Jessica Simpson Panned Over Pregnancy Weight: She Should Have Worked Out, Says ‘Thintervention’ Star (EXCLUSIVE)

 Jessica Simpson's Body Evolution

Joy Behar bashed her, while Sarah Palin wanted "to punch critics in the neck." Everyone it seemed had an opinion about Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight.

But according to celebrity fitness pioneer Jackie Warner, who is known for sculpting Hollywood's best bodies, 31-year-old Simpson wouldn't have been panned before the birth of baby Maxwell Drew Johnson, if she HAD made the effort to work out during the nine months of pregnancy.

"The body is meant to move and be active and we are in this age that we are inactive a majority of the week and that’s a huge mistake," the host of Bravo's Thintervention with Jackie Warner told Celebuzz.

"If you’re working out during your pregnancy, the pregnancy not only goes better, the baby is healthier, and the weight falls off much quicker. It’s really really important to work out during pregnancy.

"I have trained many clients at nearly seven months along, so there really is a lot that you can do."

Simpson stepped out last week and showed off her shrinking post baby bod, heading to visit her personal trainer at a Hollywood gym.

Will she be able to lose the weight as quickly as other stars, such as Jessica Alba or Gisele Bundchen?

"People are mesmerized when celebrities get the baby weight off so fast," said Warner.

"Well, it's because they take good care of themselves during their pregnancy and have been eating healthy."

Her suggestion: In addition to dietary changes, women like Simpson need to be getting plenty of exercise, plus hitting the gym at least 4-5 days a week.

But above all, women need to eat health all the time, she said.
"Well first of all, the same things that you do post-baby are the things that you should be doing pre-baby. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle—make sure you’re eating 2 fruits, 3 vegetables, 3 lean proteins, and 2 fats per day, so that it is just a clean diet. Make sure you’re eating your breakfast, your snack, your lunch, your snack, and your dinner, so your insulin levels don’t drop."
Warner added: "Here is the wake up call to America — Harvard did a study four years ago. You shouldn’t be working out 3 days a week, you should have at least 15-20 minutes of an intensity workout everyday of your life!"

Check out more amazing Hollywood post-baby bodies in the video, below.

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  • Amy Moreno Calderon
    Amy Moreno Calderon

    She started getting thick here.

  • Kate

    She does look so cute here!

  • Kate

    This was right after her and Nick got divorced so she was probably eating less or something.

  • Syrup

    She probably got tired of starving herself!

  • LS

    I heard her boobs are natural, but they have sure gotten larger since this photo taken in 2000! WTH???!!!

  • Catherine

    :O i din't know she was anorexic then

  • Christina Rivas
    Christina Rivas

    lies, she's not ugly

  • courtneybaaaby

    she looks so cute

  • Tammy Marler
    Tammy Marler

    Everybody on here except for the people who aren't bashing Jessica are total losers. What she did while she was pregnant is none of your damn business! Leave her alone and tend to your own miserable lives. I can't say I'm a fan of hers but what she does or doesn't do is none of my business and it shouldn't be any of yours either. Do you like other people judging what you do and what you look like? I thought not.

  • arf

    Fat or thin, Jessica Simpson is ugly no matter what she weighs.

  • Rach


  • victory

    Little Maxwell was 9 pounds because her mother overate. Every pregnant woman should continue w/ their normal exercise until they are in labor, your body will let you know when to slow it down. Makes giving birth so much easier if your in good shape as well as loosing the baby fat after. Something as simple as a good long walk, daily, is good for both mother and child. I agree w/ Warner on this topic.

  • Daisy

    She was a big cow, she used pregnancy(like a lot of women do) as an excuse to pork up.

  • Re

    So Jackie Warner knows EVERYTHING about pregnancies without a degree. Impressive. Should Jessica have gained 20 lbs for an almost 10 lb baby?? I don't think so!

  • jessica's bloat
    jessica's bloat

    Then start over eating like Jessica. Start drinking too. Jessica loves to overindulge in scotch. Her many drunk in public pictures are funny. Soon you will have the thunder thighs and multiple chins of the pre-pregnancy Jessica Simpson.

  • jessica earl
    jessica earl

    wow since when is a size 4/6 fat? in this day and age that woman was healthy! but let me guess you people think she needs to be anorexic to be beautiful? i would love her pre baby body, it was curvy and glorious. and i weigh 100 pounds as a 31 year old woman. i woulg love to be "fat" like her!!!

  • Cass

    She was overweight for years before getting knocked up. Does she have to lose that weight too to get paid? Or will Weight Watchers pay her for getting back to her regular pudgy physique?

