Drake, Chris Brown NYC Brawl: 10 More Unforgettable Celebrity Bar Fights

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Drake Rocks Out
Drake takes the stage in England.
Chris Brown and Drake have at least one thing in common with stars like Jeremy Renner, Adam Lambert and Brody Jenner: They’re all not too famous to end up in a bar brawl.

As New York City police investigate the fight between the two hip hop stars at club W.I.P. early Thursday morning, Celebuzz has compiled a list of Hollywood’s biggest bar brawlers.

Who made the list?

While Brown and Drake’s New York nightclub fight was pretty wild — with five people injured after bottles were tossed — it is Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps star Shia LaBeouf who takes the top spot for being a repeat offender.

Also getting himself in multiple fights is The Hill‘s star Brody Jenner.

But it is not just Hollywood’s leading men who find themselves in a spot of bother. Indeed, many of Tinseltown’s hottest ladies have come to blows when they’re out on a big night.

Check out who else you’d like NOT to see down a dark alley in this gallery.

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So are these celebrities just being spoiled brats or are they defending their honor? Write dem fighting words below and let us know.