'Keep Your Private Life, Private:' Wendy Williams Warns Rival Talk Show Host Bethenny Frankel (EXCLUSIVE)


It's the new daytime TV feud.

Veteran Fox star Wendy Williams of The Wendy Williams Show has warned her rival, freshman talk show host Bethenny Frankel, not to be an open book when it comes to her personal life -- the exact thing she did when the show premiered on Monday.

"She should keep her private life private... but I guess it's too late," Williams, 47, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview.

Is this the right advice or words from a worried competitor?

Williams -- who filmed her 500th episode in May -- declared she is an avid fan of Frankel, 41, who also stars in Bravo's hit show Bethenny Ever After.

But her television competitor suggested that if Frankel were to air intimate details about her marriage to husband Jason Hoppy and their sex life -- or lack there of -- it could "hurt her loved ones."

Williams spoke to Celebuzz at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City last week.

Frankel kicked off her Ellen Degeneres-produced talk show Bethenny on June 11, which will air in six cities on Fox-owned stations as part of a six-week trial over the summer.

During the first episode, the reality star was crass and over the top, talking with guest D.L. Hughley about sex and relationships.

Later, guest Kevin Nealon asked her out of nowhere to address rumors that she was getting divorced. She shot down the rumors and said neither have even talked to the divorce lawyer.

Frankel is entering a crowded field, with big names including Katie Couric and Ricki Lake also preparing to launch their own talk shows later this year.

Do you think Bethenny will make a great talk show host? Let us know in the comments and watch a clip of her show, below.

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  • capecoddess

    Bethenny's become the epitome of what she has professed to hate-and then some. Its hard to believe she has more air time with which she can torture the real world direct from Planet Bethenny, with more of her delusional know-it-all attitude, enhanced by the bonus of a nonstop dialogue of insanity, consisting of nothing more than classless old cliches, and the same ol' bag of bull she's tried to get the viewer(s) to perceive as self attained success. How far she would've gone on a truly level playing field? The one where she does not pass go and does not collect a honking bonanza via her highly transparent use of Bravo air time as nothing more than hours upon hours of free advertising for herself. The narcissistic tendencies she displays on the air are no doubt the tip of that iceberg of hell. And although she continues to hate the world, and people, she has penned best selling self help books when she herself complains about married life when she's barely hit the 2 year marker. Her recent auto-biographical novel featuring a cover with a strong resemblance to a poster she posed nude on an NYC rooftop for PETA. That cover paints a self portrait of somebody with extreme self absorption. Finally, something she has attained-all on her own.