Hilary Duff Calls Pregnancy a 'Free Pass' From Diet and Exercise (VIDEO)

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It is no secret that new mom Hilary Duff packed on the pounds, respectively, while carrying her first son Luca, and Bethenny Frankel, 41, wasted no time asking the Lizzie Mcguire alum about her eating habits during pregnancy. On her new show Bethenny, the talk show host asks, “Did you eat a lot while you were pregnant?”

Duff, 24, unashamedly admits,  “Hell, Yeah. I got down.”

The Skinny Girl mogul gave birth to her first and only daughter in May of 2010, and although Bethenny shed her baby weight in record time, the reality starlit can easily relate to the challenges of fighting off pregnancy cravings.

The former Real Housewives of New York City star  adds,

“I feel like there’s a lot of it. You’re craving more and you’re hungry, but don’t you think on some level it’s your first child? And you’re saying, 'This is it; I can go for a free for all.' And it’s sort of like a binge. Don’t you think?”

The new mom confesses that her pregnancy did allow her to stray from her healthy diet and workout regime.
“My whole life I’ve worked out and exercised and been in the public eye and always kind of watched what I ate. And this was like a free pass and it was a blast.”
Despite the break from diet and exercise, Duff plans to  do things differently next time around, though, she only has fond memories of her pregnancy.

Duff's interview with Bethenny airs tomorrow, June 20.

What do you think? Is pregnancy a free pass to eat what you want? State your case in the comments.

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  • vettech15

    What's one of the rules you learn as a kid? 'If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.." She is one of those celebrities who loves to give back and help the community when she has the time. She's not looking for attention at all.. She's a celeb, so either way, she's going to get attention.. She is absolutely beautiful and Luca couldn't be anymore adorable! I've been one of her biggest fans for 11 years, and still going strong:)

  • anon

    Sounds to me like she is looking for attention.. she is changing her story of late.. NOT at all what she was saying at the beginning & after baby she was seen all over at workouts & now isn't.. It was all about healthy eating etc for baby now she is talking about bingeing.. Interesting what happens when you get a new manager. Sounds like she is copying a little Jessiac for some air time.. She has to stay consistent for people to even remotley think she is relatable Oh & she had a baby boy not a girl.