Justin Bieber Helps Matt Lauer Reach 100,000 Twitter Followers In a Day

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NBC’s Matt Lauer officially said good morning to Twitter on Friday and  — thanks to Justin Bieber — became one of the fastest growing profiles during the day.

The Today Show anchor, 54, went from zero followers to more than a 100,000 in less than 12 hours after the 18-year-old pop sensation helped him start up his first account.

So how did Lauer fair the moment his first tweet went live?

With one tweet, the Biebs got Lauer more than 34,000 followers in ten minutes.

He tweeted:

Bieber is  — of course —  one of the most followed person on the social networking site. He is the second highest followed person on Twitter, with top honors going Lady Gaga with over 23 million followers.

However, despite Lauer’s light speed Twitter growth, he has a long way to go to beat the site’s reigning champ – Charlie Sheen.

In March 2011, when the former Two and Half Men star announced he was “#winning” during his very public meltdown, Sheen set a Guinness World Record for “the fastest time to reach one million followers.”

Sheen made it to a million followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes.

Celebuzz has calculated that the Anger Management actor had amassed followers at a rate of more than 65,000 per minute!

Even with the power of Bieber behind him, Lauer’s has yet to scratch Sheen’s rise to Twitter popularity.

However, the morning anchor did nab the title of having one of the most viewed Twitpics of the day – a photo of him with Bieber.

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