Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Baby Shower Reveal: Planner Details How They Surprised Guests (EXCLUSIVE)

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How did parents-to-be Giuliana and Bill Rancic announce to family and friends the exciting news that they’re expecting a baby boy?

Celebuzz has exclusive details direct from the couple's event planner Mindy Weiss, who is revealing secrets from behind-the-scenes at the Los Angeles shower she organized for the Style Network stars, held to coincide with Father’s Day.

“We hand painted this huge box and I filled, like, 30 balloons in there and when they both opened it, all blue balloons flew out,” said Weiss, who is one of the most sought after event planners in Hollywood.

“It was very cute."

Whose idea was it to make the big reveal with boy-or-girl balloons?

"It was Giuliana,” revealed Weiss, whose previous clients have included Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Fergie and Josh Duhamel along with Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi.

“They are so excited because he (Bill) was last of the Rancic children so that was a big deal for them... carrying on the name."

As Celebuzz reported, E! News host Giuliana and husband of five years, Bill, held the “blue or pink” shower specifically to reveal the sex of their baby.

Weiss, who is a brand ambassador for SkinnyGirl cocktails, also revealed how the over-the-moon couple kept things neutral for the occasion, with the 36-year-old television anchor wearing a yellow dress to the event that took place in front of about 100 guests.

While most Hollywood parties include plenty of fluids to keep guests well-hydrated, Celebuzz went in search of some top tips from Weiss.

We asked whether there is etiquette for serving alcohol at baby showers, or not, especially since Giuliana and Bill, 41, are welcoming their first child via surrogate.

She told us:

"I [don't] recommend a full bar. The good thing is that baby showers are typically during the day so it’s not a big drinking time. But we usually serve either white wine or spritzer or some signature drink as an option. But we do some fabulous hibiscus like iced tea, or something that’s just a beautiful drink non-alcoholic. We don’t just do water, we make an effort to do something special whether its pink lemonade for a girl or some blueberry for a boy and if they don’t know we do a lot of lemon so its always thought about for the party. But typically there is one alcoholic drink there."

Giuliana and Bill are expecting their first child later this summer via a gestational carrier, a woman who lives in Denver and is married with two children.

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    We are so thrilled for you.....we watch you all the time and we think of you as family......we've followed your path and are happy that you have this little blessing...he's awful lucky to have such fabulous parents!!!! Wishing you much happiness with your little guy!!!!!

  • Gaye Crause
    Gaye Crause

    Bill and Giulliana I wish you joy and the Blessings of he Lord on your little family and may your little bambino be all and more than you ever dreamed of. God Bless you always xx

  • nancy

    privacy? huh..they are excited as they should be. They didnt reveal anything private. Its big news they wanted to share about their baby being a boy. Be happy 4 them!

  • Monica

    don´t these two know the meaning of privacy? c´mon this is too much