Giveaway Alert: Win The Official Tony Awards 2012 Gift Bag, Valued Over $1,400

Tonys gift bag giveaway


Sunday night's Tony Awards celebrated the stage with an all-star gathering of multi-talented performers. Those lucky enough to be nominated had a chance to walk away with a coveted Tony in their hot little hands, but everyone scored a fabulous gift bag.

Celebuzz is picking one lucky viewer to get in on the goods! Win the same bag that will be given backstage at the Tony Awards to host Neil Patrick Harris and guests like Amanda Seyfried, and Cynthia Nixon -- valued at over $1,400.

Items include the following:

  • Bora Bora Nui- A lovely pareo from this gorgeous French Polynesian resort. Bora Bora Nui
  • ComforPedic from Beautyrest- “The Better Memory Foam” incorporates Air Cool Memory Foam and the Recharge Sleep System in its mattress.  Two unique benefits are Temperature Management and Freedom of Movement.  For the Tony’s we are gifting a ComforPedic Free Spirit Memory Foam Pillow with luxurious suede carrying wrap.  This is a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite pillow anywhere you go!
  • Dooney & Bourke- Go 2 Tote.
  • Marchon – Designer eyewear by Marchon.
  • Men’s Wearhouse National Suit Drive, the nation’s largest collection of gently worn business attire for men, partners with approximately 200 nonprofit organizations across the country to give unemployed men and women the confidence and skills necessary to re-enter the workforce.
  • Nexxus Salon Hair Care – Delivers captivating results with remarkable performance for women and their haircare. As the first-ever Official Beauty Partner of the Tony Awards, Nexxus is putting a spotlight on the celebrity and glamour of the Tony Awards. Presenters will be gifted with a selection of ProMend products, the brand’s revolutionary, first-to-market split end system that binds up to 92 percent of damaged ends back together with continued use. Learn more at or
  • Anchor Hocking Company- Stölzle Experience Crystal Wine Glasses 4 Piece Gift Box by Anchor Hocking Company
  • Crabtree & Evelyn- Crabtree & Evelyn’s Pomegranate Grove Poured Candle captures the exquisite freshness of sun-ripened orchards for everyday moments of indulgence.
  • Fisker Automotive- VIP Fisker Karma Test Drive Opportunity.
  • Godiva Chocolatier- New Godiva Ice Cream Parlor Truffles pints in a variety of favorite ice cream flavors such as Banana Split and Mint Chocolate Chip.
  • MyCube- A colorful, bolt-secured personal safe with an internal charging outlet to keep your valuables secure and all your electronic devices ready for use.
  • Nambé- Nambé’s 9-inch Love Bowl design handcrafted in the brand’s signature alloy.
  • Netflix- complimentary one year Netflix streaming membership.
  • Paper Petals Stationery- Everyday stationery.  Lithograph printed on premium acid free, wind-power milled paper with soy based ink.
  •’s Addison Picture Frame engraved with the Tony Awards logo.
  • Terry’s Toffee- An award-winning line of gourmet toffee.

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us your favorite Tony Awards moment this year!

This giveaway will close on, June 25 at 9 AM EST.

Good luck and get commenting!


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  • Claire Parks
    Claire Parks

    Matt stone and trey parker came out to present the best musical your award. I love those guys!

  • Karri Steed Dry
    Karri Steed Dry

    This is an amazing give away!!

  • Debra Aslakson
    Debra Aslakson

    The opening number

  • Chrissy McPherson
    Chrissy McPherson

    I love Neil Patrick Harris & as always he is the funniest person even at the awards show. I loved the spiderman bit!

  • Allyson Bossie
    Allyson Bossie

    I loved Neil Patrick Harris! He made the show!

  • Joseph Cole
    Joseph Cole

    My fave moment was when Jackmans wife surprised him.

  • Lawrence Belisle
  • Tweet Onone
    Tweet Onone

    Matthew Broderick and the cast of 'Nice Work If You Can Get It'

  • Jay Hawk
    Jay Hawk

    When Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness presented him with a special Tony honoring him for his contributions to the Broadway community!

  • Petal Flowers
    Petal Flowers

    Neil Patrick Harris performing with the cast of 'The Book of Mormon'!

  • kimberly michelle
    kimberly michelle

    The Book of Mormon opening number :) Priceless!

  • Desi Helkey
    Desi Helkey

    Neil Patrik Harris is great host .....

  • Nicole Dalla Valle Herman
    Nicole Dalla Valle Herman

    All the dresses! I love them!

  • Nicole Dalla Valle Herman
    Nicole Dalla Valle Herman

    The dresses! Love them!

