Jennifer Aniston — Before She Was Famous (PHOTOS)

Aniston's Bikini Bod
Jennifer Aniston shows off her rocking bikini body.
Jennifer Aniston wasn’t always the sexy Hollywood blond who attracted the likes of Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux and we’ve got proof.

Celebuzz has obtained a pile of pictures showing the 43-year-old Just Go With It star during her years at Rudolf Steiner School in New York, circa the early 1980s — way before she had women all over America asking their hairdressers for “The Rachel.”

And speaking of hair…

The actress sported some ‘dos that may look cringe-worthy today but surely rocked the house party back in the Eighties. Also on display: an adorably fuller face and Aniston’s trademark smile.

So just how important was the future superstar’s time at the school?

Put it this way: if it weren’t for Rudolf Steiner, fans may have never had a best Friend ­and so much more.

“I was always fascinated by acting, but my experience [there] encouraged me to pursue it as a career,” she once said. “Steiner was a free-spirited school that encouraged creativity and individualism.”

What do you think of Aniston’s transformation? Click through the gallery, then share your thoughts in the comment section.

Aniston has dated quite the array of Hollywood hotties through the years. Get the full breakdown in this video below.

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