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The Kardashian's Home Collection has officially hit Sears stores and Celebuzz has something special to give away from Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's exclusive line.

One lucky reader will walk away with a $500 Sears gift card as their prize.

How can you get your hands on the this Koveted Kard from the brunette beauties?

Make sure to comment and tell us what looks from the gallery above are your absolute favorites and how you would use these ultra-chic items to re-vamp your home.

But hurry, this giveaway will close on June 25, 2012 so get to commenting!



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  • Cassie

    This would be amazing in my bedroom!! My room is in need of a Makeover and I love how chic and modern this style is! It is also so fitting for my own personal taste! LOVE it :)

  • Brittany Brooks
    Brittany Brooks

    I'm IN LOVE with the NEW YORK DREAMER SET(the all grey and silver set) My hubby and I have been wanting to re-decorate our room for the longest time but our number 1 focus has always been on our daughter so we always put our wants last but when we seen this set set up on a bed at Sears, WE FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, not to mention we are BIG fans of your family and watch all your shows! So winning this would mean the world to us:-)

  • Ileana CasŦillo
    Ileana CasŦillo

    I love everything in this collection but this purple set fits me to the T! My room right now has purple decor and I think this set would just give my room the chic Kardashian look. I have a hard time sleeping at night and I think I can honestly get lost into these sheets and sleep for hours! I can already feel my body being surrounded by these sheets and just drown away in comfortness. I think after coming home from a long day of classes, I am a college student, I can relax and get away from the stressful college life. This set is so chic, luxurious, and sophisticated!

  • egood33

    I really love the lavender blanket! That is the color I'm wanting in my bedroom. :)

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I love the sheets! I am a sheet snob and these are beautiful! The throw pillows would also be perfect on our bed.

  • deanna6

    This is my favorite & I would replace all my drab linens & pillows with all these gorgeous pieces! :)

  • lovekardash10

    I want to win this sooooo so so so so so so so so bad! Xoxo

  • lovekardash10

    It would be amazing if I won!

  • lovekardash10

    I love everything in the kardashian kollection!

  • lovekardash10

    I love the kardashians more than life! This would be so amazing if i won!

  • Kimberley

    I am moving in a month, and I am decorating my home in my more incorporating in a man's style...I want elegance and I want something with a modern flare...I am totally in love with this collection!!! I hope to win, but if I do not I will still be purchasing some Kardashian Home decor:-) ya'll!!!

  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10

    I neeeed toooo winnn thisss!

  • lovekardash10

    Hope I win this!

  • lovekardash10

    It would be so amazing if I won this Kardashian Kollection gift card! Xoxo

  • lovekardash10

    Would LOVE to win this! It would be so amazing!

  • Kashmira Dayal
    Kashmira Dayal

    love the collection! The colors on sheets and towels are awesome!!! From. Kashmira Dayal

  • Wade

    I really want their bedroom room collection.

  • Eric

    I fell in love with the Lilac bathroom collection.

  • Mariam

    Man, I want everything! lol For real, I want the whole bedroom set! Thanks

  • Linda

    I think I want the towels to revamp my bathrooms!

  • Doris

    I love the zebra pillows. Thanks

  • danielleakame

    ooo i like this set. i need to redo my bathroom and this is really pretty! i must have!

  • lovekardash10

    I want to win this kardashian kollection gift card so bad! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovekardash10

    Love the Kardashian Kollection so much!

  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10

    I would do anything to win this! I love the Kardashian Kollection so much! I have never won anything before! So it would be even more amazing if the first thing I ever won was a KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION GIFT CARD!

  • lovekardash10

    I would do anything to win this! I love the Kardashian Kollection so much! I have never won anything before!

  • lovekardash10

    I want to win this so bad! Im praying I will win it! xoxo

  • lovekardash10

    I would love love love love love love love to win this Kardashian Kollection gift card! It would be the most amazing day of my life if I won! Hope I do! Crossing my fingers!! LOL

  • lovekardash10

    I would do anything to win this amazing 500$$ Kardashian Kollection gift card! Xoxoxo Love the Kardashian Kollection!

  • lovekardash10

    I would do anything to win this amazing 500$$ Kardashian Kollection gift card! Xoxo

  • lovekardash10

    I love the Kardashian Kollection!

  • lovekardash10

    I would love to win this gift card! It would be the most amazing day of my life if I won this gift card! I have never won anything before!

  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10


  • lovekardash10

    I would LOVE to win this! You have no idea! Its my dream!

  • lovekardash10

    I want to win this more than anything! It would be SO AMAZING!!!!!! XOXOXO

  • lovekardash10

    I would LOVE to win this amazing girt card for the Kardashian Kollection!! My biggest dream is to get something from the Kardashian Kollection! I will pray I win this! And if I dont then I hope the person who did win it loves it!

  • Natalie Germundson
    Natalie Germundson

    I love these!! They look so cute and comfy...and a comfy bed is super important!!

  • kardashiangang

    I really love all of the bathroom items! They are so chic and cute! Would love to win!

  • Tania R.
    Tania R.

    This shower curtain is soo gorge! I have three beautiful children and my focus has not been on myself or my interior design, however this item looks like a fresh start. Out with the old, in with the new because the Kardashian-Kollection brings Va-Va-Vom!!

  • Brittany

    I absolutely love both the New York Dreamer and Desert Dreams collections. Both styles are fun, flirty, and sophisticated...everything you need to make a bold fashion statement. A bed should always be the focal point of the bedroom, and with those two styles the bed would definitely take center stage.

  • Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia

    I love the metallic bed set and pillows, they would look great in my room! This would be a great birthday present! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Stefanie

    The textures of the pillows are fantastic. This collection is made of rich colors yet the crisp designs lend themselves to an overall light and fresh feeling look. Of course, the animal-print details are sexy and fun! it is amazing how beautifully the Kardashian girls put together a home collection that speaks to their individual fashion senses. I love it! clean, crisp and unique.

  • Charlyn Border
    Charlyn Border

    I can tell tell you im a big fan..which is true. But i absolutely love the styles of the Kardashian family has to offer. I cant tell you what style i would pick because I would use them all one for my main room to spice up the love life for me and my navy man, another for the guest room so our family has a place to stay when they visit..if they can afford it. And the others for the bathrooms. Every girl needs a place to relax from being a hard worker, a mom, and wife. Honestly I can see myself using all the collections, but i never win anything so this can be something i hope for.

  • slb23

    Absolutely loving the silver! Everything I have is brown (bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.!) and it like that ALL YEAR, I could most def change it up with this collection! Love it all, beautiful!!!

  • Kayla C
    Kayla C

    I love EVERYTHING! But if I have to choose, I absolutely love the leopard print bed set! Very cute :)

  • Patty M
    Patty M

    i like the silver, black and grey collection. i could use the collection to decorate my new apartment, that i will be moving in, in july

  • Tiffany Davis
    Tiffany Davis

    love the animal print ^_^

  • kardashiangirl123

    I recently moved into my apartment and have been looking for ideas to decorate my room. The silver zebra throw pillows with the matching comforter set is sexy yet classy. I really enjoy the lavender blanket, and with some lavender scented candles that would create a perfect mood for whoever enters my bedroom. The Kardashians' have always been my inspiration for style when it comes to clothing and a lot of how I lead my life, so naturally I am inspired by them when it comes to home decorating:) Being a college student it is hard for me afford much at the moment so if I won this I would feel like I was all that much closer to living like a Kardashian (without having to spend the money!)

  • Tori Hall
    Tori Hall

    Omg!!!! I want to win this so bad! I love all of the items and really hopE that I win! <3 the Kardashians !