  • Vickie Gallo
    Vickie Gallo

    Neil Patrick Harris was great!

  • Vickie Gallo
    Vickie Gallo

    Neil Patick Harris was great!

  • ZMom Smith
    ZMom Smith

    I love Hugh Jackman - so his getting the Tony Award was awesome!

  • Thomas Steplyk
    Thomas Steplyk

    The Red Carpet!

  • Crystal Famania
    Crystal Famania

    I like watching the interviews

  • Debra Hinson Sauvageau
    Debra Hinson Sauvageau

    My fav moment was the special moment between Hugh & his wife :)

  • shamrockin

    Hugh Jackman accepting his Tony.

  • Joretta Foster
    Joretta Foster

    Neil Patrick Harris singing

  • icefairy

    Neil Patrick Harris opening remarks

  • Jeanne Fairbanks Conner
    Jeanne Fairbanks Conner

    The best part for me is before the show, the red carpet

  • Nenette Mougeot Seaux
    Nenette Mougeot Seaux

    I think Neil did wonderful

  • Wendy Duckduck
    Wendy Duckduck

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • Lantana H.
    Lantana H.

    My favorite moment was when Hugh Jackmans wife surprised him with an award.

  • Amy Baker
    Amy Baker

    Neil Patrick Harris was terrific, of course, but Hugh Jackman and his wife were my favorite .... LOVE!

  • egood33

    I follow on twitter and like the fan page. My favorite moments were just watching Neil Patrick Harris-he's so funny!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My favorite moment was Ricky Martin's performance in Evita!

  • Stephanie Lyn Davis
    Stephanie Lyn Davis

    Absolutely the fashion!!

  • Elizabeth Case
    Elizabeth Case

    Neil’s opening number!

  • Eva Mack
    Eva Mack

    I enjoyed Huge Jackman's wife.... so cool.

  • Geoffrey Codner
    Geoffrey Codner

    I liked watching Hugh Jackmans' wife suprise him. Forgot he was married

  • Jill Rivera
    Jill Rivera

    Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite actor.

  • Melanie C Meyer
    Melanie C Meyer

    the red carpet, my favorite part of any award ceremony!

  • Christine Herrera
    Christine Herrera

    Neil Patrick Harris! Love him!

  • Joan Leonard
    Joan Leonard

    Neil Patrick

  • Celeste Kautz
    Celeste Kautz

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • Erica Pinto
    Erica Pinto

    Neil Patrick Harris was my favorite Tony Awards moment. He is amazing and I love him!

  • Ade

    Neil Patrick Harris the Spiderman... :D

  • Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia

    Neil Patrick Harris was awesome!!

  • Dasha Dorlandt
    Dasha Dorlandt

    I agree with the masses, Neil Patrick Harris was my favorite part of the evening.

  • Rachel Edmondson
    Rachel Edmondson

    I love seeing the dresses that everyone is wearing on the red carpet

  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    Neil Patrick Harris is a highlight

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    My fave moment was watching all the Celebs in their gorgeous outfit's walking the red carpet:)

  • Nidrea Oh So Sweet
    Nidrea Oh So Sweet

    The great dresses they where.

  • Pam Goldman
    Pam Goldman

    Everything about Neil Patrick Harris, and the acceptance speech of James Corden who won Best Actor for his role in One Man Two Guvnors.

  • Christina

    My favorite moment was Ghost's performance. I fell in love with this musical and I can't wait to go see it!!! Truly breathtaking

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez

    It's nice to see celebrities as regular people whom have emotions. Media often portrays celebrities to be humanless and in their own little world. Moments such as when Steve Kazee talked about his mother who suffered from breast cancer and Hugh Jackman's wife surprising him despite her fear of public speaking, just remind us that celebrities have emotions too. Celebrities suffer and have real life problems too whether it be a long distance relationship to cancer. These are the moments I love to see and take in.

  • wheat636

    Nothing new, but Neil Patrick Harris

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    The red carpet highlights were my favorite.

  • Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald
    Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald

    NPH's opening number


    I enjoy looking at all the fashions people are wearing.

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S

    My favorite moment of this year's Tony Awards was seeing Sheryl Crow shine! She is always been an inspiration to me and the news of her tumor was devastating. However, she once again proved her strength and has stepped up to the challenge. She is unstopable and an inspiration to young girls and women all over. I'm so glad she was a part of the ceremony.

  • Rick Espy
    Rick Espy

    Neil Patrick Harris is the best!

  • Jeunese Kissy Henderson
    Jeunese Kissy Henderson

    I loved the look on Hugh Jackman's face when his wife surprised him with presenting him with his award!

