Miley Cyrus' Miami Mystery Man Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

Miley Cyrus only said yes to a proposal from Liam Hemsworth just over two weeks ago, but according to some reports, there are already fears that she's cheating.

The “Party in the U.S.A” singer was snapped frolicking in a pool in Miami, Fla., with a mystery man -- and Hemsworth, 22, was nowhere in sight.

However, Celebuzz can exclusively reveal the identity of the man who has raised so many eyebrows.

Never fear: the guy getting too close to Cyrus is her BFF Cheyne Thomas!

Want to know more about Cheyne and Miley's reaction to cheating rumors?


Cyrus has taken to Twitter to slam critics who accused her of already cheating on her fiancé Hemsworth.

While Celebuzz told you first the mystery man in a Miami, FL pool was Cyrus’ best friend Thomas, other media outlets claimed the “Party in the U.S.A” singer was cheating.

Cyrus was quick to defend herself and express her love for her new fiancé.

“I love my fiancé & he loves me. All the rest is bull s**t. We get to live a life of happiness no one can take that away from us!” Cyrus tweeted to her mom.

Confessing to being homesick and missing Hemsworth, Cyrus branded those who believed she was cheating “dumb”.

So who is Cheyne?

“Cheyne is Miley’s constant companion,” a source told Celebuzz. “They are always together, shopping around her home in Studio City, Calif., or hitting the exclusive club Beacher’s Madhouse inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.”

Despite concerns that 19-year-old Cyrus was already stepping out on Hemsworth, the singer is obviously still over the moon with her engagement -- with the giant sparkler holding pride of place on her wedding finger the whole time she swam around with Thomas. Cyrus isn't the only one obviously expressing her joy about her upcoming nuptials. Hemsworth’s ex Laura Griffin – who dated The Hunger Games star for six years until he met Cyrus on the set of The Last Song revealed exclusively to Celebuzz that she was shocked but happy for her former love. “Hearing your high school sweetheart — who is the same age as you — is getting married, is a shock,” Griffin, 22, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, told Celebuzz. “Of course it hurts seeing someone I spent so many years with moving on, especially when I learned from the media. “But at the same time if they are in love and are happy, why not? I’m very happy for him.” Check out other young Hollywood marriages below.

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  • cripsy

    actually you stupid cow, she is not a slut. she is an engaged woman who is really in love with Liam. Cheynne is her bff, she cant swim in a pool with her friend of the opposite sex without being accused of cheating? farout mate, chill ya face.

  • Dalhia

    Haha what a nasty slut, I bet he's fingering her in this picture! hahaha

  • jbd59

    hes tapping that ass or wants to tap that ass. lol

  • dilara

    woww, havent you ever watch himym?

  • autumn

    wow miley are u datting liam or cheyne??????????????????????????????

  • I'm just saying....
    I'm just saying....

    Your moniker truly scares me.....................

  • jbd59

    checking out those tits. mighty close to an engaged woman. last fling?

  • jen

    AND, why would you even want to be married to someone at all, if you think he or she can't even handle a friendship appropriately? If you believe your partner has no control over his or her sexuality, why marry them?

  • jen

    There is nothing wrong with having a best friend of the same sex. A best friend is completely different from the relationship one should have with his or her partner. My husband is my "best friend." But my friends, some of which I consider my "best friends", give me something completely different than my husband can. You can't even compare a friendship to that of a loving partnership, it's totally different. Or at least it should be. My husband has at least six girls that he's been friends with since like, middle school. He goes to lunch with some of them now and then and I don't mind a bit. Because I trust him and he trusts me. That's what marriage is about. It's not about ceasing all contact with members of the opposite sex because you're jealous and insecure. That kind of insecurity can make for a looooong and exhausting relationship. If you're too immature to handle your partner having friends of the opposite sex, you're too immature for a happy, healthy marriage. You should ask yourself why you seem to believe that any relationship with a member of the opposite sex has to be sexual or inappropriate in some way.

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    he's sooooooo hot..... :)))

  • tiaraluv

    lolwut? i've been married for almost 10 years, and ive still got a male bestfriend. her fiance is her bestfriend, but she is allowed to have other males as her bestfriend. actually she can have anyone as her bestfriend, you dont give up all your friends just because you are married or in a relationship. i also know many friends and other women who are happily married and all have male bestfriends so i really dnt know who your associating with because i know that male bestfriends work. CIAAAAOOOOO!

  • Nicole

    He looks like a freaking creep.

  • mileyismylife

    She is complete and utter perfection! she is so naturally stunning it kills me.

  • I'm just saying....
    I'm just saying....

    I don't want to make any assumptions, but that looks like a real drink - like a drink that a 19-year old girl is not legal to consume. Hope I'm wrong -- but there always seem to be different rules for "celebrities". Come on Miley - tell us its a smoothie - hahahaha!!!

  • pedro sampaio
    pedro sampaio

    HE IS GAY!

  • tin2x

    he is the gay bff of miley haha!

  • mileyismylife

    mystery guy? this guy happens to be Cheyne Thomas, one of her closest friends. haha, i love how much research you guys do at CB

  • Johana Casttro V
    Johana Casttro V

    Sorry cool jay!, Cheyne is Gay, and miley is not married yet!

  • Cool Jay
    Cool Jay

    Sorry Dilara, there is no such thing as a male best friend in a marriage. I don't know any married women who still has a male best friend on deck. Your husband is supposed to be your best friend. But when your 19, that doesn't compute.

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Hmm whats he looking at and shes like ewww

  • Jade

    its her friend cheyne thomas they have been friends for ages. her and liam hang out with him.

  • Katie

    She gets engaged. Hangs our with another guy. Oh, of course, that must mean she's cheating on him.

  • dilara

    he is her BEST FRİEND

  • lila

    XIII = 13 not 8 i can see an X not a V !

  • H

    So he has the roman numeral 8 on his chest, and she has 7 and 91 on her arm. what does that even mean

  • H

    he's staring at her.. weirdly..