Christina Applegate at 2012 Women In Film Awards: My Hair in 'Married With Children' Sucked

2012 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards - Backstage
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Christina Applegate has had some really bad hair days -- and she's owning it.

The Up All Night actress received the Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award at Tuesday night's Women in Film 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills, where she recounted an unhappy trip she recently took down memory lane:

"I woke up to an episode of Married With Children the other day..."

She continued:

Oftentimes, we forget to set the sleep timer on the TV, which is really not a good thing because I woke up to a Lizzie Borden documentary, which is bad -- but I woke up to an episode of Married With Children and my hair just looked so sh*tty that I had to turn that TV off really fast."
Disastrous 'dos clearly haven't affected Applegate's career --  the TV/movie star is in higher demand than ever.

In fact, speculation about her involvement in the upcoming Anchorman 2 has run rampant since production of the movie was announced.  Unfortunately, even she's a bit in the dark:

I don't know [much about the sequel] -- the guys are writing it. I don't know for sure if I'm a part of it yet, that's all up to them. Let them kind of write it, and we'll find out probably in the next couple months."
So if Will Ferrell & Co. write Christina a role, will she take it? She told Celebuzz:
"Are you kidding me? Yeah!"
Don't you think Christina is a necessary part of Anchorman 2? Sound off below:


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