'X Factor' Judge Britney Spears Gives Sons A Sweet Treat (PHOTOS)

You can take the girl out of the country, but…

Britney Spears donned a pair of Daisy Dukes on June 12 as she took sons Sean, 6, and Jaden, 5, for a sweet treat near Santa Barbara, Calif.

The pop singer appeared to be sporting some new curves -- Brit herself didn’t indulge in any of the cupcakes that her kids enjoyed.

She certainly had reason to celebrate with a goodie or two: the new X Factor judge just got word that her 2007 “Blackout” album has hit the platinum mark.  And that’s not all: the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has officially added the disc to its CD library and archives, which only include music deemed important to the history of rock and roll.


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  • Penelope

    It's Montecito Confections on Coast Village Road, I saw them there but didn't see a pap!

  • Andy

    Wow Britney looks really hooottttt!!!

  • Konya M
    Konya M

    Nem tudom a nagy kanikulaban hogy lehet csizmaba leenni es telen csore derekkal , meg hassal , .... erdekes, minde a mi fonak az a meno, a trandy

  • guest

    It's Montecito Confections on Coast Village Road in Montecito, Ca., which is just a bit south of Santa Barbara

  • Brandyn

    I believe this is in Westlake Village, CA @SweetArleen's cupcake shop!

  • hamster23d

    what are you talking about she look nice what she got on

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    Good god, she can't even dress herself.