth of their children, in their new home, their life with their children, how Christian adjusts to being a father after he was so worried about it, maybe even more about the other Grey's and Kate. I think that would be enough for yet a thrid trilogy. I just don't want to see CHRISTIAN and ANA stop. I LOVE these books. I have reread them twice. PLEASE MS. JAMES write somemore about CHRISTAIN AND ANA!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    She HAS TO! She wrote "that's it for now" at the end and so that means she has to! LOL I loved reading it from that point of view as I was always wondering what Christian was thinking anyways. Please do. You HAVE TO!

  • Yesenia

    YEESSS!!! PLEASE!!! I absolutely hope that she decides to write the books in Christian's perspective. The epilogue left me wanting more. I want to know what was going on in Christian's mind and more about his past. But, Lucy Hale CANNOT! be Ana for goodness sake

  • ekelly4140

    I think Christian Bale and Natalie Portman would be perfect for these movies.........

  • ekelly4140

    I agree, there is so much more to this story, one of the best reads in awhile. I would really like to she it from his prospective..........

  • Desi

    YES! YES! YES!

  • LilPet

    Yes, Yes, & Yes!! I would prefer to read the books from Christian's perspective. I want to know more about the Mrs. Robinson relationship, and previous sub relationships, and glimpses of his switch from sub to Dom, and the emotional stress in his pursuit of Ana. There is so much more to the story.

  • Trish Carey
    Trish Carey

    I think she did an amazing job with these books. They are my favorite. I absolutly loved reading the epil.. and seeing it from Christian's point of view. It was a whole new perspective. I thought then and there that she would write it all over again so we can see his point of view. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

  • Lauri


  • suemc1228

    Would love another trilogy from Christian's point of view. I would love to see James Scott (EJ DiMera from Day's of Our Lives). With his hair longer, of course.

  • Melissa Heyka
    Melissa Heyka

    Exactly what I've been saying Christina!

  • Margie

    The first thing I said after reading the epilogue was that I'd love to see it rewritten from Christian's point of view. It could be called "From Black to Grey" "From Grey to White" and "White"

  • Nohely Marini-Latorre
    Nohely Marini-Latorre

    Definitely YES! I would love to read about what is going on in his mind through every situation, including a little bit more into his relationship with Mrs. Robinson. As to who should play Christian in the movie, Chris Evans comes to mind. He is youthful and intense enough to play him, besides he has a nice happy trail...

  • Stephanie Grant
    Stephanie Grant

    I would LOVE to read them from Christian's view!! The tid bit we got in the last book was GREAT and I think it would be so good to read from his view, with his mind oh my I could hardly wait! And for all of you critics that keep running your mouths about her writting, DO NOT READ THEM IF YOU ARE THAT DAMN NIT PICKING!!! Love EL James and love love Fifty :)

  • Dawn Mondry
    Dawn Mondry

    I really hope she does re-write the trilogy from Christian's view point. The little teaser she wrote at the end of freed was great. I have read the series twice and am on my third go around. All other books seems very boring and dry. Please give us fans Christian's point of view...... As for the role of Christian....Ian Sumerhalder would be perfect. What about Natalie Portman for Anna....??? Thanks E. L James!

  • Sheila Jordan
    Sheila Jordan

    She definitely needs a better editor. Despite the language differences, there were still numerous grammatical errors. As stated above, a Thesaurus would also be wise, as one can only read, hear, and/or see the same word repeated over and over again. I recall rolling my eyes several times, while reading alone, while stumbling across them! Don't get me wrong. I liked the series, but wouldn't purchase them from another character's standpoint. Don't fix something if it's not broke. Her name is big enough now that she can focus on a new trilogy and people will automatically purchase it based on the way her mind works.

  • Georgina Welge
    Georgina Welge

    I too read all 3 in 4 days and well i thoroughly enjoyed them and many more woman out there have too!! i would love to read these books in Christians point of view!

  • Angie Swiatnicki Smith
    Angie Swiatnicki Smith

    I think that Christian Bale would be the perfect Christian... that is who I envisioned when I read all 3 books in about 36 hours!!! I am not really sure who should play Ana... but someone with "Claire Danes" innocense (just a thought). I would enjoy reading Christian's point of view... I want to know what happens after the 3rd book, I would love to follow Kate and her future (I don't want to give it away).

  • Michaela Namestek
    Michaela Namestek

    Absolutely would love to see three more books from Christian's perspective. I love the books as they are and wouldn't change anything about them. But I truely believe it would be interesting to read from Christian's point of view.

  • Channy

    I would buy them for sure and devour them quickly. I think Mila Kunis would be good as Ana and Alexander Skarsgard for sure as Christian. Oh please:)

  • Diana

    I would love to read it from Christian's POV, I think it would be a twist and most intriguing.

  • Shannon Duran
    Shannon Duran

    YES PLEEEEEASE!! I hope she does!! For those of us who loved the series (and there appears to be many!) it would be fascinating to see the story from HIS point of view!

  • fifty shades fan
    fifty shades fan

    I hope she does it!!!!! I thought the book was very good. It explained things in very detail, it was like I was a fly on the wall watching all of it take place. I read all 3 books in four days! I thought they were GREAT!!! And YES, I want more!!

  • Jeannie Oddo
    Jeannie Oddo

    i sure hope so ...im obsessedddddddddd...i love reading from his point of view...i cant tell you how much im in love with this freakin man of fifty shades <3

  • Christina Kent Wareham
    Christina Kent Wareham

    Oh please continue to write more...I think that it would be great to know what Christian was really thinking! As for the who should play Ana...I really want you to choose someone who has not made it big yet. I can say that there are not any famous actresses out there who I think would be perfect for Ana. I think it would be great to take a new actress and let this be her reprising role!!

  • Tracy Levesque-Chizik
    Tracy Levesque-Chizik

    Wow people really like to pick things apart instead of enjoying it for whats its worth!!! How many of these critical people have a best selling series?? I wish peole would stop picking things apart & ruining the fun for the rest of us!! I think I would enjoy reading the series from Christian's point of view.

  • Lori A Folk Tersinar
    Lori A Folk Tersinar

    We all hope she will write them over from Christians point of view.

  • dustglitterrain01

    50 shades of the Bible has more believable scenarios in it than this crap. I've seen better smut written by 14 year old virgins.

  • foxybrown

    I wanna read this book SO badly!!

  • Michelle Haag
    Michelle Haag

    Oh my gosh twinklemepink06 took the words right out of my mouth. Thesaurus, please!

  • twinklemepink06

    she needs another editor. I've seen too many instances of "inner goddess", "beguile", and "ultramodern, very now" just from the first book! GET A THESAURUS!!!!!

  • Mags213

    I really really hope she does!!!!

  • SWK

    Please don't. She did a terrible job in the chapter written from Christians point of view. It read like a bad actor. Just not good.