Big Summer Movie Guide: Blake Lively Gets Kidnapped in ‘Savages’ (VIDEO)

Blake Lively on Savages
Star talks terrifying and awkward sex scenes!
Want to know what to see at the movie theater this season? Celebuzz is breaking down the blockbusters in our Big Summer Movie Guide.

This week, filmgoers are getting a closer look at Oliver Stone’s new thriller Savages, starring Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson.

In the film, Kitsch and Johnson play two up-and-coming entrepreneurs who launch a lucrative marijuana business while falling for the same girl (Lively).

As often happens in Stone movies, things quickly go awry when a Mexican Baja Cartel wants a piece of the business — not to mention Lively’s character, whom they eventually kidnap.

How will it all go down? Find out when Savages hits theaters on July 6.

In the meantime, get the full scoop on the film by watching our Big Summer Movie Guide, above!

Celebuzz recently spoke to Lively about the movie, during which she admitted that filming the sex scenes were both “awkward” and “terrifying.” Check out more from our interview here!