  • Katie

    Let me get this straight, you want someone who was pregnant with a 9.8 pound baby to work out? When you are THAT pregnant, you are uncomfortable, you can barely walk because your feet swell up let alone go to the gym. She looks big because her baby was big, and she had a lot of amniotic fluid, which she made clear in an ellen interview. So before you get on someone for not going to the gym, have a little thing about logic first.

  • inspired by Christina
    inspired by Christina

    Like defending a fat-before-and-even-fatter-after-pregnancy- celebtard you don't even know on a gossip site?

  • David Kirchhoff
    David Kirchhoff

    But she was fat before getting pregnant.

  • Christina Nicole Clark
    Christina Nicole Clark

    Why do you need to talk so horribly about someone you don't know? There are better things to do with your life and time

  • Christina Nicole Clark
    Christina Nicole Clark

    you're a loser.

  • Christina Nicole Clark
    Christina Nicole Clark

    when I was pregnant i ate and ate and didn't do much working out and only gained about 30 pounds tops. Everyone is different. All you people with you dumb ass names to try to stay anonymous like the cowards you are, calling her fat and a cow are disgusting human beings. I hope when you go through the process of being pregnant or your loved one is, you're called fat and ugly and a cow. Won't be so sweet then. You're the freaking reason the world is going to shit now.

  • anonymous

    She doesn't want to be left alone. She calls the paps with her whereabouts. Talk about her weight gets her a lot of mileage in the tabloids and she knows it and loves it. She is a big fat narcissist. Seeing her own bloated face in the tabloids is better than sex for her. But not as good as lapping up a vat of biscuits and gravy.

  • anonymous

    She chooses to do this publicly. And is paid by weight watchers to do it in public. She made her name by selling her personal life and overshares every chance she gets. Her dad was her personal paparazzi for a time and may still be. He had an exclusive deal with one of the agencies and may still. She would curl up and die if people stopped talking about her. She wants attention and if she can't get attention for being in shape and starring in a movie, she'll take it for being fat and untalented.

  • jessbigfan

    just leave her the fuck alone

  • Yukti

    Females have been giving birth since thousands of years and there is not need to preach 'working out'. They never used to do that before like times today. You do not have to put people down who you think are unworthy of respect just because they do not 'work out'. Go please yourself by hitting gym, not everyone needs it.

  • Gretchen Schmidt
    Gretchen Schmidt

    People are cruel and usually have NO idea the kind of side effects that can go along with pregnancy, including a debilitated or deceased thyroid, which can cause more than the average amount of weight gain. I also know that when I was pregnant I had NO INTEREST in being in the gym three days a week because I was exhausted, sick, and usually nauseous. But then again, I was lucky that I didn't have people analyzing every move I made and could be pregnant in the healthiest way possible.



  • anony

    Jessica Simpson is more unlikable than the others you mentioned. plus, she won't shut up about the weight she gained before getting pregnant and while pregnant. she uses her fat to keep the tabloids talking about her. The others don't. So, fat Jessica deserves to be ridiculed for her body because she wants attention any way she can get it. The others don't. bs on the"medical condition" unless you mean her obesity.

  • anon

    Are you kidding me people.. Time to lay off Jessica. Have you see Kourtney Kardashin of late.. she is about same height as Jess & is got the weight on too.. People carry differently & many celebs have been forthright in there weight gain Like whoppie 100, Jenny Mccarthy was 70, Pink 70, Many many celebs gained all the weight & very little was said but seems everyone takes aim at Jessica. Probably because she seldom fights back. People were calling Jessica fat when if you look at her pics when they were doing that was rediculous.. If your looking for daisey duke back your not getting her. That was not healthy & Jess said so when trying to get into that shape. Nothing was realistic but starving herself to get there. Again many a a celeb has gained tremendous weight while pregnant & lost it all. Lets leave Jessica alone & stop her being the punching bag. The woman talking about Jessica & about working out knows nothing about her but used her name because it draws attention. Its also interesting that Jessica also had a medical condition of too much amniotic fluid but people don't want to hear that. NOt excuses but definatley played a part in it.

  • Dutch Apple
    Dutch Apple

    So she's photographed at the gym. That doesn't mean she was exercising. Most likely she was stuffing her fat face with pie. Because she is fat and has been for a long time. Her fat has nothing to do with her being pregnant and everything to do with her being...FAT!

  • jessicow blimpson
    jessicow blimpson

    Her problem was that she was fat before she got pregnant on top of gaining nearly 3 times the recommended amount of pregnancy weight.

  • Emily

    Tell your friend that Jessica isn't pregnant anymore, she is photographed at the gym daily and next time she wants to be judgmental of someone, look in the mirror.