  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    I love the Cheetah Sheets

  • Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson

    I like the Desert Dreams towels, what a simple way to dress up my bathroom!

  • wheat636

    I absolutely love the dark smoke/purple housewares with stones. They're natural yet glamorous. I'd love to decorate my kitchen and bathroom with these, with the matching drapes. All thle colors coordinate easily.

  • Meli Mo
    Meli Mo

    omg i love the design everything is so glamorous!!!!!

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    OMG i love this colour, this would go in my guest bedroom so my guest can feel the fabulous hehe:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    Im in love with this Duvet set this would go in my Bedroom:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    Love this so chic:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    This would be the centre piece in my on-suite bathroom i would put all my makeup brushes and mascara's in it:)

  • Jessica Flores
    Jessica Flores

    I love the Kardashian Kollection since i don't fit in their clothes I could definitely go for the Kardashian Kollection Home 4-pc Comforter Set - Spanish Harlem, it is my favorite color and just beautiful! I would match it with the unique Kardashian Kollection Home Spanish Harlem Bath Collection. I just love the Kollection and i hope I win because I really need a makeover room I haven't had one for years!

  • Jessica Flores
    Jessica Flores

    I love the Kardashian Kollection since i don't fit in their clothes I could definitely for the Kardashian Kollection Home 4-pc Comforter Set - Spanish Harlem, it is my favorite color and just beautiful! I would match it with the unique Kardashian Kollection Home Spanish Harlem Bath Collection. I just love the Kollection and i hope I win because I really need a makeover room I haven't had one for years!

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I love lilic's/purple's this shower curtian would look beautiful in my guest bathroom:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    This would look gorgeous in my on-suite bathroom:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    OMG love these, they are fabulous:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    Love this throw pillow may have to put these on my Christmas wish list:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    OMG aminal print throw pillow's, me want some:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I love throw pillow's and these are fabulous:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I love animal print:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    These fleece blanket's look nice and comfy and i love the colour's:)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    We have just brought our first house so our budget for decorating is very limited and everything in the collection is so so fabulous. If i won the gift card I would use piece's from the whole collection in every room to add ellegance and chic to our new home..:)

  • Sonia Cubas
    Sonia Cubas

    Soy Nicaraguense, me gustaria ganar, adoro la colección, adoro sus Reality Show. QUIERO GANAR.

  • Michelle Spayde
    Michelle Spayde

    The chocolate brown towels/accessories would look wonderful in my home.

  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz

    Every designer needs an inspirational piece even a mini designer like myself. Call me crazy but this pillow spoke to me. It would look beautiful on my sleigh bed. I would paint my walls a light gray and decorate my windows with dark gray draperies. I would purchase a crystal purple chandelier to place above my bed. Also, I would add a purple accent chair, a shaggy rug, and a couple of zebra print pillows above my silver Kardashian Comforter.

  • Aline A Zorian-Albertini
    Aline A Zorian-Albertini

    Love all the clothing. I can't pick just one piece. Love wearing all the clothing I can afford.

  • miaa

    Im from england, and i love this family!!! im very into throws so this would be perfect for me!

  • melonworm

    I love the silver zebra sheets. I think they are zebra. They look sleek and so comfy.

  • Heidi Black
    Heidi Black

    It is so hard to pick just one thing! But I love the purple bedding! I have loved it since it came out, but just haven't been able to afford it yet. I would love to make my apartment into the perfect "dollhouse" with all of this stuff.

  • Baljit

    i would love to have the bath line pillow,just by looking at it you can tell its so smooth i love the colour it would go with anything! my bedroom is pretty boring having a few karsdashian kollection items would change everything!

  • Deyanaris Aguila
    Deyanaris Aguila

    OMG I love this collection. We have been trying to buy a house for 2 years now for our kids to have their own room and ours and now that finally my husband and I can have our own privacy we will be so happy to win this. I will put dark beige, white also lighter beige and add a different color pillow to bring out the color.

  • Marcela Perez Ortega
    Marcela Perez Ortega

    Love this collection and all Kardashian stuffs! I am not from USA but They are famous here too and loveee their stuffs!! I want to win that blankets haha!!

  • Adella Gonzalez
    Adella Gonzalez

    I'm going to have to go with the animal print sheet set. They would go great with the furniture in my bedroom. Love the Kardashians! <3

  • Priscilla Romero
    Priscilla Romero

    OMG I love the entire home collection!! I hope to win this!! I have been dying to spruce up my boring beige/white bedroom for some fun/sexy summer time color! I LOVE the lavender and silver to mix up, my room is gonna look gorg if I win this!! I love all things Kardashian!! Simply beautiful!!!! Time to send out some positive vibes out to the universe!! I hope to win!!!! :-)

  • Lil'minaj Kimberly
    Lil'minaj Kimberly

    i love all of them.but i love kim more

  • Lil'minaj Kimberly
    Lil'minaj Kimberly

    i love all of them you guys are so creative i love you kim kardarshian

  • Daiyana pichardo
    Daiyana pichardo

    I was in Sears last week and I fell in love with you bedding. Can't wait to redecorate;)

  • Lauren Alexandra
    Lauren Alexandra

    I love the grey tones and the understated animal prints. This would look great with the purple accent bedding!! :)

  • dixie

    OMG!!!! I love the diamond themed bath collection!!!! I could make my bath look very stylish using their diamond collection: soap dispenser, towels, curtain holders, black shower curtain and repainting the bathroom to white/black combination....I must have this!!!

  • kjohnso

    Everything from the sheets to the pillows, even the shower curtains look fabulous! Would love to have this collection as a part of my home :)

  • June Love
    June Love

    The rich chocolate brown bedding would fit in perfect in my home because my parents love brown! They really need a makeover badly!

  • Sarah Weiss
    Sarah Weiss

    I absolutely love the animal print bedding. How lovely it would look in the new guest room we are adding on to our home!!

  • Pam Goldman
    Pam Goldman

    I love the lavender shower curtain. It would give my bathroom the soft splash of color that it desperately needs.

  • Jeana Luongo
    Jeana Luongo

    The brown animal print set is gorgeous!! Its so classy and sexy at the same time. The satin material is absolutely to die for! I love animal print and this set is a definite must have!! You girls are so fab!!

  • Stacey Lee Walsh
    Stacey Lee Walsh

    This would look stunning in mine and my fiances bedroom, would fit perfectly with our African wilderness theme that we are trying to achieve!!

  • Marcela Anžel
    Marcela Anžel

    I love your collection so much.. The zebra print would do so great in my new organised room, which is in silver and purple color, it would really do amazing.

  • mzadry

    i have had the same bathroom theme for 9 years now. it is time for a change. i love the colors, it will make my bathroom more relaxing :)

  • Marcela Anžel
    Marcela Anžel

    I think that those silver pillows r so gorgeous and fab. I could really use it for my new room, because it is in gray and purple color, so it would give some Kardashian fabulousity to my room.. The pillows and the blanket, that Kim is covered in would do soooo amazing and beautiful. Love it!

  • Stacey Lee Walsh
    Stacey Lee Walsh

    This would look stunning in my fiances bed room, would fit perfectly with our African wilderness theme that we are trying to achieve!!

  • Colleen Meghan James
    Colleen Meghan James


  • tiphanna

    This bed just looks so comfortable to lay in after a long day lol. The set is cute and not too over the top. In all honesty,I really hope I win. My birthday is next Monday and would really like to get this $500 gift card to re-do my bedroom! But whoever wins is very lucky!

