Chris Brown Gets Into Scuffle With Drake's Entourage at NYC Nightclub (PHOTO)

RiRi & Chris' Collabo
Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborate on two tracks. Watch »

Chris Brown got into an altercation with rapper Drake's friends on Wednesday night that left the R&B star with a bloody face.

Both men have been romantically linked to Rihanna, and TMZ reports that Brown, 23, got into a nasty brawl with the "What's My Name" rapper's entourage in New York City at at Club W.I.P. in Soho. Following the run-in, Brown tweeted a photo of a bloody gash in his chin with a caption that read:

"How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!."
The "Forever" singer has since removed the post. The website reports that no arrests were made following the fight, and no one involved was badly injured.

As expected, there are rumors that the fight broke out over Rihanna, who is rumored to have dated Drake, 25, and broke up with Brown in 2009 after a physical altercation that occured the night before the Grammy Awards.

Celebuzz is awaiting official comment from the singers reps.

Rihanna and Chris have definitely had an up and down last few months. Remember when she unfollowed him on Twitter?

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  • Lilglam

    She is jumping mam o man watch on of them going to get her pergenut

  • Lilglam

    Chirs brown don't need her and her crap and drake just jealous of them because he now the look good for each other he can have her because I bet in a little they going to Mack each other life hell

  • chanel

    wow drake ... your fucked up for dat you nee dto take your ass back to degrasii ... your such a pussy ass nigga watch you get your turn ...karma is a bitch ... all i gotta say over rihanna rlly immature -_-

  • Johnnie

    This was So Stupid if It Was Over Her But I Love Chris Brown lol Drake Aint Bout Dat Life Ol' Degrassi Ass Wigga Ahahaha I Love Drake But C'mon no one takes u serious lol

  • Johnnie

    Yeah Really How is He Ghetto..? he Does Nothing Ghetto, now he might be a lil hood but Ghetto..? Girl Bye..

  • Chiffon

    Chris Brown,Drake and others you guys have so many young people following you so set good examples and be great role models there's so many beautiful educated ,classy,respectful women out there so STOP trying to kill each other over Rihanna

  • Chiffon

    Rihanna is a nasty heffa jumping from man to man.Chris Brown don't need her or her drama.Those haten mother flowers got his leftovers.Live Life Chris Breezy

  • lola

    well thats stupid to fight over a girl

  • Jen

    Is that a serious question?

  • matt

    This douche is the biggest piece of shit on the face of the planet

  • Laya Smith
    Laya Smith

    its a frickin nose piercing

  • Joanna

    how is he ghetto??

  • Josh

    is that cocaine in his nose? weirdo...

  • jen

    Ugh. I hate Chris Brown. He's such a ghetto piece of shit.