Joan Rivers Slams Christina Aguilera During Appearance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon': She's A Fatso (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers used the “F” word on Monday night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – by referring to The Voice judge Christina Aguilera as a “fatso.”

The comedy legend paid the TV visit to promote her new book, I Hate Everyone…Starting with Myself, but managed to hurl a few insults at Aguilera in the process.

"I'm at Spago's with [my daughter] Melissa, and we're eating dinner, and Fatso is across the way, and she comes lumbering over with that no-neck look,” Rivers joked (about three minutes into video). “And I go, 'Here it comes.' She comes over to my table and says, 'You gonna finish that?'"

It’s not the first time Rivers has taken Aguilera to task over her weight.

Last year, after the singer looked zaftig at a Michael Jackson tribute concert, the E! Fashion Police host said she looked “like a pig” before adding, “She’s not just eating apples!”

Aguilera isn’t the only one to feel Rivers’ wrath during the Fallon show --she also mocked “Octomom” Nadia Suleman and Winona Ryder.

What do you think of Joan's quips? Are they all in good fun, or did the funny lady go too far? State your case in the comments.



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  • Rebecca

    christina is not fat! However she is a complete bitch and has probably said worse to other people, did you not see her on the voice?!

  • Natalie

    What the hell is Joan rivers talking about shes fatter than Christina she does that make Joan a whale???? Joan is here comes the"f" word for joan FAKE ass Joan with all that plastic surgery/botox she has!!!! Christina is real and theres nothing wrong with meat on her body witch more celebs should have if u ask me!! Just because she doesnt starve herself means she can be called fatso so what does that make the average size person???? That old hag shouldn't be talking christina has more talent in one finger then joan has in her who body and that a FACT!!!!!

  • Lisa Marie Diack
    Lisa Marie Diack

    old plastic faced cow christinas beautiful no matter what size i think shes pretty,she a jealous old hag


    joan is like michael jackson was her nose is melting away from so much plastic surgery ..what right has she to comment on anyones looks...shes nothign

  • miligomez

    At least, Christina is beautiful, and has an AMAZING TALENT :D You can't hear her voice everywhere XD Love you Christina :D

  • yeahokay

    Joan Rivers doesn't have any room to slam anyone. It's quite obvious she's a very insecure person, considering the amount of plastic surgery/botox/whatever else she's had done. She should really work on her personality. If only they had facelifts for those..

  • Ter

    @Grinch your comment makes no sense. Humour doesn't hurt anyone, but that isn't humor, that is insulting. Also, what does commenting on her weight have to do with "kissing a celebrity's ass"? Just because don't like a celebrity doesn't give you the right to make hurtful comments for absolutely NO REASON.

  • Aaa

    There's a big difference between humor and being a bitch. We need more people who mind their own business and don't insult people just for the hell of it.

  • Grinch

    We need more people like Joan who dont kiss celebrities asses. Please... come on! Some humor doesn´t hurt anyone