5 ‘One Direction’ Tour Secrets Revealed: Celebuzz Backstage With Opening Act Manika (EXCLUSIVE)

Bieber or 1D?
Guess the lyrics!
Manika is currently touring with One Direction and as one of their opening acts, the 18-year-old powerhouse is having the experience of her life. Celebuzz sat down with Manika backstage at their concert in Anaheim on Sunday, where she talked about holding it down as the only girl on the road.

“They are so awesome,” Manika said. “They are such fun guys, so down to earth. They’re teenage boys– they’re crazy sometimes! They were just in [my dressing room] messing with these beach balls I throw out on stage. They were having a contest of who could pop it off their butt the best.”

So who popped it best?

“Well, Niall was pretty good at it,” smiled Manika. “I couldn’t get to do it because I was getting ready. But I would probably beat them all.”

Since Manika is the envy of girls all over the world, we asked her to tell us one thing about each of the One Direction boys that fans might not know:

Well, Niall is really friendly.

Zayn just got this new razor scooter, actually, it’s more of a bike that he just drives around everywhere.

Liam is such a sweetheart– like the other day he just gave me Beats by Dre headphones for no reason. He just is so sweet and such a sweetheart.

Harry is again, just really nice. His hair really is all over the place! He will flip it all over the place, which is great because I just love to flip my hair all over the place too!

Louie is just really funny. During sound check the other day, during my song ‘Good Girl,’ I was performing it for sound check and I say, ‘All right, all the girls out there I want to see you firsts in the air and jump.’ And Niall and Louie were jumping and screaming.

Manika and Carly Rae Jepsen are two of the big up and comers in the industry right now, so how does she handle the comparisons?

“I actually haven’t met her, but she’s great!” Manika said. “I was watching her music video and the end is hilarious. At the end, the girl is like, with this super hot guy she’s trying to get with and then he’s gay! Seriously, it’s just like living in West Hollywood. A lot of times, I’m like, he’s either gay or he likes me. Half the time he ends of being gay and half the time he likes me. It’s just confusing because I just want to know. Very relatable!”

As for dream collaborations, Manika would love to work with Beyonce, Alanis Morissette and Eminem.

“You will be surprised, when someone puts on a rap song, I can rap to every word,” she laughed.

Watch the music video for Manika’s new song “Just Can’t Let You Go” down below: