‘The Jury Is Still Out’: O.C. Housewife Gretchen Rossi Reviews ‘RHONY’ New Cast (EXCLUSIVE BLOG)

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi writes exclusively for Celebuzz about the new season of her cross country rival, the Real Housewives of New York.

THE Real Housewives of New York debuted last week with three new cast members and I must admit, it was hard to get used to new faces on my screen. It’s like when your favorite soap opera brings in a new person to play your favorite character. It just never seems to feel right at first.

But put simply, the jury is still out on the women. Why?

I think it’s because it will take a minute or two before I, for one, can get used to the new gals. Then, once I adapt, I am sure I won’t be able to live without them.

The past few weeks we’ve been getting to know these new women and how they operate their families, love lives and careers. I find it very intriguing how vastly different each of their lives are.

It’s very funny to see the difference in how Aviva and Heather handle their children and teach them, as they showed at the two different dinner scenarios. I do agree with Aviva when she says it’s not good to spoil a child, even if their circumstances are hard — because then they become accustomed to it. It can cause issues when they are older.

I appreciate Aviva’s sophistication and Heather’s work ethic, however out of all the newbies I would say I am the most intrigued by Carole. She seems to have so many different sides to her — from her work experience and her past, to her current relationship status. Very interesting to hear how Carole feels about having a long distance relationship.

Do you think that kind of relationship is healthy? Would you allow your man be with you, and then knowingly agree to allow him to have hook-ups while on the road untill he sees you next? I used to think that could be fun, but I have changed my tune on that.

On another note, I’m in love with the song he was playing in the car that he wrote for her, how extremely romantic! Carole has left me curious and wanting to find out more.

The Luann / Ramona fight seems like it is only going to get worse, and anytime a “truce” is made we all know in Housewife land that means disaster is waiting to occur! I am still confused as to who threatened who because I was distracted by Ramona’s crazy head shake, eye rolling, and flipping of the hands the whole time while talking on the park bench.

I have meet Luann and Ramona both and they both seem like very lovely women, so to see them in such turmoil is never fun. I’m curious whose side you guys are on, and who you think will break the “truce” first?

Sonya literally makes me laugh out loud. She is a whole bunch of crazy, but in a good way. I just sit there waiting what is going to come out of her mouth next. She is all turned on by a man who is talking about her water drip! So much so that she wants to cook for him with her toaster oven. It makes me wonder, does Sonya know she sounds like a wack-a-doodle sometimes? Honestly though, I have met her and sincerely think she is a hoot and adore her free spirit.

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There was no better way to end this second episode then dancing with Drag Queens! I’m curious to hear who you are most excited to get to know better out of the newbies?

Don’t forget to enjoy life and laugh till it hurts! Till next week!

xoxo Gretchen Christine