  • Hayley Orchard
    Hayley Orchard

    I love leopard! And the kardashians have bought out leopard and its really the only I can find! Plus I'm in Australia and get limited kardashian kollection :)

  • Attallah Casteel
    Attallah Casteel

    This brown bedding set is fit for a master bedroom! I would definitely have it on my bed. It looks very comfortable and soft. It would probably be the most exotic and palatial bed set I have ever had!

  • Jody Jamieson
    Jody Jamieson

    i love the comforter set it is beautiful it would be great to give my home a face lift as i do not often buy for my home as im a single mum with two teenagers whom i care for so i would be blown away to own something as beautiful as these home furnishings

  • Amy Voges
    Amy Voges

    Love the animal print :)

  • SlAdorable Adored
    SlAdorable Adored

    ohh i love this Leopard sheets very sexy

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    This is my dream bed set!!! So glamorous. SO me. I wanted to buy it as soon as I saw it but I was waiting to save up some more money. I am so sick of looking at my old bed! My bedroom is painted a very light gray color already so it will go perfectly! The chandelier idea is great also for above the bed.

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    You guys are killing me with all of these amaze bathroom and bedroom items! I need this shower curtain!!! Love it.

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    This ombre throw rug is so on-trend, and would look great with other silvery gray tones in the powder room. I would put it by the sink where I stand and do my makeup! Looks like it washes well also.

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    This towel is TO DIE! The print is amazing, it would look really nice hanging on a towel rack in the bathroom. So classy.

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    This throw pillow is to die, I would add it along with all of the other throw pillows on my bed, you can never have too many!

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    My favorite bedding collection is the one that these sheets match with. I think it's great that they are leopard print, but in a softer more understated way, so that they can still be acceptable for a couple's bed and the guy won't feel like his bed is too girly!

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    I absolutely love the Kardashians, you girls are my idols! I already love the clothing line at Sears, and when I found out you were coming out with a home line also, I was so excited because all of you have such amazing taste. I am slightly obsessed with softie furry throw blankets so I would definitely use one to throw over the back of the couch for cuddly movie nights!

  • Lynea Delarosa
    Lynea Delarosa

    OMGoodness!! Are you ladies kidding me!? Get out of my head- seriously! Lol! I am in the process of revamping everything with one thing being my bedroom. I have bought a lot of things Parisian and zebra (my two faves) to put together in my room once I paint it (in the next couple weeks). Like your picture I attached, I was also planning on hanging a chandelier above my bed, putting a small desk in a corner, and adding touches of gold. I appreciate how you put my two fave prints- demask and zebra- in a bed set! Ah-mazing!! I would be even more grateful to win the gift card so I can get this bed please! Love it, love you dolls, and love the way you think ;) Lynea

  • Sonia G
    Sonia G

    Love the purple blankets, they look super comfy and soft. The entire collections is fab

  • Janet De La Rosa
    Janet De La Rosa

    This is one of my faves, and I would love love love to have it. Because I've wanted this one , since the collection came out . I want to give our bedroom that elegant and romantic look I think even those details matter in a marriage . ;)

  • Wehaf

    I still use my old sheets from college, and a mismatched comforter, and some lumpy old pillows. But I love the silvery grey tones used in this collection; I would get new sheets, a new comforter, some shams and some throw pillows, and a gorgeous purple plush blanket for some contrast. It would make my whole room look 100x better!

  • Claire L.
    Claire L.

    These towel sets definitely catch my eye! It has a unique design to it that I've never seen before and I love the shades of purple and silver all swirled in together (not to mention my favorite colors!). I frequently have guests come over at my house so these would make my already purple/silver guest bathroom look very welcoming and absolutely divine! It's the perfect touch and finish I need to complete the whole look!

  • Betty Baez
    Betty Baez

    I absolutely love the dessert dreams! I love natural colors this would fit in well in my home

  • Jessica Stuckenschneider
    Jessica Stuckenschneider

    I absolutely love your bedding and room accessories. I could redo my bedroom. It would LOVE to redo my bedroom with your bedding. It's gorgeous. I would be one happy fan if I won the gift card to redo my bedroom :) love all my K girls!!!

  • CarLa dE EsPino
    CarLa dE EsPino

    this is sooooo pretty!!! i mean bling bling even in the bath room its gorgeous

  • Angela Carey
    Angela Carey

    and i would use this all set for m bedroom and the purple one for my other family. use the little cute hand soap bottle, the slive royal look towel and pretty hook for my bathsroom

  • ceedash24

    i just cant choose! there ALL my favorite!<3 specially because there from the kardashian kollection line!:D i just love everything! id loove to turn my bedroom and restroom into a kardashian one!!!!:D<3

  • prettysimple22

    I love the collection I would use all the items in my house specially the sheets and blankets! I love the colors I would add a splash of dark purple to mix it up a little! I love all the K-sisters! and their fashion!

  • Angela Carey
    Angela Carey

    i love all the slive collection, they all look lovely

  • Angela Carey
    Angela Carey

    i love all the pretty item that kardashian have

  • Kimberley

    This is a girl's dream bedroom bedding set...I have a lot of Marilyn Monroe and other Old Hollywood Glamour starlets on my room with Mariilyn Monroe quotes...this would just set the room off!!!

  • Kimmie Kim
    Kimmie Kim

    I love the purple hues in your Kollection as in the Spanish Harlem Quilted Coverlet. Very luxe and pretty!

  • Kimmie Kim
    Kimmie Kim

    I love the purple hues in your kollection, as in this the Spanish Harlem Quilted Coverlet.

  • Kimberley

    Two of these w/ two of the other towels...I probably wouldn't let them be used...just for

  • Kimberley

    Two of these with two of the lilac towels...perfect!!! Maybe I would put the diamond accented accessories in the bathroom???

  • Kimberley

    I love this and know this a soap dispenser...but I would probably do something different and keep it in my room with hand sanitizer instead of soap...I also wash my hands alot so this would be an awesome bedroom accessory!!! Perfect with the other diamond accents...geeked to!!!

  • Kimberley

    This would go in my room along with the geometric pillow...It's so cute I am not sure if I would put anything in it...maybe makeup brushes!!!

  • Kimberley

    This would go in my front room with some lilac tones thrown in the room as well...maybe the wall color or classy lilac wall would work in my Hollywood Glamour inspired room as well!!!

  • Haylee

    Ah I'd love to win :) the new york dreamer grey series is fabulous

  • Kimberley

    This is awesome for a bedroom...but I would put this in the front room to add some flare...I would pair this pillow with one of the silver ones...

  • Kimberley

    I am moving soon and I've always loved the lilac and silver tones together...I just never tried it in my home...I think this pillow matched with the silver zebra print would be cute together!

  • Kathryn Kmetz
    Kathryn Kmetz

    I love this collection. I could definitely use it to vamp up my bathroom and bedroom in the house.. it is in desperate need of a makeover. I love all the stuff you girls do it's very inspiring!! :) I love how all of you share your life with us avid fans it helps us feel normal and realize we aren't the only ones going through things but through it all you are able to be so successful and for that I am inspired!!

  • Sarah Godbey
    Sarah Godbey

    I would absolutely drive my husband wild in the bedroom with these sheets (more than I already do!) We have been married for 12 years and still have the same set of sheets!! Yes I wash them! LOL! But this color isn't too feminine yet not too masculine and is sexy! But seriously...we need some new sheets and these are just to die for! Thanks for the opportunity! Love you dolls!

  • Ericka

    I love, love, love to see my two favorite colors (silver and purple) in the sheets, quilted blankets, pillow and towel. And what women doen't love the bling done in away that's not over done but enhances the everything. Would love to move and be able to have a sophisticated bedroom.

