‘Rock of Ages’ Star Malin Akerman Says Tom Cruise’s Ear Tasted Like ‘Fluffy Clouds’

'Rock of Ages' Beach Time!
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Tom Cruise's 'Rock of Ages' W spread.
For Malin Akerman, getting hot and heavy with Tom Cruise was just another day on the set of Rock of Ages.

The 34-year-old actress recently opened up to Celebuzz about her steamy onscreen relationship with Cruise, 49, and told us that her costar was definitely not afraid of getting physical during their romantic scenes.

“Him getting down on his knees and singing to my butt,” Akerman said of her costar. “I was so shocked at how game he was for all this stuff!”

But the PDA didn’t stop there! According to the actress, she even had to stick her tongue down Cruise’s ear during one passionate romp to Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

What was that experience like?

“It tastes like fluffy clouds. It was amazing,” Akerman said laughingly, adding their kiss was “tongue-iest tongue kiss of all time.”

“When they called cut, my face was probably bright red. It’s either going to be really sexy, or it’s going to be real gross.”

She went on to say that what fans see on the screen is a lot sexier than in reality.

“What you guys see is not what it’s like on set. You just have all these extras staring at you and all you hear are tongues going,” recalled Ackerman.

Despite Tom’s onscreen philandering persona, Malin assured us that the Mission Impossible actor was nothing but a sweetheart once the cameras were off.

“Tom was really lovely,” she told us. “He’s like, ‘Alright, I’m about to put my hand on your chest.’  I’m like, ‘Okay, go ahead.'”

Malin also insisted that there was no rivalry between her husband, musician Roberto Zincone, and Tom, who’s currently married to actress Katie Holmes. In fact, Malin customarily brings her hubby on set to meet her costars.

“I think that really helps,” she said. “We’ve been together nine years. We know each other so well.”

“He knows that I’m not going to run off with Tom Cruise,” she added, cracking a smile. “We’ll be fine.”

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