Age Appropriate? Madonna Flashes Major Cleavage on Set of New Music Video (PHOTOS)

Madonna Vs. Gaga!
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Madonna disses Lady Gaga in concert. Read More »

On the heels of Nipplegate 2012, pop megastar Madonna flashed a lot -- and we do mean a lot -- of cleavage Monday afternoon on the set of her new music video.

The 53-year-old -- who is filming the clip for her next single, "Turn Up The Radio," in Florence, Italy -- let it all hang out in a '60s-inspired ensemble, comprised of a low-cut top, black lace bra and a belted pair of black leather hotpants.

Madonna, who for decades has been courting controversy (see below), recently caused a media firestorm during a concert performance in Istanbul, where she exposed her right breast before thousands of screaming fans.

She also reignited her feud with Lady Gaga a few weeks back; at a concert rehearsal, Madge coyly performed a mash-up of "Express Yourself" and Gaga's similarly sounding hit "Born This Way."

Well, at least Madonna knows how to keep it interesting!

What do you think of Madonna's get-up? Is it appropriate for the 53-year-old diva? Or is she expressing a bit too much?

Check it out in our gallery, then sound off in the comments!



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  • whatever dogg
    whatever dogg

    Severe pushup? Those look a lot bigger than what she flashed...

  • Gagadonna

    She's an old singer trying to make a come back. How better to get people talking about her again than being controversial. She knows she is up against Mother Gaga. We'll see if it works. Didn't she take issue with Elton John a few years ago too? Poor Madge, she doesn't think she can do it on talent alone anymore.

  • Alex

    Ageism is racism. Madonna is hugely sexy, nothing other count.

  • miss.rouso

    too old for all that!

  • Ahmad Don Rafiq
    Ahmad Don Rafiq

    rafiq ali very like

  • crystalhope

    when was Madonna appropriate..ever??

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    well, her boobs look better than her face, so let her...