  • Sonia Perez
    Sonia Perez

    I love the whole collection. I want to win.

  • Lori Mas Lodice
    Lori Mas Lodice

    love your line for the bed room

  • Callie Montez
    Callie Montez

    I love the use of metallics! I am a college student paying for everything on my own! I am in desperate need for something pretty in my apartment!!

  • Susan Sangiuolo
    Susan Sangiuolo

    I just forclosed on my home then with a little luck I got to rent it back. So My bathrooms and bedrooms need to be updated. your collection is truly classie I also love your show. Thanks for all you do. Susan S.

  • Jennifer Patsanas
    Jennifer Patsanas

    Love the whole range especially the New York Dreamer collection. I am in Australia and would love to buy the comforter set but apparently shipping of this item isn't available outside US. It is exactly what I have been looking for to redecorate my bedroom - it is stylish, glamorous and luxurious - even my husband loves it! I would love to win a gift card as I would have no trouble spending it as all the items are beautiful!

  • Aida

    Personally, I really like the silver bedding set. I am getting ready to buy a house in a month and I am already looking at curtains, bed sets and everything to make the house as comfortable as possible. All the stuff above looks beautiful, but the bed sets look amazing!

  • April Jackson
    April Jackson

    I love the Lavender blanket...Lavender is my favorite color and It is so peaceful and relaxing to me. I would add it to my royal purple bedroom. My room is dark and hints of lavender would soften it up and keep a nice balance between the two. I would love to add this to my bedroom. I love the Kardashians they are my role models, I value their ideas, good family values, and fashion sense! I would love if you chose me, thank you!

  • Jennifer Gwaltney Austin
    Jennifer Gwaltney Austin

    It would be so nice to be able to have nice new bedroom and bathroom linens. Haven't had that in a while. Love the purple bedding set!

  • Nadia Yah
    Nadia Yah

    I LOVE the silver pillows!!! They match with my furniture :)

  • Anita Hunt
    Anita Hunt

    I am currently sharing a flat with three other people! My bed room is the only bit of space I can call mine!! And believe me I cherish it! I am constantly changing it around! I love to keep it in style and fresh! I am currently in LOVE with all animal printed & chocolate brown accessories! I have recently painted my walls and added some stylish wall paper. The ‘Desert Dreams’ collection will suit it just perfectly!! My room is in the middle of being re-styled and the Kardashian Kollection will make it POP! I hope I win!!!

  • kaylakardashian

    I am in love with all your new home beddings and accessories they are so amazing and if i had to chose it would be the purple bedding this would take my room brighter and so a whole new KARDASHIAN level. Xxx

  • Sabina Saburova
    Sabina Saburova

    Im moving out to my first ever 1st apartment!!!! Going to start my big adult life adventure. And I could use some of KK items in my tiny but tidy apartment to trendy it out!!!

  • kaylakardashian

    I am in love with all your new home beddings and accessories they are so amazing and if i had to chose it would be the purple bedding this would take my room brighter and so a whole new KARDASHIAN level. Xx

  • Annette Cann
    Annette Cann

    I love everything about Home-Line-Bedding-Bath-Sears-041712-34 it is absolutely fab!!! This would give my bedroom the make over it so desperately needs after my husband leaving me and taking everything. It would be great to have a beautiful bedroom collection to brighten up my room and to make me feel sexy again!!!

  • Dyon Tran
    Dyon Tran

    i want it all! im recently moving to nyc for school and i can use some items for my dorm room. i need it kardashians!

  • Liz Deeny Trout
    Liz Deeny Trout

    please pick me i love the ny dreamer

  • Brenda Morse Piland
    Brenda Morse Piland

    By the way, my favorite color is purple........

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE the New York Dreamer collection! It's elegant and trendy! I could use it in my first college apartment the fall :))) Because even1 a broke college student needs the perfect room to call her own

  • Maya

    I love the leopard items!!! or as Khloe and Lamar say, "lehped" they would go great with my mocha walls and my Kardashian fierce alter ego:)

  • Brenda Morse Piland
    Brenda Morse Piland

    Hi dolls, my name is Brenda. I am one of your biggest fans. I do not miss a single one of your many shows. I could answer any question thrown my way reguarding the Kardashians. I love everything about you, from your business savy to your style sense.Bible!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled to hear about your new business venture with Sears and the release of your new line. Not only is it fashionable but affordable. If I were to win I would start with the same collection you are draped with in your photo, and do the same in a pic of myself blown up for my husband. Then slowly but surely myself and my home would be completely styled by the Kardashian Line. I think you girls are fabulous and I Love You All. Congratulations on yet another endevour. Tootles.......

  • Kaitlin Kolva
    Kaitlin Kolva

    I love everything about this bedroom collection. It elegant and suffocated with a touch of zebra, which I am obsessed with right now! All the pillows look so comfortable being layered the way they are.

  • Karla

    I totally love the desert dreams collection. I myself live in the desert and I can see myself decorating my home with the Kardashian Kollection and because I support Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Love Love Love them!

  • Trinidad

    I will use all of this on my room and bathroom, i am in love of the whole Kardashian Home kollection! i will use them on everywhere, I will tell everyone that i have Kardashians products!

  • ahtenn

    my fav collection is "Kardashian Kollection Home Spanish Harlem Bedding Collection" but i also LOVE the zebra prints =) our bedroom needs a major makeover... right now our bedroom is plain and pretty boring, but our baby is now three/ this would be so helpful! i love you guys!!!

  • Kaitlin Kolva
    Kaitlin Kolva

    I am completely in love with the Kardashians! I love all of the bathroom sets, the diamonds are just fab. I am in total love with the pillows. They are very unique but simple enough to go with everything. I am a poor college student and if I could have one of everything from this collection for my house next year I would!

  • memommon

    I would LOVE the zebra print sheets. I'm trying to redo our bedroom before my husband's back surgery when he'll be spending a LOT of time in bed. This would make a BIG difference for him and me!!

  • Clorissa

    i absolutely love these gorgeous prints and accessories for the bathroom! They would make a gorgeous new look for my home. I would love to redo my bath and bedroom in the new kardashian kollection to give my home and fresh new beautiful look <3

  • Lesley Ivy Garcia
    Lesley Ivy Garcia


  • Mz Mille
    Mz Mille

    I like all the items that I have seen. I am a fan of neutral colors with accent colors. I would love for my family to be able to buy these things. We had to move back into a family house so winning the giveaway would be great for us.

  • charna rice
    charna rice

    To have their kollection will be 7Heaven made in the shade. Hope I win their kollection! :)

  • primadonna89

    i am A HUGE kardashian fan ! since DAY ONE . i am currently seeking to remodel my bathroom & my favorite color is PURPLE . and i absolutely love the PURPLE SPANISH HARLEM collection it is so beautiful !! . I would even remodel my room with the matching bedset ! all white bathroom with PURPLE decor is always been my dream & to have my favorite reality women have that color means so much to me ! choose mee !!

  • Tammy

    Hi Beauties..I have been looking at the Kardashian Home Collection since it came out. I would have to get all 3 collections and incorporate them into the most elegant(silver)which to me would be Kim, the most romantic(purple) which Khloe I feel is and the playfullness(brown) to me is Kourtney..look of all... all three collections compliment each other nocely...I would love to win this. thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  • Patsy Hayter
    Patsy Hayter

    I would love to finally redo my room with a matching bed set and have the correct size of course, everything on my bed is mismatched and oversized :) The love the kardashian kollection especially the purple bedset.

