Coco Bikini-Bikes Around New Jersey Shore, Gets Booty-Fondled By Bethenny Frankel (PHOTOS)

It's yet another bikini day for Nicole "Coco" Austin -- but this time there's a fun twist.

TheĀ 33-year-oldĀ Ice Loves Coco reality star hit the pier in Asbury Park, New Jersey this week, and biked around in a skimpy blue bikini that barely contained her many curves. Once she was finished bikini biking, the reality star strolled in the sand with her beloved pooch, Maximus.

Many are mesmerized by Coco's curves, and it appears that Bethenny Frankel is no exception.

Coco recently stopped by Frankel's new talk show, bethenny. During the visit, Frankel fondled Coco's behind and actually drank from a glass sitting on Coco's booty! Watch the video below.

Though many think Coco's curvaceous behind is fake, she assure Frankel that it's most certainly the real deal.

"It is real. Let me tell you, I'm 33-years-old. It was smaller when I was in my teenage years. So everybody looks at pictures and says, 'It's not as big as it is now,' but I'm 33, I'm a woman. I gained weight!"
And when it comes to cellulite, Coco assures girls it's just fine to have a few "dimples." For the full interview, tune into bethenny on June 14.

What do you think of Coco's bikini body? Click through the gallery, then share your thoughts in the comments section.
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  • ronin

    My lady gets mistaken for this woman coco constantly!

  • Shazi Roxx
    Shazi Roxx

  • Charlie

    you're pathetic mate! one EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of a celeb with a fuller, thicker figure (Coco, Deena & Snooki from Jersey Shore) you say that they have a 'thick body like that Jessica Simpson'. beb, we get it, now stfu. There is NOTHING wrong with being a bit thicker. you are a coldhearted person. byexxxx

  • james

    im sorry but she looks like a man and she must eat a lot of Macdonalds... yuck...

  • monica

    nice cellulite.. is this a man???

  • hihu

    eeew.. my eyes :'(

  • hamster23d


  • vane

    she's pretty, but not HOT!!!!!!!!!! h e l l no!!!!!

  • Mitt

    Coco has that thick Jessica Simpson type body.