‘Spider-Man’ Andrew Garfield Says Filming Love Scene With Girlfriend Emma Stone Was ‘Frightening’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Emma at Movie Awards
Emma Stone stuns at 2012 MTV Movie Awards.
Emma & Andrew Kiss!
The couple packs on the PDA.
Though Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been off-screen lovers for the past 12 months, the latest Hollywood heartthrob to star as Spider-Man claims filming romantic scenes together were “terrifying” — even more so than swinging from building to building.

“The romantic scenes are free-falling, as they should be,” The Amazing Spider-Man lead Garfield, 28, told Celebuzz while promoting the movie, out July 3.

“They were more frightening than swinging through the buildings, especially because it’s Emma and she’s terrifying!”

More frightening to Garfield was taking on the iconic role of Peter Parker to begin with.

He said, “I’m terrified to take on this role, because it means so much to me and it means so much to other people.”

But he’s already won over at least two fans near and dear to his heart, including his predecessor, Tobey Maguire, who sent an email to producer Matt Tolmach applauding the decision to cast Garfield.

“It made me feel like I could take the torch in confidence and that I had support in him,” said Garfield. “He didn’t need to do that. It’s a testimony to him as a person. We’re all just part of that Spider-Man family.”

In addition to Maguire, Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, who has a cameo in the movie, gave Garfield the thumbs up.

“He’s too iconic to be real. So it was like I wasn’t in the room with a human being,” Garfield joked about meeting the comic-book icon. “He’s given so many kids hope and joy and he cannot be thanked enough for that. It was like being in a room with Mickey Mouse or something.”

Garfield tapped his inner-teen to play Parker, researching in Queens, New York, where he hung around with teenagers, recording their voices and picking up phrases.

Just as important was the physical look of the character. “The training is horrible,” he groaned. “Because I’m a lazy guy. I’m vain, but I’m not vain enough to care about the gym.”

A self-described “skinny kid,” Garfield’s slim physique helped him identify with Peter Parker.

“He always felt stronger on the inside than he did on the outside,” noted Garfield. “And there’s nothing better than to see a skinny guy beat the crap out of a big guy.”

Garfield and Stone have been dating since last summer. They most recently attended the 66th Annual Tony Awards together, on June 10, in New York.