  • Natasha

    i really love the new Kardashian collection!! It's wonderful... it would be honor for me if i win the prize, and i will keep it forever !! :)) you are the best Kardashians and Jenners, i am watching you every day on E! I am waitnig for you !! :*

  • Patsy Hayter
    Patsy Hayter

    I would love to finally redo my room with a matching bed set with the correct sizes of course, everything on my bed is mismatched and oversized :) The love the kardashian kollection.

  • Marie

    I'm so excited to be moving into my first apartment and I was thinking of decorating the living room with the colors chocolate brown, brick red and beige/tan. I think that color combo would be remarkable.

  • Deanna

    I love all of the items in the new york dreamer bath collection & I would use this soap dispenser as well as all the other bathroom stuff to revamp my master bath along with the new york dreamer bedroom set that im so in love with. All of the New york dreamer collection is so sophisticated and sexy & so neutral that its a win win for both myself and my husband!



  • lopppy

    I love all of the silver pillows in this collection, especially the one with diamonds and rhinestone detailing. This would really glam up my room or even my dorm room! All of the items in this collection are girly yet chic and I think it would add a lovely touch to my room.

  • Deanna

    Im so in love with this bedroom set. It is so sexy & sophiscated and perfect for revaming mine & my husbands bedroom. Our 3 yr old is finally in her own room, and my husband is finally back our bed. It would be great to use this bedroom set to help us get our sexy back and make our bedroom our own again!

  • Maja Subasic
    Maja Subasic

    OMG this bed set is perfection, so beautiful...I adore animal print. I have exactly the first anniversary of marriage on June 25, 2012.... I be happy to vin :)) love and kisses from Croatia!!!

  • Viviana Pastor
    Viviana Pastor

    I love the New York Dreamer collection!! It's made for my room!!

  • Mikaela Athnos
    Mikaela Athnos

    My favorite part is seeing the sisters all together in those gorgeous colors. The colors look so good with the kardashion's dark complexion. These girls are the true meaning of a strong sisterhood.

  • Natasha Garcia
    Natasha Garcia

    I love the textures and design's of this collection. I hope to win the card would be a very nice pre-wedding gift

  • daisylynnnn

    After moving into a new house , i would love to win to decorate my new room ! I love the purple zebra print and silver print for the bedroom sets it would be perfect, they're just plain perfect to make my room look chic !

  • Teresa

    The Kollection is stunning! The animal print mixes so well with the browns and silver. Very calming and I could definitely choose this style for my own bathroom. My boyfriend wouldn't complain about it being too girly either. :)

  • Tina M. Carter
    Tina M. Carter

    Home-Line-Bedding-Bath-Sears-041712-34 - This by far is my absolute favorite! This would give my bedroom exactly what is needs, style and pizazz! But it also has a look of pure comfort and that is what I need when I'm cuddling with my beautiful 4 year old son Christopher!

  • KhloeKFanxo


  • Myra Leija
    Myra Leija

    Just love how this could be the Perfect unisex bed set for those of us who have a VERY "special" significant other :) who's always complaining about the room looking too girly. LOL. Love how glamorous and stylish this really looks. This set also makes a dark room with walls of different (dark gray) shades feel suuuupper cozy. Love it!!

  • Emily Hernandez
    Emily Hernandez

    I want sheets that can be used anytime, these platinum leopard prints sure come to mind. Its nuetral yet sexy style will have me playing for a while. I can match with many other platinum selections, so if you ask me shopping for Kardashian Kollection at Sears is where I'll be. There are all've got my vote.

  • KhloeKFanxo

    I'd abs love this. My fave is the lilac pillows. It's such a beautiful set and it would go so well in my bedroom. Thank you for doing this giveaway! As i live in the UK, shipping is so expensive and us UK dolls miss out! This would be such an amazing gift.

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    Loving those geometric throw pillows!

  • Mahsa Shobbar
    Mahsa Shobbar

    oops i commented on the wrong pic! i meant the soap dispenser from three images previous to this one XD

  • jessica

    I am in love with the New York Dreamer collection. I love how it incorporates the damask and animal print. It's very elegant and fun at the same time. I am planning on gettig new bdroom funiture and this would look great with my new mirrored furniture. The curtains from the bath collection would look great and add a little more pizzazz to my guest bathroom.

  • Mahsa Shobbar
    Mahsa Shobbar

    OMGGGG i love this entire collection!!! what really stun me (other than all the different mix and match of patterns and metallic), was the little crystal embezzled soap dispenser!! so cute! It is a perfect addition to the style of the bathroom i was going for! Good job KKK!

  • SLwonder

    As an 18 year old fan of your show, I saw this and had to try to win this. I like the animal print the most, the designs connect with my African part of my heritage which I love. Also the metallic pillows I think are sick, they really have a Jetsons, futuristic look to them, it just looks like something Karl Lagerfeld would put in his living room. Recently my family and I moved to a new home, but with my mom recently being stricken with breast cancer, our money has gone to fund her surgeries since the type of cancer she has is recurring. I was going to use some money I had saved for college this year to help buy things for the house since our living room is empty as well as our bathrooms but that went to her medical needs as well. With the 500 dollar gift card I could surprise my mom with a makeover of the bathrooms and a little stuff added to the living room to make it really stand out!

  • Danika Prochaska
    Danika Prochaska

    I adore the entire Kollection, but specifically love the bathroom series. I think the pieces are elegant and unique and would spice up my new med school apartment!

  • Catherine Jessie
    Catherine Jessie

    I love animal print so much! If I got these sheets I would definitely redo my bedroom with animal print the way I have always wanted to :)

  • Laura

    These cute gray blinged out brush holders would definitely get placed on my vanity to hold the multitude of make up brushes and stick items (mascara and pencils). I'd def have to get at least three. The matching gray dispensers go two on the sink (hand lotion and soap) and another two near my hair tools for hair the product I always use. I use dispensers cuz I hate the counter top clutter and using them is easier than putting the hair product away each time I'm done with them. These are just in time because I just switched my room colors to a light gray and white. The darker dispenser is going on my kitchen sink. I use two there too. One for dish soap and one for hand soap and one near the kitchen entry with hand lotion. We also just did my son's bathroom in gray and black so the gradient gray rug can go in there. Thank you!! These are all super fab and elegant!!!

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    so pretty and elegant <3

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    I love the print and would use this bedset for the Fall and Winter switch with the silver :)

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    I would take two of these pillows to go with the Zebra pillows and put them on my bed!!! Can never have enough pillows. Love the rhinestones!!!!

  • Snug Midrina Bug
    Snug Midrina Bug

    i love the kardashians i absolutely love this color! i'm in the middle of re-vamping my room this would go perfect with it. My room is so kiddish and i need to upgrade to a more mature room the color palest you have chosen are so mature for my level.

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    I love this sexy pillow zebra print is so hot!! I wanna surprise my husband with this bedset and all the pillows!

  • Christian Friese
    Christian Friese

    LOVE the entire collection!! This Kollection would totally make my dorm room at UCSB less hard to look at & study in! LOL Hope I win! I'm obsessed with every pattern in the Kollection!<3<3<3 Love you three, you have GREAT style.


    Absolutely love the pic of you girls <3 !!! and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING in your KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION !!!!!!

  • Samantha Martinez
    Samantha Martinez

    Absolutely love this bed set its absolutely stunning. Would definitely spice up my room that for sure. This vibrant brown color would definitely go great with my room since its like a pale green. Seriously in love with it, I just hope I win cause I just adore you guys and I swear you guys have a great sense of humor good luck to everyone, mwuahhhh<3

  • Paola Rodríguez
    Paola Rodríguez

    I love the silver bathroom and bedroom set, so classic but at the same time modern, especially if you add some colorful little details. i wish i could have a sears here in Venezuela so i can buy it.

