Miley Cyrus' Weight Loss: See Her Dramatic Transformation (PHOTOS)

She's shrinking before our eyes.

When Miley Cyrus shared a photo of herself in a skin-tight corset on Twitter, it revealed just how much the newly engaged star has slimmed down.

Though the 19-year-old singer has always maintained a trim and taut figure, she's confessed that a combination of a gluten allergy and daily pilates has caused a drastic weight loss.

Some think she has lost too much weight, but according to fitness expert JJ Virgin, the "Party in the U.S.A." diva is just a "fit, healthy girl."

Judge for yourself : Flick through this gallery.

Virgin told Celebuzz:

"The toning is clearly from exercise, but I believe the fat loss was due to the elimination of dairy and gluten as I have seen similar effects with hundreds of clients.”
Explaining what happens when an individual cuts out gluten, JJ said it helps “with fast fat loss and improved energy.”
“A gluten ‘allergy’ could be anything from outright celiac disease where eating gluten will kill you over time, to gluten intolerance where gluten can cause symptoms including gas and bloating, weight gain, brain fog, inability to focus and joint pain. Even if you don’t have an intolerance to gluten I have to agree with Miley in that gluten is ‘crappp food.’”
In April, Cyrus -- who engaged Liam Hemsworth last week -- called out her critics. She Tweeted:

For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!, adding “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, phyisical and mental health is amazing! U won’t go back!”

Check out her full body evolution by clicking through the gallery.



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  • indian

    to dance u just gave a lecture for your own race(probabily) n then sent haha to whatev for another racist comment. you too are pathetic. morons.

  • Jazzy

    Wish I had that body... *Sigh*

  • jackieallure

    Looks great here. Then it went downhill.

  • jackieallure

    I bet she thinks being super skinny is hot, and that she looks fine. No doubt has to do with wanting to look good for Liam, but does she know that she looks YOUNGER now? And that her hair looks DEAD vs. soft and flowy like it used to? Shocker. Maybe she should focus on eating well, exercising and realizing gluten free is just an excuse for 'skinny'.

  • Waffles512

    I wish I had her body GRRRRR so jealous!

  • Waffles512

    I am so jealous of her body *sigh*

  • Waffles512

    I wish I looked like her. I exercise so much and eat very healthy like very and yet I still can't seem to slim down as much as her *sigh* she is very pretty :)

  • Elle

    What "Dramatic Transformation". She looks the about the same weight in every photo!! Maybe 2 or 3 pounds more in each one give or take. Just because a girl is skinny that does not mean their purposely trying to lose weight!!!!!! Leave Miley alone she looks completely healthy in my opinion.

  • allegra

    she isn't too thin, she's happy with her own body leave her alone.

  • regentroy

    Her boobs just want their FREEDOM. I'd like see a lot more of them and her bod before gravity gets a good hold on them.

  • melissa
    melissa people talk about her for being overweight when she was perfectly healthy and at a normal weight. Now, you talk about her being too skinny? Hello??? Just leave her alone...

  • hamster23d

    miley is to small

  • newpeople

    i went into a homeopathic pharmacy i had a bad stomach ache asked the consult for some medicine and she told me to go gluten and diary free!!!!!! ugghhh. that whole thing is such a fad. very few people are actually allergic. of course you are going to lose a ton of weight if you stop eating everything diary and gluten-contained.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    she looked great before she lost the weight,she may look healthy but her bmi may be slightly lower than average for someone of her height.she also seems to look far much older than she actually is in most pics of her these days

  • Mike Fulton
    Mike Fulton

    She looks pretty much the same weight in every single photo. Maybe up or down 2 or 3 lbs here and there, at most. Hardly worth getting excited over, unless you're a gossip website who has to come up with headlines.

  • Tiffany Winthal
    Tiffany Winthal

    She just looks healthy and in shape LOL god forbid someone do that in america. Shes freaking HOT, so of course people are going to talk.

  • Kacy Polk
    Kacy Polk

    That's the second date you people have screwed up. Are you people all complete idiots or do you just act like idiots on occasion?

  • LOuLOu

    shes getting thiner thanks to the stupid haters :D

  • Alejandra Florez Franco
    Alejandra Florez Franco

    Really Beautiful

  • mileyismylife

    Miley Cyrus is complete and utter perfection! her body looks amazing, as usual. I love how she dresses, she has such an edgy and super cool style. Miley is seriously beyond beautiful, no matter what. <3