  • Kyra Mairead Gorski
    Kyra Mairead Gorski

    NPH all the time!

  • Alyssa Forkell
    Alyssa Forkell

    the red carpet for sure! love to see the in style fashions! alyssabubbleteax3@gmail(dot)com i follow on twitter: pandaxaly i liked on facebook

  • rainesmom

    Fav 2012 Tony moment was Hugh Jackman's wife surprising him. Neil Patrick Harris always kills it with his monologue/singing/dancing~ so that would be a close 2nd!

  • Ashlea Harvey
    Ashlea Harvey

    How happy and excited Hugh Jackman was.

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette

    I love seeing what the stars wear...

  • Allison Cooper
    Allison Cooper

    Hugh Jackman's wife surprising him.

  • ljb423

    neil patrick harris's spidey moment!

  • Karen Spector
    Karen Spector

    Love Neil Patrick Harris. He is a terrific showman.

  • rcbalogh

    Neil Patrick Harris was great

  • Reja Bawe
    Reja Bawe

    I would watch NPH sleep, so seeing his opening bit of the Tony's is a real treat!

  • Heather Burke
    Heather Burke

    My favorite part was NPH!!!!

  • Betty Fellows
    Betty Fellows


  • Meredith Jones Frontierville
    Meredith Jones Frontierville

    Neil Patrick Harris!

  • Lenarra

    the end credits

  • Kathleen Fennessey
    Kathleen Fennessey


  • Sam Schalk
    Sam Schalk

    Neil Patrick Harris doing the what if life were more like theater bit

  • Shelly Boyd
    Shelly Boyd


  • Shelly Boyd
    Shelly Boyd

    Harris as Spider-man.. to funny!

  • Megan M
    Megan M

    When Hugh Jackman's wife surprised him with his award :) It was so cute.

  • Terry Young
    Terry Young

    Hugh Jackman was awesome!

  • Michelle Giorgi
    Michelle Giorgi

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon a bit I see, but when Hugh Jackman turns and looks at his wife and acknowledges how much her public speaking meant for him, it was very sincere and lovely.

  • Desiree Kossarides
    Desiree Kossarides

    I like Evita!

  • merrypoint

    nice giveaway

  • merrypoint

    The red carpet and Neil Patrick

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    My favourite moment was James Corden's acceptance speech; he was so humble and genuine, and it was just so incredibly sweet to watch.

  • Linda Dowdy
    Linda Dowdy

    Neil Patrick Harris and the beautiful dresses!

  • Süšma Dhăkal
    Süšma Dhăkal

    My favorite part would be when Jackman's wife surprised him!

  • Angela Powiro
    Angela Powiro

    i love the quality of the artists in tony awards beside all other drama and the fashion of course :)

  • angela

    first the fashion.... then second HUGH JACKMANS :)

  • angela

    fav :Hugh Jackmans moment with wife

  • traymona

    I liked Neil Patrick Harris as the host.

  • Joseph Butera
    Joseph Butera

    Neil Patrick Harris on the Red Carpet! Huge Fan!!!

  • Sheila Foley
    Sheila Foley

    Neil Patrick Harris -great opening number and excellent host overall. funny and smart. Thanks for offering a very cool giveaway! SHEILATF52 AT YAHOO DOT COM

  • Julie Baniewicz
    Julie Baniewicz

    I love the outfits!

  • Heather Strouse Zeh
    Heather Strouse Zeh

    Neil Patrick Harris rocked the show!

  • Ldee Wernet
    Ldee Wernet

    Hugh Jackman's award

  • Eloise Weary
    Eloise Weary

    Funny man NPH made my evening......

  • dheath3

    Neil Patrick Harris and the red carpet fashions

  • Steve Stone
    Steve Stone

    loved hugh jackman

  • Shad Robert
    Shad Robert

    Didn't watch it :( But in years past I love the song and dance numbers... Yup Tony Awards with Song and Dance numbers.... lots of surprises there.

  • Katherine Gray
    Katherine Gray

    Hugh Jackman getting his award from his wife was definitely my favorite!

  • Angela Suggs
    Angela Suggs

    My favorite moment was when Hugh Jackman's lovely wife Deborra gave him the special achievement award. It was easy to see how much they truly love each other!

  • kimili8

    Hmmm, Doogie Howser or Wolverine? How can I decide?!

  • Süšma Dhăkal
    Süšma Dhăkal

    My another favorite moment would be when Hugh Jackman's wife surprised him!

  • Lisa Carroll
    Lisa Carroll

    Watching Neil Patrick Harris perform was the best! Hope I win the goodie bag...