  • Olivia

    I have shared a bedroom with my sister for the past 19 years!! Now my brother is moving out i am finally getting my own room....I love this bedroom collection and is excatly the colour scheme i am going for...Its pure bliss and its perfect timing for me to have my own room and to inject a luxury grown up feel to it, plus its big enough for lots of luxury items :)

  • Roopal

    I absolutely adore the animal zebra print cushion. Its cool, collective and jazzy (showing off your wild side) at the same time elegant. Its a cushion that can be used in all rooms which is ideal for most people. That comfy cushion is just a hit for me :)

  • Reese Grace
    Reese Grace

    I must have this!!! Been eyeing it forever!!!!

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams

    There are so many items that I absolutely love it is hard to pick just one thing! If I was to win the gift card I would have to chose a bed set seeings how all of mine are hand me down bits and pieces from my mother. Don't get me wrong I appreciate them but they are nothing like this new collection. I am a full time Psych student at the University of Arkansas and being a student and newly married its hard to find things that I love that he loves and be able to afford it! I would be honored to rock this collection in my home!

  • adeprez

    I LOVE all the Kardashian/Jenner people. They all have an AWESOME sense of style for clothing and home decorating. I LOVE the entire Desert Dreams Kollection for the bedroom and the bathroom. I LOVE the dark chocolate color and the animal print together. I have been wanting to buy the entire Kollection but can't afford it because I am not working due to a back injury. I would LOVE to win this prize. It would make me feel like I am a part of the Kardashian sisters through their Kollection. It would also make my home look more classy.

  • Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst

    I would love to use the silver pillows to re-vamp my bedroom - make it into a sexy boudoir for my n my hubby! ;)

  • Erin Fisher
    Erin Fisher

    I am currently building a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath house in Lakeview (New Orleans, LA), which will be completely furnished with new furniture, bed sets, and accessories. I love just about everything in the collection. As I was looking at the photos I could see each bedroom and bathroom with a different "theme" from the collection. Part of the reason I want everything new is for the huge party I am going to have when my house is finished. I am sure I will be buying plenty of things from this collection even if I don't win, but the $500 gift card would be a nice bonus to help with all of my furnishing expenses.

  • dnanooo

    Only the Kardashians can make animal print and metallic look tasteful and sophisticated. Adore everything to no end. My little cousin, who is seven, thinks the world of you girls and, if I win, I would get presents for her new room (: please please make her happy <3

  • Ana Gucci
    Ana Gucci

    i love it i would love to have this in my room it match my decorations. since i haven't go out since my baby was born it will be nice to win the gift card

  • Beverly

    i absolutely love their collection. I'm moving into my own apartment for the first time in a couple months and this collection would be the perfect way to design my own place!

  • Diedre

    Although it was difficult to choose my favorite, I couldn't help but find myself in love with the Desert Dreams bedroom set along with the Desert Dreams bathroom set. It would not only be the perfect touch to my new apartment and give it the wild/sexy/relaxed feel that I am going for, but this opportunity would also be a blessing to receive because I already have a ton of renovations to do and this would only make it that much better . So please choose me to be your winner :) love you guys today and forever

  • Victoria Rivera
    Victoria Rivera

    First of all i love u guys.. i really dont know what i would pick there all amazing anyone of those would look gorgeous in my room.. it would give live to my room... my room would look so rich with anyone of those.. there just amazing :) <3 :)

  • Jayde BeHonest
    Jayde BeHonest

    My absolute fav is the Kardashian-Kollection-Home-Bed-Bath-Line-040912-2. My room is grey and white so my husband and I are always looking for way to bring in visual interest and texture because our color scheme is so neutral.

  • Selina Lule
    Selina Lule

    I AM REMODELING MY HOME IN JULY! So excited. I would totally use the Dark Gray for my bathroom because its so beautiful and would totally go with my black and white tile inspired by the Jenner Home. For my bedding I would use the Silky Silver. It looks so classy yet so comfortable. Awesome thing is my husband would agree with the bedding since its one of his favorite colors! Its perfect for me (:

  • erika

    hola los quisiera para mi. ojala me los gane. soy una gran fanática de ustedes

  • Cristine Lovett
    Cristine Lovett

    Wow this line is so beautiful I may just run out and revamp my bedroom. I would definitely pick a combination of those silky shimmery silver pillows and bedding and mix it up with those soft purply throws, curtains, and pillows. I could even take that gem-encrusted toothbrush holder, pop a tealight candle in it and add it as a pretty accent in the bedroom, the gems with compliment the pretty silvers. Who says we always have to play by the rules! Gorgeous line girls, really impressive -xo-

  • Ashley Kaisler
    Ashley Kaisler

    I love this bedroom set!!!!!! Its amazing how far you guys have came! Love it!!!

  • Samantha Milton
    Samantha Milton

    I have adored this line since it hit stores. It's been pinned on my Pinterest board and everything. haha. I filled up my sears online shopping bag and the price was a bit over $500, so this would be an absolute dream come true. Purple is my favorite color, so I love everything about the Spanish Harlem Comforter set. However, I really like the New York Dreamer sheet set with the leopard print. So, I'd pair those two together. And a bed is nothing without the pillows, so I would love 2 Spanish Harlem Euro Shams, 1 Spanish Harlem flower Accent pillow, 1 Spanish Harlem ruched accent pillow and 2 New York Dreamer Leopard Accent pillows . Put all this with my already owned Into The Wild Barefoot Dreams blanket and I can foresee an awesome sleep in my future. I would greatly appreciate the gift card, but if I don't win I'll definitely be registering for this bedding seeing I'm getting married next year, so please don't discontinue anything too fast! <3

  • Gabriela Betancourt-Diaz
    Gabriela Betancourt-Diaz

    absolutley beautiful i love it, specially the colors in the whole new colection.

  • Rissa

    OMG the Diamond shaped patterns inside the silver pillow is incredible and I love it! I would DEFINITELY use it to go with that gorgeous lavender fur blanket the Kardashian girls are using to cover up with in the photo! They are SO pretty and I LOVE their collection! I would most DEFINITELY put the gift card to good use!! Their Sears collection is GREAT!

  • Anggi L. Perez Quintero
    Anggi L. Perez Quintero

    this are the best ones, i love the colors ♥ i would use them for mi sweet bed with my husband ... sexy

  • Reese Grace
    Reese Grace

    These are my fav! would go perfect in my room!!!

  • Sandra Cadena
    Sandra Cadena

    This bed set is just amazing and if i were to have it in my bedroom it would feel as if i had my whole room remodeled!

  • Cecilia

    I love this!

  • Gabriela Betancourt-Diaz
    Gabriela Betancourt-Diaz

    i can totally see this in my bathroom

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams

    This bed set is to die! It is just enough animal print to not make it overkill! I would love to have this in my bedroom! It definetly makes a statement in the bedroom! After all that's where the magic happens! ;) I absolutely love all of you girls styles and would be honored to rock all of you ladies new line in my house! Congratulations its amazing!

  • Olivia

    Okay my only brother is heading of to university so now theres all girls in the house and its our chance to give the whole house a proper grown up girly feel....these would be perfect for our shower curtains and they are so classy and elegant!! Love them and so want them :D

  • Danay

    I totally love this set. Would LOVE to get a set to redo my room, since I a full time student I have no time to go out shopping not even for myself.

