‘Dark Knight Rises’ Fourth Trailer Released: Batman Faces Off With New Enemy (VIDEO)

Catwoman On Set
Batman & Catwoman spotted on ‘Dark Knight Rises’ set.
Batman is back and he isn’t afraid — he is angry.

A month out from the release of the next reincarnation of the Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises, the fourth trailer for the flick has landed online and it shows audiences are in for a very dark journey indeed.

Revealing more details about the battle for Gotham City between the now emotionally broken Batman – Christian Bale – and supervillian, and the infinitely dangerous, Bane.

Just why is Bane most treacherous enemy yet? Watch the new trailer after the jump.

In the two-minute trailer, fans finally met Batman’s nemesis played by British actor Tom Hardy.

And the creepy character may finally lead to Batman’s defeat, as following a vicious fight, villain Bane walks away triumphant with a broken bat mask as his trophy.

As Bane announces to Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon, he is:

“Gotham’s reckoning”.

From blowing up bridges and football fields mid-game, Bane certainly steps up the danger and excitement levels in the new Batman – out July 20 – and destroys the iconic comic book city in the process.

The latest trailer also offers a brief glimpse of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.

While the sexy woman in the leather remains a bit of a mystery, Hathaway said the suit itself began to control her.

“The Catwoman suit, it was a psychological terrorist,” the 29-year-old actress said.

“The suit, thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit … it dominated my year.”

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