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller

    Red carpet


    The red carpet is my favorite.

  • Debra Gaswint
    Debra Gaswint

    Neil Patrick Harris is a fantastic host!

  • p5a0497

    The after Tony E! shows crack me up.

  • Savage Garden
    Savage Garden

    My favorite part was the red carpet moment seeing all the beautiful celebs and seeing what they would wear..

  • Steven Epstein
    Steven Epstein

    Neil Patrick Harris. The guy makes any awards show memorable

  • Vikki Smith Parman
    Vikki Smith Parman

    Hugh Jackman really made the show worth watching.

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  • Paula Sue Dinsmore-Compton
    Paula Sue Dinsmore-Compton

    Loved al of i, Neil as always otstading,jst fun t watchand see their special moments.

  • Laura Klassen
    Laura Klassen

    I just love watching Neil Patrick Harris perform, it's always good....!

  • Paul Dick
    Paul Dick

    best part was NPH hosting the evening!

  • Mary Dixon Pitman
    Mary Dixon Pitman

    It was the surprise award given to Hugh Jackman

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson

    hugh jackman wolverine

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson


  • Moises Campos
    Moises Campos

    Neil Patrick comedic style!

  • Leisa Wooten
    Leisa Wooten

    Hugh Jackman-his wife surprising him. Lovely! Also, loved the fashion!

  • Summer S Black
    Summer S Black

    I always love the fashion (especially the disasters) but my favorite part of the awards was Neil Patrick Harris, he's one of my fav celebs, he was great!

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    I loved Neil Patrick Harris hosting

  • Mel AndTim Greene
    Mel AndTim Greene

    My favorite part is watching the stars come down the red carpet.

  • Christa Wagner
    Christa Wagner

    Hugh Jackman and his wife were cute.

  • bxprjay

    The N to the P to the H, Neil Patrick Harris, star of the show

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  • Carol Sepe Krajewski
    Carol Sepe Krajewski

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • Sonya Tokarse
    Sonya Tokarse

    Love seeing all the fashion, and seeing Hugh Jackmann's wife surprise him, that was neat!

  • Bettesue Shapiro
    Bettesue Shapiro

    All the lovely clothing!

  • hpaulina

    Loved Neil patrick Harris through the entire show !

  • Nataly Carbonell
    Nataly Carbonell

    Neil Harris!!

  • Donna Cooper
    Donna Cooper

    Looking at all the beautiful clothes and wishing I could wear something like that

  • dan williams
    dan williams

    twitted this, 13/6

  • Kelly Zauner
    Kelly Zauner

    Neil Patrick Harris!

  • Tina David Konegan
    Tina David Konegan

    My Favorite Moment is when Hugh Jackman's wife surprised him what a memory it will be for them!

  • jennyjazz

    My favorite moments were the faces of the stars in the audience as they announced the winners. Its so interesting to see the reactions and makes me love certain stars all the more when they look truely happy for others. Its also funny to catch those that arent too happy!

  • Marla Zickefoose
    Marla Zickefoose

    Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite part of the Tony Awards. Folloing on FB as Marla Kurtz Zickefoose & Twitter @SavingUGreenMom! Thanks for the chance!

  • Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst

    My favorite moment was when Hugh Jackman's wife surprised him with his sweet and well deserved!

  • buttmuffin

    Hugh Jackmans surprise award

  • heather chilcote
    heather chilcote

    I enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris

  • Candace Hensley
    Candace Hensley

    Neil Patrick Harris & The Opening Number!

  • Deni Tigner-Anderson
    Deni Tigner-Anderson

    The red Carpet!

  • Shannon Zarsang
    Shannon Zarsang

    My fave moment was when Jackmans wife surprised him. Very nice to do... a moment that will never be forgotten in their lives <3

  • Jen Folker
    Jen Folker

    I have always been a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, and this year is no different. He is my favorite moment!

  • Pam Wakeford
    Pam Wakeford

    I love the Fashions!!

  • Sara

    Hugh Jackman's acceptance of award

  • Cam Sweeps
    Cam Sweeps

    Neil Patrick Harris and the red carpet fashions.

  • Leann Griffiths
    Leann Griffiths

    Neil Patrick Harris singing!

  • Sandra Romashko-Davis
    Sandra Romashko-Davis

    I love the red carpet and Neil was pretty good too.

  • pwilliams

    My fave moment was when Hugh Jackman’s wife surprised her him on stage. He was so in shock, with her being do low key.

  • Ted Hammond
    Ted Hammond

    Neil Patrick Harris ! I liked and followed both pages .