  • Georgia

    I actually would die for this. I just moved house and really need a revamp of my old stuff. Beautiful.

  • Nishi Khatra
    Nishi Khatra

    love the whole collection :) I would have to say my fav are the lush towels as worn by the sisters in the ad. If I win the $500.00 giftcard I would re-do my whole washroom. The lilac color is stunning perfect for the summer. I would actually use both the white and lilac (purple) color towels in the washroom more of the lilac (purple) of course and I would put a hand towel or face towel that is white for the POP. I would go with the darker shade purple for the shower curtain so it would match the towels better. LOL I love the towels and would base my whole washroom around them :) I think my mom would love it even more, she deserves it it. So if I would win the gift card I would re-do my MOMMY's washroom. She needs a comfy spot to come home to after work everyday. The bed room is occupied by dad and the house by the kids. I would love for my mom to be-able to fill a bath and light some candles and after her bath wrap her self in these lush towels:)

  • Jennifer Brodeur
    Jennifer Brodeur

    I would love to win the $500 gift card. I watch your show all the time and love your style. I am not one for decorating but am trying to hard. Your diamond print pillows with the round jewels are my fav!! Anything that matches that print has my vote! It's such a hard decision but with $500 I can get the whole collection!! My bedroom has not had a makeover in forever!! Looking forward to bringing the kardashians beyond the TV in my room!!

  • Nadia Van De Kamp
    Nadia Van De Kamp

    I would definitely tie the 4-pc Comforter Set - New York Dreamer with KK Home Spanish Harlem Sheet Set together for my bedroom. It would go very nicely with my very deep purple color walls and black Ikea furniture! It would be a perfect balance and it will look very elegant and chic I think. This would be a perfect start for me to start re-vamping my whole home with All-Things-Kardashian one step at a time!



  • Ola Jones
    Ola Jones

    Wow, these have such a flattering look to them.

  • Kristina Mehling
    Kristina Mehling

    If I were to win a giftcard, I would use it to buy this set. I'm 21 years old, and I have NEVER had a full matching bedset. It's always been bits and pieces of things that I liked, including a quilt my grandma made me when I was younger. It would be nice to have something elegant and comfy to sleep with everynight! It would made me feel beautiful.

  • pinkmama2000

    I just moved into a new place few months ago, and would love to make the Kardashian style the decor for my new bedroom set!!! Color,style and most of all quality is what I'm looking for!! These girls know style and quality that's for sure. I would love to win!

  • Ola Jones
    Ola Jones

    It's all about the intricate details. With these shower curtain hooks, my bathroom would finally have the polished "finished" feel. Why would anyone argue with that?

  • Bonnie Pineda
    Bonnie Pineda

    Perfect shade of grey!

  • vnurse

    I love all of the silver accessories, and the bling diamonds on the pillows and bathroom items. I would incoporate deep purple with the silver bedroom stuff, and maybe a pop of yellow with the bathroom stuff. It's absolutely stunning and there is a lot that could be done with it! Hope I win, I would have a blast shopping through your amazing bathroom/bedroom line! :)))

  • Danay

    I totally love these sheet, I would love to get a set for the new comforter I just purchased. The colors totally match :)

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    looks so fluffy and soft perfect to step on when getting out of the shower! Just love the ombre effect

  • Kate Reno
    Kate Reno

    I would love the Kardashian-Kollection-Home-Line-Bedding-Bath-Sears-041712-25 (4-pc Comforter Set - Desert Dreams) My bedroom is my favorite place in my house, my little piece of sanity and this set would match my furniture exactly. I may even have to get the bathroom stuff as well!! I can picture it now! So pretty!

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams

    I am absolutely in LOVE with animal prints. I have wanted to re do my bedroom for years since I moved in with my husband. Since I am a full time college student its difficult to redo anything at this time in my life! This is a chic way of getting my fun girly animal prints brought into the bedroom without over doing it. I am in love with these!!

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    classy love the silver

  • Olivia

    Okay i have a real obsession with candles!! and i adore the colour of this bowl and the little crystals along the side, omg pure class will totally match my room...I SO WANT IT!! :D

  • Yesenia Rendon
    Yesenia Rendon

    Love this Bed set absolutely beautiful! I'm about to purchase a home and my bedroom colors would absolutely look stunning with this Bedding set!! Dolls love all your styles but this just caught my eye and soooo pictured my bedroom!! I hope I get lucky!! Much Love xoxoxo

  • samuraiii17

    I loveee this pillow! im redoing my room and it would look great with my modern, simple yet chic theme!

  • Maggie Sanders
  • Gregg

    I want the 3 girls in the picture

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    omg are those little rhinestones that is heavens!!! I love it such a beautiful color! I love it way better then my ugly gold tone bathroom now would add an awesome touch of class with this set!

  • Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez
    Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez


  • S-J.B

    I love the silver bed set, If I won I would give this to my sister, Because she's my world and I know when I'm upset she would run a thousand miles just to see if I'm alright.

  • Jennifer Butler
    Jennifer Butler

    I absolutely love the collection and colour schemes, especially the lilac and silver as these would go well with my bedroom and help to give it the revamp it needs! the colours remind me of khole's wedding and if im lucky enough to win i would use it to get the bedroom collection to create my own little bit of luxury in my room as being a single mum, my bedroom is my haven, i love the Kardashians and hope to achieve the glamour they envoke on a daily basis!

  • butigurl

    Absolutely love this and will look fantastic in my room!

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown

    I love the silver animal print pillow I think it would be good for my bedroom or living room it is elegant.

  • Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez
    Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez


  • Krista

    The chocolate brown shades are my fav. Since I don't have shades in my bedroom, I would love to have these as a way to block the light so I could sleep in on my days off. They would go well in my room, being that they are such a beautiful, neutral color. Also, they'd add a touch of chic! Who doesn't love that?

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth

    I love Kardashian anything :D, and would love to decorate my house with these items! I've never really been a fan of purple, but I really love these items :)). I would love more than anything to win.

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    love the antiuque bronce would match my fixtures perfect!

  • mrstrav


  • Angela

    Great color combinations. I am a huge fan of animal print so this fits my style!

  • laura

    so cuteee:) my fav!

  • KCosPer

    I am obsessed with this bedroom set. I came THIIIIIS close to buying a month or so ago but maybe I'll win this!! Either way, I'm buying it because it's to DIE for!!!!!

  • Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez
    Jessica AlvarezMiller Junior Ibanez

    Completely FLAWLESS :)

  • mrstrav

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Dessert Dreams Collection for my totally re-done bathroom. My bathroom was recently re-done because my upstairs neighbor's bathroom flooded and ruined my I am looking for a new look for my new bathroom!

  • Angela

    I love animal print and would love to decorate with their kardashian kollection. Great color combinations

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    Would look sexy in my bathroom!

  • Jean Scott
    Jean Scott

    I just love the lilac bathroom items. I am getting ready to re-do my bathrooms and this would look and feel so right in there...

  • Olivia

    I absolutely love this colour!! Im in the middle of re-vamping my bedroom and im going for purple and silver colours and this will fit in perfectly!! :)

  • Snug Midrina Bug
    Snug Midrina Bug

    i love the kardashians i was hoping ya'll would open a dash store in columbia but to get to my point my room is so kiddish and i need to upgrade to a more mature room the color palest you have chosen are so mature fro my level.

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders


  • Maggie Sanders
  • meloleigh

    I love the NY Dreamer! It makes me feel old Hollywood glamorous. The best thing is even if you have a basic, or boring apt this bedding will make your room feel like a haven.

