Simon Cowell Says 'X Factor' Judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato Are 'Catty' (EXCLUSIVE)


During auditions to the find the next X Factor star in San Fransisco on Sunday, the show's lead judge and executive producer Simon Cowell supported one hopeful contestant whom he described as being "a Kardashian meets the Jersey Shore."

"I love that combination," the 52-year-old declared.

But aside from Cowell's fellow judge L.A. Reid, the outspoken Brit couldn't win the support of Britney Spears or Demi Lovato, leading the pair into a terse exchange with their boss who suggested they were "catty."

"This girl was very pretty and ambitious," an on set source told Celebuzz.

"She looked a little like Kim Kardashian and was very opinionated. She kind of had the attitude and personality of both the Kardashian family and someone from The Jersey Shore. Simon loves determined and interesting people, so she won him over."

But Lovato, 19, and Spears, 31, immediately didn't like the contestant "from the moment they set eyes on her," said the insider.

"You could have accused Simon and L.A. of flirting with her," the source said.

"While the men of the panel both praised her, Demi and Britney said they found her lackluster and boring. So when it came time for Demi and Britney to deliver their critiques, Simon starting flicking his fingers and hissing like a cat!"

The ex-Sonny with a Chance Disney starlet was so offended, she told her boss: "You're annoying me. You're actually annoying everyone here."

Cowell continued to hiss and pester the girls during their commentaries as Reid laughed.

A show source said: "Simon thought the girls were being catty, and they didn’t care if the contestant was good or not, they immediately didn't like her because she was pretty."

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  • Krtina

    Love Demi and Britney as judges, they are amazing. So excited for this years x factor.


    LOVE DEMI LOVATOOO!!! and that stupid commenta about the girls didnt like the contestant because she was preetty! hahaha come oonnn!!.. The first person eveeerrr who tells every contestan how Gorgeous they look and how Stunnin and blabla, its Demiiii.. LOVE YA DEMIIII :)) BEST JUDGE EVEERRR BTW PPL.. DEMI n SIMON LOVE EACH OTHER!! (for those who are not updated)

  • dumas1000

    Yeah, I see this a lot in the media, by the way. Some media sources will always refer to an actress as being one year older then they actually are. It happens to everyone; not just Britney. I'm not sure why. Roughly half of the media outlets will refer to Lindsay Lohan as 26 when she's 25. Or they'll refer to Selena Gomez as 20 when she's 19. I see it all the time, but I'm not sure why.


    Hahahah LOVE YOU DEMI LOVATOOOOO!!!! DEMI LOVATOOO MY IDOOLLLLL!!!!! :D DEMI ROCKSSS!!! DEMI LOVATO I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!! and i also like Simooon haha (gotta admit it!) LOVE YA DEMZZZZ!!!! MUAAAA*******

  • dumas1000

    Either the girls are jealous or the men are smitten. Without seeing it for yourself, there's no way you can judge. Simon could just as easily be blinded by the attractiveness of this woman enough to ignore her lack of talent.

  • Marilia

    Britney has 30 years old not 31.

  • Laquita T. Hodge
    Laquita T. Hodge

    I'll judge for myself if this moment ever makes it to air