  • Carla Bonesteel
    Carla Bonesteel

    NPH is awesome...He makes the show!

  • Morgan Montena Hammond
    Morgan Montena Hammond

    Love the red carpet and all the gorgeous and not so gorgeous fashions.

  • Süšma Dhăkal
    Süšma Dhăkal

    My favorite moment would have to be Neil Patrick Harris throughout the whole show!

  • Tina Chen
    Tina Chen

    It will HAVE to be Neil Patrick Harris! Bam!

  • Daniel High
    Daniel High

    The best part was the opening number. NPH is to the Tonys; as Billy Crystal is to the Oscars, not the same without them.

  • Rosie Odell
    Rosie Odell

    Neil Patrick Harris. Enough said.

  • tina41

    Neil Patrick Harris. Simply the best! I think he should be next Oscars host, it would be interesting.. :-) He was hilarious, he's best actor and comedian... Best part was when he pretend he's spiderman!!

  • Diana C
    Diana C

    My favorite thing, of course, is how funny Neil Patrick Harris was. Diana C

  • Brandon Forsyth
    Brandon Forsyth

    My favorite moment was when hugh jackman got his suprise award

  • jesspynk

    Hugh Jackman.

  • Nadia Yah
    Nadia Yah

    My favorite moment was Hugh Jackman's wife's surprise!!!

  • Karen Chinetti
    Karen Chinetti

    I know it is a common answer, but Neil Patrick Harris made this event an absolute joy to watch. To me, he is the Tony Awards champion.

  • Nicholas Porzio
    Nicholas Porzio

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • kathsen

    I meant the "best" part.

  • kathsen

    The besy part was when Michael McGrath won a tony- he's from my hometown originally- Worcester, MA!

  • Sharon K
    Sharon K

    Another vote for Neil Patrick Harris

  • Rachel Levy
    Rachel Levy

    I thought the Newsies performance was fantastic. Such a crowd pleaser!

  • Diane Rowan-Chan
    Diane Rowan-Chan

    The clothing! Seeing which celebrity is wearing which designer. Simply wonderful!

  • Sheila Vives
    Sheila Vives

    My favorite moment from the Tony Awards would have been when Hugh Jackman’s wife surprised her husband on stage and presented him with the Special Tony Award.

  • Michelle Barnes
    Michelle Barnes

    I definitely have to go with Neil's opening number! It was hilarious!

  • Tori Loiacono
    Tori Loiacono

    Besides seeing my Newsies perform, my favorite moment was the look on Andrew Garfield's face when the actors in Godspell were in the audience during their performance. Priceless!

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    Favorite Tony Awards moment would have to be Hugh Jackman getting presented an honorary award by his wife!

  • Kathleen Pasqualini
    Kathleen Pasqualini

    My favorite part was Neil Patrick Harris singing the medley of past song winners? :)

  • Samantha Parkison
    Samantha Parkison

    I love Neil Patrick Harris hosting! He is all-around amazing.

  • Bean Katrina
    Bean Katrina

    the tony awards in general are my favorite moment but of course the red carpet/fashion

  • Stacey

    NPH! Loved him

  • Madison

    The Fashion!

  • Lisa Michelle
    Lisa Michelle

    3 words....NEIL PATRICK HARRIS

  • Reese

    I like the red carpet

  • Yeny Flores Tijerín
    Yeny Flores Tijerín

    I love watching what the celebrities are wearing, so my favorite part was the red carpet.

  • Joey Maes
    Joey Maes

    Neil Patrick Harris. He is just awesome in everything he does, and the Tony's are not exception!

  • Brooke Liles
    Brooke Liles

    Neil Patrick Harris!

  • ambermiller86

    Like all other award shows, my favorite part is the RED CARPET! I LOVE seeing all the fashion. It lets me see styles I haven't tried!

  • emorgan223

    The opening number from The Book of Mormon, I know it basically swept last year but I just love it too much

  • outlaw4728

    Neil Patrick Harris was awesome!! Made the night!!

  • beeya8

    Hugh Jackman!

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    I have to go with Neil Patrick Harris as well! He was great.

  • Kristen Flowers
    Kristen Flowers

    My favorite moment was when Hugh Jackman's wife surprised her husband on stage and presented him with the Special Tony Award. It's so great to see such a wonderful and supportive Hollywood marriage!

  • Jen Granera
    Jen Granera

    Neil Patrick Harris was and will always be my fave on the Tony Awards...

  • danielleakame

    i liked watching everyone on the red carpet and their outfits. beautiful!!! i love the fashion!

  • elizabethblair

    Besides the fashion... Neil Patrick Harris!! xx