Salma Hayek Strips Down at Age 45 For 'Americano' Movie (PHOTOS)

In visual proof that age really is nothing but a number, Oscar-nominated beauty Salma Hayek, 45, steals the show in the new trailer for Americano, in which she plays a stripper with one heckuva body.

In the trailer, which premiered late Wednesday, fans get a little more insight into the Mathieu Demy-directed Spanish language film, about a man who tracks down his mother's inheritance to his mysterious childhood friend, Lola (Hayek).

What else is revealed?

Fans get an even better insight to Hayek's killer bod, which is flaunted in a number of sexy teasers, including one shot of her on the stripping floor and another of her in a blue bra and underwear.

Hayek will also appear on the big screen later this summer in the Oliver Stone-directed movie, Savages, opposite Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch.

Celebuzz has pulled together some of the sexiest moments from the Americano trailer. Check them out in our gallery now!

This would be Salma's second time to take on the role of a stripper. She also hit the pole for her role in the 1999 Kevin Smith-directed movie Dogma. Check out her moves from that film below:



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  • yppup

    Hey Stoney wants to pop her,..who doesn't!!!

  • SalmaHayekFan

    Salma Hayek needs to get divorced from her disgusting deadbeat dad husband as fast as possible because he is a bum who lacks good morals. Everyone should start boycooting her husband's companies, stop watching his French soccer team and avoid buying shares of stock in his companies because this will send a very important message to Pinault and Hayek that people know that Pinault is a stupid scumbag for abandoning his son Augie. hayek's products (including her movies and television shows) should also be boycotted until she gets divorced.

  • Gabriel

    She was a stripper in from dusk till dawn as well...that makes this her third time not second