Miley Cyrus' Hottest Bikini Looks! (PHOTOS)

Whoa Miley!
Miley Cyrus Bikini

Miley Cyrus frolicked poolside with good friend Cheyne Thomas this week in Miami, reminding us that no one rocks a two-piece quite like the LOL star.

Newly engaged Cyrus, 19, gets her swimsuit-ready figure from a gluten-free diet and Pilates. Take a look at some of her best bikini moments in the gallery above.

Not everyone is a fan of Cyrus' super-slim body: the singer/actress has been criticized for her recent weight loss, but she insists the fluctuation is simply due to a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about Miley's recent trip to Florida in the video below:

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  • Mia3

    Like this one. Her body looks better. She dosn't look like a stick here. She looks pretty and normal and not anorexic.

  • Brian Sgarlata
    Brian Sgarlata

    i'd tongue that tight little balloonknot

  • Brian Sgarlata
    Brian Sgarlata

    she needs a huge c()ck in her ass

  • Alfred Massey
    Alfred Massey

    I am so so hungry for a fish taco right now I have a hardon.Could you image what she would look like nakedi would bury my tongue so far into the pink meat and lick on her clit until she wanted me to fuck her and empty a hugh cumload inside her.

  • Marvin Robinson
    Marvin Robinson

    As far as I'm concerned,Miley is as CLOSE 2 "PERFECTION" any HUMAN woman can be:i.e. 99.99% PERFECT. Jessica Alba,MY personal FAVORITE ACTRESS/MODEL/ENTERTAINER, is only 99.99% PERFECT. Make ME your BF,Ladies,and you WILL be 100% PERFECT. BUT,ONLY perfect to ME!

  • jbd59

    who hates her?

  • stef


  • anna

    too damn skinny. She looked so much better before.

  • Shazi Roxx
    Shazi Roxx

  • 寒灵

    life partner-->hit the heart-->wealthydater。c0m

  • Dan Edet
    Dan Edet

    not very impressed

  • Nora

    Haha shut up ! It's your problem that you don't know the difference between perfect body and anorexic !

  • Nora

    This one is my favorite !

  • Amy

    Perfect body !

  • Nora

    This is one of her bests :)

  • Katie

    To be honest, everyone says she's 'lost so much weight' but she hasn't even lost that much. You look through the photos and there's not too much of a change. And for her to be called anorexic is laughable, you can't see her bones and she isn't withering away. She may have lost a little weight due to health problems, but she definitely isn't anorexic and she definitely hasn't made that much of a drastic change.

  • yeahokay

    Can't stand her but she's got a gorgeous body.

  • tin2x

    she so sexy!!! and pretty!

  • mileyismylife

    honestly, she is absolutely perfect. not one flaw!

  • Nancy

    Im a huge fan of miley and i don't understand why evnroyee hates miley. she hasn't done anything to ruin your life so why r u ripping on her. I don't like selena gomez but i dont go round calling her a slut I liked the video and the song is really catchy, the only reason evnroyee is saying it's racy and slutty is because its the media's job to stur up stories to keep things interesting. Don't pay attention to those parasites in the media >:( the iz EVIL i tellz ya!! lolIm 17 and you can ask anyone that normal 17 yr olds dance like this and sometime dress like thislol so stop blowing things out of proportion

  • jbd59

    that's when that shit was tight. wore out now.

  • Mar

    Humm! So being a skinny skeletal is sexy?? Woah! Anorexics are beautiful! Come on!!! Her face is beautiful it's something I can't deny but her body? I don't like it she looked better with a little more weight and I don't mind if you start to blame me, It's my mind