‘True Blood’s’ 10-Year-Old Vampire Jacob Hopkins: I Get To Boss Around Chris Meloni (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Celebuzz has a first look at HBO True Blood’s youngest vampire, 10-year-old Jacob Hopkins.

During a one-on-one interview with the young actor, Hopkins revealed details behind his new role as part of the show’s vampire ruling authority. The “authority” as referred to on the show and by longtime viewers is tasked with keeping the vampires on their best behavior and abiding by the “rules” — so to speak.

Hopkins made his debut appearance on Sunday’s episode which aired June 17.

How does the pint-sized vampire like working with the cast and show newcomer Chris Meloni?

“It’s pretty fun. I’m a kid and I get to boss around grownups,” Hopkins tells Celebuzz. “It’s like, I’m the ruler!”

He says he can’t reveal any spoilers, “because I like my job,” but he did speculate a bit on his character’s history.

“He’s like billions and billions of years old,” he says of his character, Alexander Drew.

“I’d say that maybe he was made by Roman,” Hopkins said.

Roman is played by the aforementioned Chris Meloni of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fame. The role marks an HBO return of sorts for Meloni, who had previous starred on HBO’s hit series prison series Oz. Viewers can look forward to lots lots of scenes between he and Hopkins this season.

Watch Celebuzz’s video for more with this rising star, and let us know what you thought of him in action on Sunday’s True Blood on HBO.