  • Shnella Burke
    Shnella Burke

    I love everything! but i absolutely adore the animal print. I'm about to move into a new house and this would look amazing. i love the Kardashians! and i would loveee to have this collection

  • Vanessa

    Not only is this my dream bedroom, but this bed is fit for a princess! HAVE to have this for my new apartment I'm moving into this weekend. So perfect!

  • #1 fan
    #1 fan

    I love the New York bed set and bathroom accessories. I would love to own it and enjoy sleeping with a piece of heaven. The bathroom accessories can turn any regular bathroom into a FB Photoshoot lab! :) All of it is truly beautiful and I would be able to do some serious needed upgrading from my current home and bedroom decor. :) Love you Dolls!

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    i love it !!!!

  • Christina Georgievski
    Christina Georgievski

    The New York Dreamer collection is my absoloute it has touches of a modern sleek look with the bling bling of LA. I would use this makeover to dress up me and my fiancee's room! We are getting married in October and I would love a new bedroom setting to come home to the night of our wedding and celebrate in style as we begin our honeymoon!!!

  • Emily Kehagias
    Emily Kehagias

    I loooove the silver colour such a great colour, we're renovating and our new theme for the house is hampton style. I think these would fit perfectly with it! Love them!

  • Nichole Fuller
    Nichole Fuller

    omg, everything is sooo cute! but id have to say my favorite, is the zebra stripped looking pillow! It would look great with anything and everything. i am obsessed with it and the bed sheets! Ah!! if i had the money i would soo buy everything!

  • butigurl

    These ae a fav to match new comforter set!

  • MaryHelen Salas
    MaryHelen Salas

    Thats really cute to put ur hair straightner hair curler or blow dryer in it its to cute to use as a trash can lol

  • Michelle Lawshe
    Michelle Lawshe

    I love the bedroom set! Honestly I would love to change my old, drab, boring bedroom with a style like this, but I would love it more if I could do this for my Mother! She has sacrificed her whole life for me., she deserves to have something beautiful and silky to sleep on after long days from work, and just life itself. <3

  • Maggie Sanders
    Maggie Sanders

    OMG I love all of it!! All you dolls are my FAV!! Silver is elegent and sezy. I would love to redo my bedroom in SILVER Then in the Fall change it to the BROWN set! I love the bathroom collection as well and would want to do the same with both colors of the bathroom! I think its all sexy and fabulaous!!

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  • Amy Hayes Carmichael
    Amy Hayes Carmichael

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  • Rina

    I just ordered my first shirt for the KK collections and i love it... and it just so happens i have an obession with pillows, and my favorite colour or shade is gray/ silver. Way to go girls, you have nailed this on the head your pillows are wonderful and I want them

  • Ami Patel
    Ami Patel

    LOVE !!! The Kollection! So could see my self using these items. Tranquil yet ellegant and chic just my style! Love it ladies!

  • Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson

    we are soon to be new home owners and are working with what we got. I love the modern design and how it looks as if i could make a room our perfect little get away zone. I love the silvers and patterns that just make it pop. Would love to add this look to our new nest.

  • Shannon Sampsel
    Shannon Sampsel

    I would love to win a $500 Sears gift card because my husband and I have just bought our first home and will be moving in at the end of June! I love everything, but the silver cheetah sheets and silver pillows are to die for!

  • mamma2009


  • Alison

    love the pic! Hope I win!!

  • Alexis Torres
    Alexis Torres

    Omg... This is AMAZING. It would look so great in my bedroom. The pattern and color are soothing and perfect.

  • Donica Lynn Shamp Fling
    Donica Lynn Shamp Fling

    I would love to use this particular pillow on my dream bed once my hubby and I have put together our dream bedroom! I think it would give the room the perfect splash of style that it needs.

  • kayLa

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  • Helen O Shea
    Helen O Shea

    Love everything about the Kardashians would be honoured to win and have a piece for myself! Living in Ireland it would give me a reason to book flights over to the USA and use the card wisely!!! Please Pick Me!!

  • Alexis Torres
    Alexis Torres

    I absolutely love this lilac shower curtain. I'm actually looking into redoing my bathroom. The palm tree theme needs to retire.

  • christian

    Kardashian Kollection Home 4-pc Comforter Set - Desert Dreams, its so cute and it looks like the perfect bedroom look, comfy and warm <3

  • Krysta

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  • Stephanie

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  • Erin Nowak
  • rainesmom

    Love all the items from the "Desert Dreams" collection. Towels, sheets, etc. would be perfect for my daughter to take to college in the Fall - this is completely her style!

  • Cindy Carlson
    Cindy Carlson

    love the sheets, hubby says he doesn't like the K-sisters but he watches with me - lol

  • Denise Morse
    Denise Morse

    i love the silver bed spread/comforter which would take my bed from just a place to rest my head to something an escape from reality

  • pwilliams

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  • Chris

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  • christian792

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  • Mary Happymommy
    Mary Happymommy

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  • Trinidad

    i really love this towel, I love the color, how clasic is it and i will use it so much at home. No one else would use it. Only me! i will also use it for school at the end of P.E and i will tell everyone thta i have one and they don´t! Its so beautifull and elegant at the same time!

  • Trinidad

    I LOVE IT! I really want to win the giveaway! i will use this for our bathroom that i share with my sister. Is so CHIC and glamorous, and it can give the bathroom a little bit of elegant thing! I only know that i really want it

  • caitie843341

    Everything in the collection is so beautiful, but I really LOVE the purple Spanish Harlem bedding collection! It looks so nice and makes me want to curl up in that bed and relax!

  • spiniton85

    those blankets look SOOOO fluffy and cozy!

  • Marilyn Suarez De Amaro
    Marilyn Suarez De Amaro


  • spiniton85

    I guess I'm just a damask fanatic, because I love the comforter on this one.

  • spiniton85

    this towel looks so soft and fluffy, and I love the pattern!

  • Trinidad

    I AM IN LOVE! Of this towel!! i love it! is amazing!! i want it!

  • Trinidad

    I want it for my bed!! I really love it!! My dream is to have another Kardashian thing!! I LOVE THIS SITERS! THEY ARE MY LIFE!

  • outlaw4728

    I really dig the animal print designs in that silver color. It's looks very tasteful and nice.

  • Trinidad

    I Want to win this! I love Kardashians and Jenners! i always partisipate on the givesaways because they tell me i have good luck... but i never win! I REALLY WANT TO WIN! Am Trini in english Trinity am 14 and my only Kardashian procut are Kardashian Kolors! I want to be like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, modeling, red carpets, photoshoot! ETC!

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    The lilac bathroom collection is my favorite. I'm not usually a fan of purple, but this color is really pretty. I bet my husband wouldn't mind it either. I can see us bringing this line into our bathroom.

  • Nicole McManus
    Nicole McManus

    So hard to pick just one style...BUT I love the rhinestone embellishments...and I love the purple zebra print and silver print for the bedroom sets..Looks like I am re-doing by bathroom and which one first!!

  • Daniel Korona
    Daniel Korona

    My bathroom is my safe haven. A place where I can go to unwind at the end of a long day. So I would love to revamp it and make it more comfortable for me. My favorite is the Desert Dreams theme. I love the luxurious chocolate brown and natural tones! Would love to revamp my bathroom with towels, a shower curtain, soap dish and even a toothbrush holder. DREAM BATHROOM!

  • sheppe14

    I really like the animal prints. Those patterns would jazz up my bedroom. The color choices can brighten my living room. I'd love to win, there are so many possibilities and fun in choosing.

  • Terri Sap
    Terri Sap

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  • twinklemepink06

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