Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cryus’ Engagement ‘Shocked’ Me, His Ex Says (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

The ex-girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth — who was dumped for his fiancé Miley Cyrus — has spoken out about the pair’s shock engagement, admitting to Celebuzz: “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised.”

The Hunger Games star’s high school sweetheart, Laura Griffin, dated Hemsworth, 22, for six years until he found love with Cyrus, 19, in 2009.

Though she was reluctant to speak about her former boyfriend who she confessed was “still someone I care about”, Griffin revealed that she was shocked Hemsworth had proposed to his on-again, off-again “Party in the U.S.A.” girlfriend.

“Hearing your high school sweetheart — who is the same age as you — is getting married, is a shock,” Griffin, 22, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview.

Like the rest of the world, Griffin said she found out via media reports that Hemsworth had asked Cyrus to marry him in what another source told Celebuzz “was an intimate proposal at home with just the couple and their dogs.”

“Of course it hurts seeing someone I spent so many years with moving on, especially when I learned from the media,” brunette Griffin said.

“But at the same time if they are in love and are happy why not? I’m very happy for him.”

When Hemsworth first starting dating Cyrus after they met on the set of The Last Song, Griffin was still very much in love with the man she called her “best friend.”

“We were together when he left for America to film The Last Song and we broke up after a few months of him being over there,” she said.

“Liam never cheated on me — that was what was portrayed in the media — but he had ended things with me when Miley and him began dating.”

She is also jumping to the young Hollywood star’s defense against critics who suggest he and the daughter of country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus are too young to get hitched.

“If that person is your person and the world seems perfect with them in it, then yes, I do believe it can work,” she added.

“If that person treats you the way you deserve to be treated and you couldn’t ask for any more from them — and you know the time is right to commit to one another — then yes, I definitely think a successful marriage is possible at this age.”

Cyrus should not take Hemsworth for granted, Griffin warned: “He is an amazing person and Miley is lucky to have him!”

While she admitted it hurt when Hemsworth moved on so quickly after their relationship suddenly ended, when asked if she could say anything to the pair, Griffin offered a big congratulations.

“Nothing more or less than congratulations,” Griffin said, adding: “He would know I meant it.”

“We were ready for different paths, America was his future and Australia was where I needed to be at the point of time in my life,” she added. “But I’m his past and I’ve accepted that.”