Meet & Greet: ‘Pair of Kings’ Star Geno Segers Talks Season 3

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In the latest installment of Celebuzz’s Meet & Greet, we talk with actor Geno Segers, best known for his role as ‘Mason Makoola’ in the Disney XD television series Pair of Kings.

Last season, Mitchel Musso bid farewell to the cast of Disney XD’s Pair of Kings and gave up King Brady’s throne to co-star Adam Hicks. With the series’ third season premiering this Monday, you bet there’ll be a new change in cast dynamics.

Celebuzz caught up with Segers, who plays political advisor Mason Makoola on the show, to dish about the upcoming season.

What can fans expect now that there’s a new king in town? Read on to find out.

Thing must be pretty exciting for Pair of Kings with the season premiere coming up.

Yes, they are! We have a new king on the block for lack of a better term. Of course, he is Adam Hicks and he is doing a wonderful job playing King Boz. We are all very excited about the new story line and the new added dynamic between king Boz and King Boomer (Doc Shaw). All very exciting. Of course, King Boz is a lot less interested in Mikayla (Kelsey Chow) than King Brady (Musso) — but it’s still all very interesting.

What’s the cast dynamic like now that a new lead is introduced?

It really didn’t miss a beat with Adam. We all knew who he was and I had an opportunity to work with Adam prior to him becoming King Boz. Of course, Ryan Ochula was familiar with him. It was really about finding and introducing him to Kelsey and finding the right place. When Mitchell Musso was on set and we were all like a huge family, we would go out to lunches together all the time. All five cast members would all go out to lunch and it was kind of cool. We got used to that and that sort of just picked up when Adam came through. It was something we were all accustomed to and he just fit right in.

Adam just wants to be better every day and as we all do. He brings humanity to the show. We are all very excited for him and for the show.

What can people expect in the future for the show?

Hilarity! His character was raised by apes for a little while, so he has some very funny tendencies. Adam does this thing with his feet and he’s already a very physically comedic type of person anyway. Having that extra flexibility to use his feet along with physical comedy is really funny. It’s just off the chart when he’s coupled with Doc Shaw. It’s really funny.

How would you describe your character on the show.

Mason is basically a very, very traditional, superstitious, protective islander who is the royal secretary to the kings. Basically, he protects the kings and is a protector of the island. He’s the head guard and he basically runs the show in terms of security for the entire island, as well as body guarding for the kings.

Tell us a little bit about playing Mufasa in The Lion King musical.

It was my first job. I’ve never auditioned for anything in musical theater. I just didn’t think it was a market for my voice.

The week that I was going to go on for as an understudy for Mufasa, they wrote me out of the show so I could see it. I’m thinking. “I’ve done 200 shows — no big deal. I’ll just watch the show.” Well, when the “Circle of Life” came on, I started crying. I couldn’t control it. I was like “Why am I crying?”

You’ve worked in TV and on stage. Which medium do you prefer?

That’s a hard one because as strange as it sounds, I really don’t feel like I’m actually doing television. I feel like I’m still on stage. It’s the first medium that I was accustomed to. To me, I’m still in stage but in reality I’m still in front of the camera. A few things I had to learn. To say what I had to prefer, I would say both are kinda one in the same.

Would be game for another musical?

I would be absolutely game because I class myself as a singer first. I’m annoying everyone on set because I’m always singing.

I would absolutely say yes to the right project. It would have to be something that I basically moved to do. For me, it’s all about the story and the telling of the story through music. My appreciation for music would not allow me to overlook something like that.

Catch Pair of Kings’ season premiere at 8:30 PM ET/PT on Disney XD.